Schizophrenia & kundalini trauma.

Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder that affects about one percent of the population. When active, symptoms can include delusions, hallucinations, trouble with thinking and concentration, and lack of motivation. However, when these symptoms are treated, most people with schizophrenia improve over time due to medications.
Symptoms of schizophrenia also include irritability, lack of motivation, withdrawal, and drastic drops in everyday performance, hallucinations and delusions.

Positive symptoms
Where do the voices come from?
Voices are not imaginary – people really do hear them – but they are created by the mind. Scans have shown that the part of the brain that ‘lights up’ when you hear voices is the same area that is active when you talk, or form words in your mind. The brain seems to mistake some of your thoughts, or ‘inner speech’, for voices coming from outside you.

Do other people hear voices?
Voices can be heard with people in severe depression. They tend to be repeating the same negative or critical word or phrase over and over again.
You can also hear voices which don’t interfere with your life. They may be pleasant, or not very loud, or only happen from time to time. These voices do not usually call for any kind of treatment.

Other kinds of hallucination are more sensory related
You may see things that aren’t there, through smell or taste. Some people have uncomfortable or painful feelings in their body, or feelings of being touched or hit, like insects crawling along their body.

Feelings of being controlled
You can also feel that: your thoughts have suddenly disappeared – as though someone has taken them out of your mind. Or thought that feel as though they are not yours, like someone else has put them into your mind. You may feel like you’re being taken over, or that you are being controlled like a puppet or a robot.

Some people explain these experiences by thinking it’s the radio, television or laser beams, or that a device has been implanted in them. Other people blame witchcraft, angry spirits, God or the Devil.

Negative’ symptoms
You start to lose your normal thoughts, feelings and motivations and you might lose interest in life. Your energy, emotions and ‘get-up-and-go’ just drain away. It’s hard to feel excited or enthusiastic about anything. You can’t concentrate, and you don’t bother to get up or go out of the house. You stop attending to personal hygiene or keeping your clothes clean. You feel uncomfortable with people.

What causes schizophrenia?
Scientists are still unsure of the true cause. Claiming that it is probably a combination of several different things, which will be different for different people. A song by Oasis called, ‘Don’t look back in anger talks about this too –  ‘Slip inside the EYE of your mind don’t you know you might find, a better place to play!

Although only 1 in 100 people get schizophrenia, 1 in 10 have a parent with the illness.

An identical twin has exactly the same genetic make-up as his or her brother or sister, down to the smallest piece of DNA. If one identical twin has schizophrenia, their twin has about a 50:50 chance of having it too.

Non-identical twins have a different genetic make-up to each other. If one of them has schizophrenia, the risk to the other twin is just slightly more than for any other brother or sister. These findings are much the same even if twins are adopted and brought up in different families.

Brain damage
Brain scans show that there are differences in the brains of some people with schizophrenia – but not in others. Where this is the case, it may be that parts of the brain have not grown normally because of: A problem during birth that stops the baby’s brain from getting enough oxygen or a virus infection during the early months of pregnancy.

Street drugs seem to bring on schizophrenia. Cannabis The heavy use of cannabis seems to double the risk of developing schizophrenia if taken during teenage years. New research has shown that the stronger forms of cannabis, such as skunk, may increase this risk.

Amphetamines can give you psychotic symptoms, but they usually stop when you stop taking the amphetamines. It’s still inconclusive whether these drugs, on their own, can trigger off a long-term illness, but they might if you are vulnerable.

As with other mental disorders, schizophrenia is more likely if you were physically or sexually abused as a child.

Suicide is more common in schizophrenia – particularly if someone has symptoms, has become depressed, is not getting treatment or is getting less help than they used to.
During any traumatic event in your life, you risk opening the kundalini. This triangular shape that rests in the uterus in women and at the anus of men, is triggered during a traumatic life changing event, especially sexual, psychological or physical violence!

In the spiritual community, the kundalini is commonly reported to be directly related to the chakra system in eastern medicine. And the chakra’s are directly related to the endocrine ‘glands’ in the human body. Gurus specifically warn against the dangers of unguided kundalini awakening, because the experience is impossibly intense and can completely shatter the psyche, inducing states of psychosis and physical problems especially back issues.

Often those who do present at hospital or in therapy have come from a severely abused background, including sexual and emotional abuse, some comes from cults, some from an abusive home, some from sexual abuse, and often present with acute sensitivity, they are lost souls crying out for help, guidance and support.

The caduceus –  the duality of the double sided snake?

The caduceus depicted as two intertwining snakes represents the two ego’s – one is the lower ego, that thrives on sexual lust, greed, pride and vanity. And the higher ego which is compassion, forgiveness and empathy. NEITHER OF THESE TWO SNAKES ARE THE TRUE SELF!!! they represent duality, the lower and higher ego, the nature of good and evil. The staff is the spine and the pin at the top is the pineal gland, that connects man to God – creator. The two snakes are the duality all around us, and the common theme we all battle with inside. A battle between the good and evil of our own actions, judgements and upbringing.

We each have a kundalini energy within us. It is most active and alive during the years 0 – 8 and from this point it dies down, or rather, goes to sleep. Unless there has been a traumatic event in the person childhood, the awakened kundalini is then programmed to react on fear, which pulls forward the lower ego. These fears are fed via their care takers, their parents, the environment, through their interactions. The perception of consciousness in the brain, is an interface of neural pathways, which operate on a forward spiral or a backward spiral. The Avatar (god self in self) sits behind the eyes.

The shadow memories and all the fears associated with their opening and the experience they encountered. ‘Think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz story… Dorothy was in a coma… she drifts or dissociates [her mind splits off] off into never never land…. the astral realm….. over the rainbow.’ We are inside a matrix of different levels, some are of higher angelic realms and others are of lower realms.

What people schizophrenia are experiencing is the astral (spiritual) realm, the world behind the veil, and this world the world of physical. Not knowing the difference between the two, they are attuned sensitively, to all their five senses, and also to the unseen spiritual sensual experiences. Everything, including hearing a radio station that isn’t on, or tuning into the aeroplane flying overhead, they are tuning into the radio and communication. Some report that the voices and people they hallucinate are as real as the person in human physical form. Much like seeing the ghosts that have passed over!!

What occurs during sexual or physical trauma is the same thing…. the child, through terror and fear, goes over the rainbow into wonderland and discovers the world behind the veil… all kinds of magical and demonic activity exists in ‘never never land.’ A collective field where everybody projects their though streams, whether they’re aware of this or not!

The psychological playground where the world of dreams becomes the world of reality for the schizophrenic. Many go on to develop dissociative personality disorder, where they create different alters (like Dorothy is the return to Oz) which protect them from their original trauma! dissociation is a response to a traumatic event, if repeatedly traumatised, children learn to ‘switch off’ and pretend its not happening, which causes compartmentalisation and cognitive dissonance.

The psychological trauma that is embedded in those children who were traumatised during childhood, is relived, during a kundalini awakening, or rising.

All psychological past traumas must be healed, and the damaged kundalini, once it has been fully understood…. leaves through the mouth. This is how you purge and cleanse from sexual or physical trauma!

The kundalini snake exits via the mouth… this is how I overcame my own sexual trauma, the kundalini energy, that was abused, left through my mouth… once the lesson from the trial I endured was learnt and the path back to source, my father, was shown to me.

You can conquer your childhood demons, you can overcome all your trials and tests, as these were all part of your blueprint and for your learning.


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