The Caduceus, the Egg and Kundalini

Two Serpentine beings
Entwinned and coiled together
Crushed the primal egg of creation
Splitting into two separate parts!

The two pillars represent time and energy, when reunited they become timeless!

At the beginning of existence, the psyche is split, one is born in the material world and the other lives in the spiritual (astral) world. To journey and experience life in the sensual world, the two serpentine beings are separated at the beginning of their birth here on earth, one remains in the astral realm, (which is aware of everything) the other half, lives inside the human body (sleeping at the base until awoken).

The true seed of the self is so tiny, so minute, it is not visible to the naked eye, yet it exists. Like a grain of sand that can hold a whole universe, so too, does the seed of source, contain the universe within. Layers upon layers are added on the body and all the internal drives that power the body. Deep within the mind, beneath the three brains is the destination of the kundalini energy, the nucleus connection, is aligned once the kundalini energy shoots up through the spine into the brain, saturating the ganglia and lighting up the neural network – which unites the self, with source.

In the human body, the serpent inside, after age 7 -8 years old coils down to sleep. This creates a split in the psyche, the identity, and the ego within. In the material world the psyche develops a personality, distinct from the serpentine energy within. The split in the mind, causes a division of duality, a separation from source and God.

Trauma always awakens the serpent.

The psyche has two sides, one side has good experiences and the other has bad and traumatic experiences. These two opposing polarities, conflict and affect, the outcome of the ascending kundalini energy.

The serpent energy is released through the CNS (central nervous system) in the spine, which also has two energy currents running each side, one is the ANS (fight or flight) and the other is the PNS, (external data – environment) the spine, protects all three neural channels, protecting the fluid, each one has a specific role to play in the endocrine body.

Depending on the ego, the emotions and the traumas accumulated during life, the serpent energy can only ascend as far as the heart, if the person is still attached to lower ego drives and desires, the snake remains in the sacral plexus and is driven purely by sexual pursuits. The ego becomes the driving force in the body and keeps the initiate, firmly attached to the material 3D reality. Forsaking all the other dimensions that can be explored and enhanced.

If the ego has purged and healed past the three lower segments – such as shame, guilt and abuse, because these concepts are of a lower, negative vibrational nature, the serpent is able to access and ignite the seed of source, in the heart. This is the middle path of the serpent, and it is at this point that duality of good and evil needs to balance.

The seed of source is in the heart – not the head!

The ANS, is the pendulum that expresses internal emotional states and this is expressed consciously or unconsciously, via behaviour.

By balancing all internal drives, and become nothing against the persona and shadow, as it is by dissolving the ego, the beliefs, the experiences, the memories, the fantasies, the dreams, the failures and lessons learnt, that we ultimately face the great mirror.
If the initiate wants to progress further up the spiritual path, they must then purge and heal the upper levels, of compassion, empathy and focuses on spiritual work, they can then ascend the serpent energy up the spine and connect with divine knowledge of source consciousness.

The seed of the true self is in the heart, and the kundalini energy, that shoots up the spine activates the upper heart chamber, preparing the initiate for the next level of their evolution. Many people awakening the kundalini energy find the experience traumatic and can put them into a hospital.

The objective of raising the kundalini is to experience oneness and a unity with god consciousness, the gifts from this are astral traveling, remote viewing, expanded consciousness, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, etc.

Raising the kundalini is the path to freedom, thereby releasing you from early conditioning and past traditions, effectively, you free the caged bird, within.

The journey to illumination can be scary, and you will definitely see a snake, or snakes in your dreams. How you overcome this, is personal to you and your journey. There is no yogi or guru that can awaken this dormant energy within, it is a personal endeavour, and often happens spontaneously.

This knowledge isn’t new, these ancient teachings have been in circulation in eastern medicine for aeons, it just hasn’t been made available to people, and in these times of illumination and development, the serpent energy is becoming more and more popular for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

The merging of the serpent energy, with the astral body, is the true path, many believe it is a romantic relationship, that they must meet their other half, this isn’t necessarily so, as the other half could be in the astral realm already, and no longer lives here in earth. If your twin flame has passed, the connection you have could possibly be a lot stronger, because the merge in the fifth dimension with the twin flame is more powerful, than two bodies merging in this 3D reality.

The objective is to merge in 5D, not 3D!

In the lotus sutra it states;

I am to lose my life, suddenly here to this viper. However, I will not fall into an evil existence, but will be reborn in the pure land by the strength of the lotus.

The five paths of the Buddhist snake are as follows
1 Mythical
2 Mythical saved
3 Mythical Buddhist hybrid
4 Sexual
5 Salvation

Level one, two and three are balanced in duality, all the lessons in this material world need to be cleansed and purged. Level four is where most initiates get stuck, because going without physical sex is difficult to abstain from. Therefore, disrupting the journey and the way back to source.
Level five is where the initiate has achieved full enlightenment and is illuminated, with god consciousness.

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