Sirian Star seeds

What is a star seed? Someone who doesn’t feel like they are from this dimension? Someone who grew up knowing or believing they were different? There is a plethora of reasons why people feel alien to their community, with the growing diagnosis of autism and indigo children that seem to be birthing into this planet at an alarming rate. One can only surmise that Star seeds, Autistic and Indigo children are here for a reason, and possibly a bigger purpose than what we can actually fathom.

Star seeds originate from the ‘blue planet’, called Sirius. They are a benevolent race, here to assist in the ascension of humanity, and to ensure that we move forward, towards the 5th dimensions collectively. In my interpretation, they are here as protectors and watchers, over the earth.

Here are some of the qualities of a star seed!

Dislike anger and confrontation.

Sirians do not enjoy confrontations or open expressions of anger but if forced into an argument will defend themselves and their beliefs – fiercely. This is particularly true if honour of themselves or loved ones is involved.

Simple and Spiritual.

Sirians are simple in the way they approach life yet they can be deeply spiritual also. They are like the salt of the earth. They go about tasks easily, have an open mind to many things and are not overly complicated. Yet they are also very deep and also intelligent.

One of the lessons many Sirians have chosen to work with in this lifetime is the importance of releasing old pain, forgiving self and others, and moving on.

Day dreamers

Sirians have a very unique and strong sense of humor, which often is only seen when they are with those they trust and feel at ease with. Sirians may be considered day dreamers by some. This is due to their active, vivid inner life. This can cause forgetfulness and a tendency to not notice trivial third dimensional things in the present.

They may at times appear to be uninterested, or inattentive, but in actuality they are simply somewhere else. They may not realize that others are unaware of their inner activity.

Although they appear very calm, quiet and reserved on the surface, there is much activity within. As children, Sirian’s may often be thought to have learning disorders or problems with their attention span. This is due to the attraction of the inner world, which is often more interesting than that which is taught in Earth schools. They do best in learning when visual methods of teaching are used, and if they are allowed hands on types of learning with freedom to move around and explore.

These are children who benefit greatly from alternative schools, they are very intelligent but strong enough within to feel that if something does not interest them, they should not be required to learn about it.

Those from Sirius have a deep connection to the Earth and energies of nature. Many Sirians have had numerous lives as American Indians and maintain close ties and memories of these lives.

They are very visual, both in their ability to see things which others do not, and in their manner of learning.

Those from Sirius make loyal, trustworthy friends, but expect the same in return.

They become hurt and disillusioned when these expectations are not met. Sirians do not share the inner personal self with others easily, and may have difficulty sharing emotions and expressing feelings and needs. To be fully accepted and trusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian means that you have been carefully scrutinized.

Although Sirian Starseeds are very diverse in appearance, they have some common traits that may include:

Enjoy fantasy books, games and movies because these worlds may hold a lot of resemblance to their home star system
Enjoy the mystical arts and may resonate with wizards, witches, shamans, priest/priestesses
They have a strong sense of intuition
They prefer to maintain a small group of close friends
They have a hard time trusting people
They may seem quiet or shy but in reality they are analysing people, searching for truths and lies
They have very vibrant imaginations
May act as nature guardians
Sirian star seeds are often very creative, enjoying music and art. Sirian star seeds tend to work in areas including the arts, music and writing but they also work in areas of mystical healing, witchcraft and energy work.

Sirian star seeds may also work protecting the environment and the rights of animals. and can be very alternative as they enjoy expressing themselves in their appearance and/or in their art.

Sirian star seeds tend to hate stereotypes but they will often be labelled by others as “geek”, “gothic”, “hippie” or some other equally ridiculous label. Sirians have really embraced tattoos and piercings, as they love art that expresses who they are.

So, are you raising a child that just doesn’t fit the normal mould of the neuro typical child? Could your own ancient origin be that of a Sirian? Has your child been diagnosed with autism, but appears exceptionally gifted? They could be a Sirian star seed?

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