Consciousness – explained through the Veda’s

As we now enter Kali Yuga, learning about our history from the Vedic science and philosophy, can answer questions that we as a species, have wrestled with for so long. What is God and what is CONSCIOUSNESS!

Scripture IN THE Bhagavad-Gita explains that the spiritual world is a world of spiritual desire, and at the root of the tree, is Brahman. So, if Brahmas is the core of manifestation, then this material world is the manifestation of the centre by 180 degrees, the other 180 degrees is rooted in the spiritual world. Thus; the material world is a perverted reflection manifested as material, meaning it is temporary. Here we are energetically aligned through sexual energy! Which is then reflected out in the physical reality.

‘One who is not envious, is a kind friend to all living entities, free from false ego, and is equal in both happiness and distress, tolerant, self-controlled and engaged in devotional service with determination, his mind and intelligence fixed on me, such a devotee in Mine is very dear to the supreme.’

In the Rig Veda there are 5 hymns constituting an important dialogue between Lord Indra and Sage Agastya that reflects the significance of traversing the evolutionary path of consciousness. The verses exemplify how sage Agastya, by the sheer force of his thoughts is breaking through the barriers of his mind, reaching the realm of God without first being developed as a fully functional being in all his levels of consciousness

Indra says- ‘that which is beyond time and space (God) cannot be known by that which is in time and space’ Indra goes on to explain that it is the progressive transcendence (of ego-consciousness) through divine activities that will take a mortal towards the immortal truth. Our ego is often what prevents us from experiencing the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo (scholar of the Vedas) was one of the first pioneers in the field of consciousness studies.

According to the Vedic template reflected in the Taittiriya Upanishad there are five sheaths of existence/being-

1) Anna-maya kosa (physical),
2) Prana-maya kosa (vital),
3) Mano-maya kosa (mental),
4) Vijnana-maya kosa (intellectual) and
5) Ananda-maya kosa (bliss).

The ten levels of consciousness derived from this template are:
1) The Sensory-physical– reflecting the realm of matter, sensation and perception.
2) Phantasmic-Emotional- the emotional-sexual level (seat of libido and instincts)
3) Representational mind– level of concepts and symbols, fantasy, ego-centric thinking.
4) Rule/role mind– thinking in terms of concrete things and events.
5) Formal-reflexive mind- the level of reflective, abstract thinking and introspection.
6) Vision-logic- the level of synthesis and integration.

The higher levels are :
7) Psychic,
8 ) Subtle (level of soul),
9) Causal (level of spirit)
10) Non-dual (Brahman-Atman)

No one can fully know the mystery of God and creation, this is what life is really about, learning to get closer to the one true creator.

Our centre of gravity is said to rest in a certain level on that spectrum and our thoughts and actions are defined by that level of functioning. Physiotherapists state that the centre of gravity is at the navel, or thereof, on a human being, co-incidentally, the navel is the solar plexus site, the centre of self esteem and self awareness! Evolution of consciousness then requires a shift to higher levels. The majority of humankind is still operating on the Mental, or Egoic, level, while only a few have traversed beyond the ego and attained higher spiritual consciousness.

If he has not transcended his ego then his connection with the Divine will be distorted and filtered ‘because to mix spiritual truth and ego together, is a very dangerous and volatile combination… as nectar mixed with poison becomes poison’.

The astral plane has three layers and depending on the ego and heart of the person, will determine the level of astral planes he is able to ascend during meditational states.

The true face of the creator can never be seen or known, and some scholars report we are living inside the creators brain, or dream! The ego cannot ascend beyond certain levels in the astral world. Some who have expanded their consciousness and enabled themselves to travel the fourth dimension, are at risk of attracting lower entities, which then dictate and form thoughts or directions, much like hallucinating or hearing voices.

God is blamed and has even been cause of wars between the nations. With material knowledge, the same God appears different to various sections of the people. Who is right and who is wrong, if both parties are equally right or wrong?

Beyond flesh, what is inconceivable, God is all knowing and moves in mysterious ways and even uses evil opposition for grace to ease things for those close to conversion.

Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approach in achievement for earth’s evolution. It’s inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process.

To evolve as humans beings, into the universal consciousness, that exists within and around us everywhere.

This is the journey, adventure and dance we get to play, here on Gaia.

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