Teleportation, Kundalini, Astral travel and Quantum Jumping!

The quantum network is a circuit inside the mind, quantum jumping is to separate the body, from the mind, which is achieved from the deep relaxed mind state. The brain having two hemispheres, also accounts for the duality we exist in here in this 3D reality where everything has its opposite, a left brain and a right brain. Two brains, housing three brains, hiding the sacred gland that enables quantum travel, spiritual enlightenment and travel to distant lands.

Quantum jumping can also be referred to as astral traveling. How do you know you’re travelling -by way of feeling. If you’re hallucinating, its just your brain making images and shadows plying tricks with your mind. If its astral, you will FEEL a presence.

Alcohol inhibits any travel, as alcohol works by shutting down the fore brain and the superconscious. The subconscious is the lower brain or pineal gland, shivering and tinnitus are also common effects.

The kundalini is the energy, that’s buried at the base of the spine, which is active up until we are about 7 or 8 years of age, when is curls down and goes to sleep! Over time, and through poor choices, maybe even accidents and mistakes the pineal gland calcifies, and fails to function properly. Psychologically, we are programmed between the ages of 0 -8 also, and it is the psychological imprints from youth, that programme the body, and memory, for living in this world. The veil, is covered, via the three brains, (you could say this is the myelin sheath) layered on top of the third eye.

The first brain is the hind brain – which controls animal instincts, such as sex survival and basic human needs! Sub conscious self 

The second brain is the mid brain is the monkey brain – which dominates emotions, reactions! – Unconscious self

The third brain is the logical brain – which controls thoughts. – Super Conscious self

Much like the three heads that sprouted from the woman, in the book of revelation, if you can apply this metaphorically. You have to control and master these three brains, including the psychological imprinting, that you collected at the beginning of your life.

Kundalini is the feminine energy, that is needed to make its journey up to the pineal gland, allowing access out, this is achieved by ‘exciting’ all the Nadi’s in the body, through the spinal column.

The pineal gland is the lower part of the brain, and as I’ve mentioned in other posts, if there are ego beliefs, or past traumas, the experience may more damaging and destructive than what you’re expecting.

Kundalini is activated through breathing and chemical iodization of the central spinal fluid. Nadi’s are neurobiochemical connections in the body that lead to full excitation of the pineal gland. The body has several different ‘rabbit holes’ in the body. Some call these chakra points. A yogi maps the mind by energy via the chakra’s and correlating aura’s. Illumination is peeling away the layers of who and what you are, revealing who you are…… Your TRUE SELF.

To achieve this, you have to put both your sub conscious and super consciousness together into a state of semi-hypnotic submission. It is in this state that you can either program what you want, or take direct control!

The kundalini ignites the oil, which gives you a 360 complete view of YOU…. once activated, you take off to another dimension, plane, place or planet! Enter into – SPACE TIME!

God is MIND… to deny this keeps you in reincarnation and forgetfulness!

We take things far too seriously, the universe by default of nature and life is ‘Lila,’ meaning ‘divine play.’ once you become an instrument of dharma, you become a divine piece on the chessboard and you are moved, protected and guided to wherever you need to go.

How to get there;

Lay down flat, hands by your side, start to meditate. Push aside any thoughts that invade your mind. Breathe on auto, your body will do checks to see if you’re asleep. It will even send you signals like random itches, or tickling in your throat. Let all your thoughts go, all sounds images, just learn to observe like you’re watching a movie. You’re looking for the silence, and the darkness. Think of your body as a separate person and listen to your breathe. But the trick is to keep your mind awake as your body sleeps.

When your body starts to sleep, your breathe will become shallow, you’ll hear a faint ringing or tapping sound and will feel a vibration throughout your body. The ringing may get louder and for some, its a banging.

Allow this to happen, don’t intervene and don’t get excited. Once the sleep paralysis for the physical body takes effect, the sounds and vibrations will end. You’ll hear a loud bang or pop, something like a gun shot sound, or even a tearing sound, in your head. you might feel a tingly buzz! This means your body is now psychosomatic.

Once you switch, most who experience this first time are ejected into the astral realm. If not, turn your mind, using the third eye, to turn to look at your body, visualise it and once your mid sees your body, it should pop out. All you have to do is keep your mind awake, while your body sleeps!

The eight keys;

  1. Root – survival mode of the infant looking for nourishment – Is this world safe.
  2. Sexual energy is ignited, through emotions, like a toddler, learning about boundaries, domination and submission, imprinting on behaviour.
  3. Hands – curiosity, numbers, and written language. binding time by representing reality in symbols. Learning rules and laws.
  4. Heart – puberty, sexual and social roles that are played from psychological imprints. right and wrong from tribal imprints conditioned by society.
  5. Throat – logic and reasoning, the need to feel high, out of the mundane lifestyle.
  6. Abstract thoughts and the third eye –  how to change your reality, dropping or purging old imprints, NLP and other techniques.
  7. Astral time and intuition –  break open the head to access the collective consciousness.
  8. Quantum multi dimensional network – NDE, weird paranormal experiences occurs with total overloads of the nervous system.

One you activate all portals, you enter into space time, where time travel, astral travel and all other paranormal experiences will occur. You become an EYE in the field of possibilities. Your EYE, can see and go, anywhere.

There are many levels in the astral plane. Three in each dimension consisting of a lower, middle and higher level to each plane.  The Fifth Dimension – Casual, Etheric and Physical – right up to level nine!

To teleport;

Add up an extra dimension to your now found avatar, called space time. Make it a fourth dimensional object with no volume (invisible to the human naked eye). At this point you need to make yourself a body.

So once you lose the space time dimensions, and make a body, physically rather than being a viewing eye, you create a full 3D human – able to TELEPORT!


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