Twin Flame – merging with the Astral half of the self

The human body is a computer, and the DNA has made lots of mistakes, with so much scientific evidence proving that we live inside a quantum computer reality, and we are connected to each other and the earth, equally.

The objective of this life time is to discover your true self. At death, or during a very deep meditation, you come to the black hole, where all objects have a singularity in the gravitational field. All of creation has a black hole at its centre. Beyond stillness and movement, form and emptiness, time and timelessness, the centre is absolute darkness; this is the gateway to all understanding.

The centre that is everywhere

The objective of the journey is to pass the gateless gate, to realise Samadhi, the threshold between the self and no self. Guardians of the gate, test those on their journey.

It is from this centre that a tree is realised.  Belief is accepting something of MIND, giving comfort and labelling experiences. Faith is staying in not knowing, surrender. The person has to dismantle the self, to pass the gateless gate into infinity.

Twin Flames and the astral merge

Twin flame is yourself, on a higher dimension, the twin flame is source energy. When you meet your twin flame, you meet yourself, the inner you, your spirit of source energy.

The twin flame merging is about realising your god self, the source of your creation, in god/goddess of your universe.

Mathematically, the past present and future are all illusions and time doesn’t exist on higher planes. You will never see a clock or anything related to time, when you’re out of body in another dimension. If you see a clock, your likely dreaming and not astral travelling!

Many different relationships and loves will have transformed your life, but the relationship you have with your twin flame, is the only one which will take you up to the next level, where time cannot be collapsed.

In this timeline, there are some people uniting together due to the fact that they have a joint mission on a joint level, a soul contract shared between the two of them, where they have agreed to complete something together. In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus split the lovers into two, to wander the world searching for the true other self. Edgar Cayce said – when twin flames aren’t working, it is because they are both at fault for the misconnection. When the two of them commit to connect themselves spiritually, the universe works its magic to reunite them; only two people can share one mirror.

The twin flame is the uniting to the two opposing energies, the masculine, or male will have a vision. And the female, or feminine will agree the vision.

The twin flame is the inner astral merging, which occurs out of this body and this dimension, which is catalysed by the kundalini. The battle of opposites is overcome, the split persona has been embraced.

The marriage is the uniting of the Lion with the Lamb, the spark of source.

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