The Tricks of the Shadow


Reality isn’t what it seems, as justice is taken by those who know how to play the system to their advantage! These are often called the ‘psychopaths’, and they’re everywhere!! You might even be one of them hiding behind a false persona. After all, no-one is perfect!

We’re all narcissistic to some degree, We all bend the laws of the system to our will. We all have at some point or another used the system for personal gain and freedom from facing the consequences of our actions. Everybody plays the system,(or game) the BEAST system. The smart ones evade justice and the weak or meek ones suffer injustice. Life isn’t fair I know, but it isn’t going to get any better by watching it all happen!!

We all have the beast inside, we all have the shadow, the bad, repressed and ugly aspect of our behaviour and traits that we like to keep hidden. Putting on a false mask, to lie about our indiscretions, just to stay ahead in the GAME!

We have to have one foot in the sand and the other in the sea to survive this world, the middle non attached path is the best one. But that’s my personal perception!

Whatever happened to justice? In this damaged violent world, can this ever be achieved? Everybody is fu@&*d up, because we’re all traumatised from something. The more shrewd, cunning, deceitful and overpowering you can be, the greater the chance of winning, I mean wave a wad of cash and that’s it, seduction guaranteed. The more caring, loving, compassionate and gentle you are, the more you get walked over! Because in my experience, it’s these very emotions that are used against you as a bargaining tool to make you comply to the other persons will!

Do we stop being compassionate to survive? No we stop showing compassion to these psychopaths! Molly coddling these spoilt children is making them worse! Trust me, I’ve seen this, as a health system, we are creating sociopaths and psychopaths, they’re certainly not born this way. They’re created!!

It’s called SHADOW behaviour!

That’s why they are the winner in the game, because their ruthless, threatening, and lack any empathy or consideration to anyone but themselves. It’s THEIR game and they will win, at whatever costs! That’s why humanity is so damaged. We’ve existed as a violent culture for so long now, and this has to stop. The only way to stop is to change.

We have created a beast, within and without! The shadow is running amok!

Just stop and think for a second about the loss of employment to millions, if rapists were hung for their crimes!! Police, lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, care staff, teachers etc, the list is endless if justice was actually served! Lenient prison sentences or community service from the courts that are employed to protect humanity, lenient or lack of criminal justice promotes the culture of further crime and danger, underground justice! – Without psychopaths, we would have no need for law! So, you see they do serve a purpose, and keep society flowing in money regardless of whether justice is achieved. The so-called leaders couldn’t give a shit about the children in humanity.

The best way to create a terrorist, is to traumatise them, from childhood. Just like they continue to traumatise a child that has been bullied and abused. A stupid tactic really, because the child is only going to grow up and retaliate or maybe even murder, those who harmed them!

We need social reform, desperately!

Unless we get a grip on trauma, we’re all doomed. We condemn the child that has been traumatised, drug them up with pills and neglect them, and we molly coddle the ones who need discipline and structure? We nurture, respect and allow the abusers to continue to abuse, and we neglect, reject and abandon the hurt, broken and maimed?

We respect the authority that demands respect and righteousness, and disrespect the janitor or cleaner that works equally just as hard as the boss! We have to discern between the beggars and choosers these days, nobody knows whose telling the truth and who is lying? Children are abused in the playground because their parents have no money to buy clothing and the children tease and bully them for not living up to society standards, even worse, is the ‘spoilt brat syndrome,’ the child that doesn’t understand the word NO or RESPECT because their parents are too self obsessed in their own narcissism! They unconsciously create another damaged individual, at risk of becoming sociopathic!!

Thse who rich live in their houses, ignoring the poor and needy, the selfie obsessed keep snapping their camera, hoping to get more likes to boost their self worth. The unloved are using people to dump their trauma and narcisstic wounding onto, because they hate themselves. Plastic surgery is at an all time high! And they call this Self LOVE!!

People complain of a food crisis, yet it all began from mans own neglect of where food came from and the farmers who raised them. It began when we stopped cooking and started eating out of boxes. In a world of 9 billion and the years it takes one animal to mature – common sense says to feed the greedy world, you need to use genetically modified organism to keep up with demand! Open your eyes, open your heart and free your mind.

Men now dress their wives as prostitutes as opposed to cherishing everything that they are. The anima that has polluted this nation is appalling. Everybody has an anima, and its an individual perception

Or is it me, is my perception faulty?

The shadow of nations are now avenging for their past traumas, its like trauma creates more trauma! individually, collectively and also universally!




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