Kundalini – the Garden of Eden within

The bible is a great metaphysical book and it was meant this way, over time it has been amended and altered by different religions purely for patriarchal control. This book is actually a culmination of plays, which is why it’s called script ‘ure’. The bible is a metaphysical description of the human being and also explains stories when you read them in abstract form or metaphysically, they make more sense than the doctrine of the churches, and the serpent is not the evil predator we’ve been led to believe.

Think about it – woman has been suprresed and abused for centuries, becasue man was told to treat her like this by god, out of a book!! I guess this is mans level of intellect!

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, left brain is analytical and masculine and the right brain is feminine, creative and receptive.

The sun in the universe is considered as electricity, and the moon is magnetism. The masculine is (electron) and the moon is the magnetic (proton.) The left brain has been dominating humanity, which has been cold, cruel and demonstrating war like behaviour for centuries.

The Garden of Eden is within and without. Meaning, the Tree of good and Evil and the Tree of knowledge is one and the same. The same as the double helix or caduceus. This is actually our DNA.

Adam and Eve were the first two people created by god, and apparently, the bible tells us that Eve was tempted by the snake and was consequently the reason why humanity was thrown out of heaven?

Ahem, let me explain this a little further!

Another patriarchal attack against women, and one of the reasons why women have been abused for centuries. The snake in the bible and in the minds of humanity is made this way to ensure women are kept as inferior to man, to be blamed for everything, the reason why man cannot be held accountable for his abuse against the feminine, and women have been beaten, raped and abused because of this misrepresented statement.

Becasue it said in the bible, the word of God, women was the bitch and the beast!!

The true reason why Eve gets tempted by the snake, is because the snake is the feminine energy – meaning the snake is feminine in nature and form. Those who have re written scriptures did so, to enslave and reduce women as inferior beings, when in truth, women are superior ones, because they carry and create – new life. Women can do so much more than man ever can. Even reading through the bullshit!

Apparently in the bible, God said to Eve that if she ate the fruit of the tree, she would die?

The serpent says; Ye shall not die at all, but god does know when ye shall eat thereof, your eyes will be opened and ye shall be as gods and will KNOW GOOD and EVIL.

The brain is both feminine and masculine, and the male, or masculine was thrown out of the garden of Eden. Therefore, the snake, is not the evil predator we have been led to believe, but the liberator that unites both hemispheres, crossing the arc of the covenant.

The kundalini is not an actual snake, but electrical energy, the reason she is described as a snake, is because she has to be charmed, much like those films like tomb raider, where the snake is seduced to dance to the music, and she stands up erect!

The Garden is in mind and the middle of the spinal column is the tree, the moon is at the base of the spine, and the sun is in the head. The journey of Shakti, kundalini is to travel up the spinal channel, from the receptive mode of the feminine up to meet Shiva in the head.

In the bible, it says;

Jesus died at 33 years and we have 33 vertebrae in the spinal column. The lower ego is crucified, like Jesus. God is not a deity that is to be worshipped outside of yourself, he lives within, you have to worship your inner shakti, and YOU have to find the divine in your own Garden of Eden. It isn’t someone coming down from the clouds, but is realised by the silence and nothingness, from within.

The kundalini is coiled at the base of the tree, just as she is coiled at the base of the spine, (Sacrum) and she is awakened by heart centred love. Its futile and useless trying to make her rise with the mind, she doesn’t engage with you like that. She is magnetic, therefore receptive, and is aroused through desire and heart centred love.

Some say the serpent is double headed, much like you see the caduceus symbol on medical signs. This means she travels with electricity, which is masculine. Others say the two headed serpent is both sides of a dualistic persona? A shadow and a personality. Or it could even mean the two ego’s!

Once the two channels unite, with the pineal gland or medically known as the epithalamus in the centre of the brain, the marriage is completed the arc of the covenant – the inner eye, is opened. This eye does not see things in the physical sense, it is how KNOWING takes shape. She carries out her work on the 12 cranial nerves in the brain, re wiring them, these are the twelve disciples or the 12 tribes of Israel.

12 x 12 = 144
In the bible it says 144’000 are gods elected! Could this actually mean brain development!

As an entity, we have three aspects to our psychology much like three levels of the brain. The animal (fight/flight) brain, the monkey (emotional) and the neurological, three psychological constructs are the lower physical self, the higher self and the true god self, hidden inside the garden of Eden, where the divine is accessed.

The purpose of kundalini is to unite all chambers, all 12 cranial pathways as this allows access to divine source knowledge and wisdom. This can only be achieved through heart centred consciousness, which is why you have to have the heart of a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Changes are physical, spiritual and mental, experiencing harmony in balance, the brain and the heart harmonise, and the illusion is removed. The veil is lifted, and you understand and know all things. You communicate with God to attain divine wisdom.

This communication isnt the same as hearing voices or other verbal instructions, it is pure inspired knowledge or knowing, you are lighter in energy in the physical world. You find the inner teacher, the god or guru, who teaches you to understand and develop extra abilities.

The real GOD, is humble and benevolent, he is not wrathful or vengeful – he is pure LOVE. Kundalini will also show you this truth.

Surrendering to her power and being young and pure in heart, will take you places you never dreamed imaginable. The journey passes through seven layers, and then as you purge all worldly desires and ego beliefs, the kundalini shoots out through the top of the head and into space.

Above the earth, there are twelve portals or vortexes, and these are the gateways to other dimensions! These twelve vortexes are situated on the world map and known as famous mountains. See post – The macrocosm and microcosm of the chakra’s.

To awaken the Shakti, you have to go inside and invite her through heart felt meditation.
LOVE is the passage and key to the KINGDOM of HEAVEN. To find god you have to find and know LOVE, forget about the religious texts, as they have enslaved the feminine for centuries, GOD is LOVE.

He who looks outside of himself stays blind and asleep and he and looks within himself – awakens!

Awaken your serpent power and discover your GOD within! You are the universe, or rather YOU-inverse!

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