The Shadow of the Knight

After the long drive to get away, Ellie and Jenny finally make it to the Safe House where they meet the woman who got away from Harrison’s sex ring….. The story gets more and more darker and insidious…..

She looked so frail and old for twenty-five years. My heart sank as I sat beside her, I wanted to hear everything. Today was one hell of a shocking day, and I don’t think there was anything else that could jolt my heart any more than it already had been?
She was so thin too, her skin looked like paper and her veins were sticking out, you could see them all the way up her arms. I sat down nervously, the air was palpable, like a mist of darkness had swept the room, permeating like steam, with a rotten stench my nose couldn’t smell?

‘It started in the winter, I met Harrison when I was in a bar with some friends. He kept look-ing at me and I admit, I was flattered at the time. He came over and talked to me, he was charming, seductive even, and he asked me for my number. So, we met up again the following week, we had some drinks in a bar, and that’s when things went wrong.

I remember he was insisting I drink up, he was so persistent that I finish my drink? I couldn’t figure out why he was doing this. But I did as he was insisting. He kept flattering me and telling me I was sexy and gorgeous. It was quite a barrage of compliments? That night…. I felt so different, like I had some love drug or something… I just didn’t feel my-self…. I was, more alert…. And I don’t know what was in the drink, but it definitely had something in it. Then a couple of nights later he called me…. He kept asking me to re-member things about the night in the bar It was all quite bizarre really….. He was love bombing me and I said oh yes I remember….. and then the next time he called, there was this really strong interference noise….. like white noise but more brutal and louder, very loud. It hurt my ears so I had to put the phone down… that’s when things changed for the worse…..

I remember feeling like a zombie…. I couldn’t focus, concentrate or even make conversation…… it was like I was dead….. and I only responded when someone spoke to me….. I was so spaced out on whatever it was that he spiked my drink with… I was totally dissociated

He kept calling me after that and telling me things down the phone, like how many criminals he’s caught and what he did to them…. Or what kind of criminals he had arrested and went into explicit details about what they did. Like how the criminals cut up their victims…..things like that…. It was really scary…. My therapists helped me piece together some of the missing pieces…. We discovered that there was some kind of neuro linguistic programming going on…..

He then came to my flat about a week later….. everything he said was surreal…. I felt like it wasn’t really happening at first….. I felt quite ill, like I was coming down with the flu or something like that. He wanted to go out….. but I didn’t want to, I wasn’t feeling well, and he insisted…. He was quite abusive verbally…. And then that night, in the bar…. I had one drink and I must of passed out….. I don’t remember how I got to the house….. I didn’t know where I was….. I was dazed and as I stared to gain consciousness… I was hand-cuffed to a bed…. I was naked too……..

Then a man came into the room. He was tall and wore a black suit….. he wasn’t nice to look at, Infact he was quite obnoxious and menacing in his features….. he raped me….. I remember calling out for him to stop but he punched me in the face…. And then another man came in and he raped me….. I was started to drift in and out of consciousness…… I could remember faces and they all laughed and raped me…. Each one took turns… I was kicked and punched every time I begged them to stop… to let me go….. I don’t remember how many raped me that night…. Just that there were many of them…..

I woke the next morning… with blood still stuck to my face…. My body was aching and sore….. the bruises were started to form over my body…… I then realised I wasn’t the only one in the house…. There were other girls too….. I don’t know how many…. I never got to see them….. I noticed three different cries for help…. They were all different so I think there were at least four of us in the house…..

Every night for three night I think it was…. I was raped of gang of men….. they all took turns to beat me….. it was one morning…. I was in the bathroom and the window was small…… I took my chances and grit my teeth as I wriggled my body out of the window….. I was naked and covered in bruises, running down the road… It was an elderly man who saw me… he took off his jacket and covered me as I cowered in fright…… my face was swollen and I could barely see out of my eyes…..

I went to the hospital that morning and they examined me……they found seventeen different specimens of semen from me…. There was rethymol and methadone in my blood-stream….. four broken ribs, a fractured jaw, a hairline fracture on my leg and a whole lot of bruises all over my body, they kept me in hospital for two nights…. And I was too scared to go home. I lost both my parents when I was fifteen, and I lived with an uncle until I was twenty-one, when I got my own flat…. I begged the elderly man to let me stay at his house….. he was so kind, and I was too frightened to go back to my house….

Tear were coursing down my face as I listened to this young sweet girl share her most horrific living nightmare to me….. I felt awash with compassion and empathy for this young lady. She kept her eyes staring at the floor as she shared her trauma…. Like she was ashamed of herself. With shaking hands, I knelt down in front of her, my eyes blurred through the sheen of tears that swamped my eyes. I cupped her frail bony face into my hands and gently lifted her face to look at mine. My voice was barely audible yet inside a fountain of water was erupting inside. ‘You have nothing to be ashamed of……. Nothing….’ I whispered as the tears dropped out of my eyes in rapid succession and coursed faster down my face….. I’m sorry sweetie… I’m so sorry.’

Her hands were shaking, and she slowly lifted them to cover her palms over the top of my hands that were cupping her face, she looked up from the floor and into my eyes… Her eyes were piercing with relief and gratitude, a tear started to creep out from the side of her eyes. I felt so ashamed that I was married to this beastly monster…. A monster so insidious and dark, that no shadow of the knight could be any eviler, than the devils spawn.

‘Fucking psychopath!!’ Ellie blurted with rage and revulsion. Her words echoed across the small room and sent a shudder into my core.

Flashbacks to my own torment whizzed through my mind like a freight train and I started to quiver… heart started to race again and pulsed through my veins, my breathing short and laboured.

‘Breathe Jenny Breathe….. Jenny, come on look at me… look at me Jenny… now breathe….breathe….I’ve got you. You’re here… in Scotland…. You’re safe here…. Breathe.’ Ellie’s voice was fast and rapid. It was almost in beat with the blood that pumped through my veins…. I took short breaths, I was feeling light headed and shaky again…… I watched Ellie’s face with focus and concentration as she took deep breath in and I copied her rhythm…..

To be continued

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