The revenge of Lilith – Eve’s dark shadow

Lilith was the first woman and wife of Adam, and as she refused to lay ‘missionary position’ beneath Adam, she was cast out of heaven and allegedly, made into a demon. She was the first woman to stand up to man, and as she refused his commands, she was banished out of heaven, but not out of the game, (per se). She was still an entity, even if it lingered in the spirit dimension.

Eve was Adams ‘second’ wife, created to be subservient and submissive and was also subsequently seduced, by lucifer where she birthed Cain and Abel, one was Adams son and the other his darker twin, being lucifer’s son. A bit like the duality that exists inside everyone. The two wolves!

Lilith and Eve are two archetypes that demonstrate the dark Anima, in both men and women!!!!

Often mentioned in scripture as someone to be revered. Lilith was the first wife and the first woman to stand alone in her defiance to being subservient to Adam/Man, so she left him. Therefore, Eve was created to be submissive and subservient to man! However, even Eve was seduced by Lucifer, and she too – came down from heaven, to earth.

From an unconscious point of view, the two of them rule and reign with ENVY, or some would say a ‘jezebel’. Powered by jealousy, these two energetic imprints lurk amongst the sexual realm, ready to seduce and claim their next adulteress or adulterer?

However, as opposed to labelling Lilith as something demonic – surely, she was created out of something holy! As the direct opposite to that of Eve, who is represented as pure and mothering. It could be argued that mother ‘Mary’, who is  worshiped is the archetype of Eve. which would make Lilith – Eve’s hidden shadow.

Think about it for a minute, both women are opposite archetypes, men adore one and lust after the other. And Mary cannot exist without her shadow! Everybody has one, regardless of whether they believe this or not. NOBODY is perfect and we all have a dark side as this is the nature of life in this world!

Lilith resembles rebelliousness and jealousy, whereas Eve resembles motherly nurture and pure gentleness! I suppose all us girls have a bit of both running through us from time to time, because of the collective mind and rigid perceptions regarding woman.

I think Lilith is the shadow of Eve (considering they both had the same husband) – because Eve is the subservient woman, obedient to man’s needs, the ever-loving mother and maiden in one, and Lilith represents man’s lustful nature of the beautiful goddess woman, to sleep with her would be such a prize? (in his sleep too, where his human woman cant see his adultery?) Lilith is the darker, more lustrous and envious, hiding in the unconscious shadow of every women?

For me – They both resemble a dualistic face of the same person. Lilith is the ‘real’, bitch who plays through the dark side and Eve, with a more false mask, recruits through religion. imagine that it is Mary who is worshipped as Eve; thus Lilith is worshipped as her dual darker sister, or shadow side. In the collective consciousness, both archetype figures exist! It’s known is psychological terms as an ANIMA. And the anima is in both men and women alike, depending on the persons individual perception regarding women!

The collective unconscious is related to as the astral realm, or the fourth/fifth-dimension spirit world indirectly, even if you’re not aware of it, its there….. where there is thought, there is.

Here exist ‘beings’, that attach, or latch onto weaker souls. As the fourth dimension has three levels, a lower, middle and higher level, these beings can be of either angelic, (higher) or demonic (lower) in form and intention, they have no specific gender and they attach to men and women alike.

In the fourth dimension they are often seen as either an incubus or succubus, which is a demon in fe/male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. One of the earliest mentions of an incubus comes from Mesopotamia on the Sumerian King List 2400 BC, where the hero Gilgamesh’s father is listed as Lilu.

It is said here that; Lilu (male) disturbs and seduces women in their sleep, while Lilitu, (female) appears to men in their erotic dreams. Incubus were thought to be demons who had sexual relations with women, sometimes producing a child by the woman. Succubus, by contrast, were demons thought to have intercourse with men.

The terms succubus is not just in Christianity texts, but also in psychiatry, it is said that disturbed women go to psychiatrists to report their violations during their sleep. There are pastors who say that demons cannot have sex with sleeping women, but there is mention of these in bible and how can you disprove the claims of a woman if she is sexually abused by spirits during her sleep, furthermore, being abused in such a way caused women at nunneries to be burned if they were found pregnant! So it makes you think and question things!

Sexual attacks by unseen entities have been reported since at least the Middle Ages. In a related phenomenon, known as ‘old hag syndrome,’ the victim feels the presence of some entity lying heavily on top of him or her, making breathing difficult. However, other sources say this is the inner body, making their way out into the astral realm. The sensation is sometimes even accompanied by feelings of strangulation but without the sexual component of the incubus. These are real reported experiences from people. Even though, in sleep paralysis, people report a dark entity or some’thing’ pinning them down.

William Shakespeare describes this phenomenon in Romeo and Juliet:
‘This is the hag when maids lie on their backs,
That presses them, and learns them first to bear,
Making them women of good carriage.’

Clearly there is a strong psychological connection between sexual abuse and the incubus phenomenon, and it would be interesting to discover if there is a statistical correlation? As many rape claims are thrown out of court and sentences are extremely lenient – it does make you stop and think about the invisible spiritual world around us and what it’s doing – to both women, and men?

There are also many tales that claim the incubus is bisexual, others indicate that it is strictly heterosexual and finds attacking a male victim either unpleasant or detrimental. Sources say these entities target females mostly, because women can control their sexual energy, whereas men have a weaker sexual energy.

Some say repeated sexual activity with someone who has been affected, would result in the deterioration of health, mental state, or even death by suicide. (could explain the rise of suicides?) Victims may have been experiencing waking dreams or sleep paralysis. During the first phase of sleep (also known as REM sleep), motor centres in the brain are inhibited, producing ‘paralysis’.

A word of warning to those opening kundalini energies; ensure you have healed your wounds, completed any shadow work and made peace with all the other lower aspects of your early psychological trauma first, as this is where you may get an unwelcome attachment, these will haunt you in the astral realm too, and can also lead to schizophrenia!

On the other hand, some victims of incubus could well be victims of real sexual assault. Rapists have attributed their rapes for sleeping women to ‘blame’ demons in order to escape punishment. So if the perpetrators are using it as an excuse, they must be real!!!!

Typical sleep paralysis examples include a feeling of being crushed or suffocated, electric tingles or vibrations, imagined speech and other noises, the imagined presence of a visible or invisible entity, and sometimes intense emotions of fear or euphoria and even orgasmic feelings.

Therefore, could sexual promiscuity be down to Lilith’s revenge. Is her revenge so bad, considering she is merely targeting the self absorbed, sexually promiscuous, jealous egoic nature of the human? She makes her attachment to the ego, and lives as an energetic imprint on those seduced by her/him.

Her intention has been reversed. Almost like a curse of those who are subsequently infected will be the ones who will be haunted by their very shadow deeds. Even erotic dreams cannot be hidden anymore!

Once this energy inserts into another, like a vampire, S/He will draw out all the life force of the wo/man and s/he will feel suicidal. As too will the women, who are seduced by the handsome prince, during sleeping hours. Or maybe in real life, with someone already in human form, maybe sleeping next to you in bed?? I can definitely relate to that!

Even the bible states ‘Like a thief in the night, one will be taken and the other one left.’ Indicating during the sleep at NIGHT.

Or is this all mans demonization against women? After all, Lilith was an angel, and Adam died, from his rib he created Eve. So Lilith has to be from another dimension, or level of consciousness.

Who are what demonized the feminine? Is it Patriarchy! It also demonstrates the balance between humanity today, the war of the sexes, both have reasons to fight against each other, as the each dimension becomes clearer the higher up you can get, for a birds eye view.

A revenge against sexual promiscuity? Against adultery? Or even a revenge against mans innate hatred of woman! She reigns in the fifth dimension. She is in the shadow of  women, through decades of oppression, sexual brutality and submission. Demonised because s/he is feared for her power over man, she captures man and woman alike, through their own innate power for jealously and envy. By their own omnipotence and belief in their godliness and power. S/he seduces, she claims, she destroys the soul and feeds a self serving narcissistic ego. The body then becomes a narcopathic! Obsessed by the ego and lust for adultery, in their outer presentation, hiding the monster of the true self behind a mask.

The devil doesn’t have ugly horns or fangs, he’s beautiful and will present to you as everything you’ve ever wanted. A beautiful woman, or a handsome prince, loaded with charm, deception and empty futile promises.

God really does move in mysterious ways, its genius how he is now using evil opposition for grace, cleansing a society corrupted through greed, lust, sex and vanity, creating the jezebel or Don Juan!


Disclaimer: This post by no means is meant to cause alarm, the intention is to educate and offer an alternative perception of Eve and Lilith, and the reversal of decades of sexual trauma.  If you believe this has happened to you, please seek counsel from a psychotherapist or specialised psychiatrist, especially if the experiences are the result of childhood trauma.

Here’s a short video to help support those who have been affected or damaged through sexual abuse. The Sacral Chakra is what you need to heal Sacral chakra healing


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