Causes of mental illness, exacerbated by the environment!

Foods that we eat, affect the human vehicle and the human life span. The nervous body is directed by memories, sensual experiences, the air we breathe and most importantly, the food we consume, whether this food is in the form of affection, rejection, chemically affected or organic, it all impacts the nervous body.

The pollution from the air we breathe, from fumes off cars and aeroplanes, chemtrails and contrails, also impacts the nervous system. Then we have the foods we consume, meat, genetically modified foods, fast food stores, and alcohol these food substitutes attack the nervous body. Yet mostly, we use these substances to mask emotional pain.

Be honest with yourself, do you eat ice cream or chocolate when you feel sad? Do you drink a bottle of wine when you feel unloved or need to socialise, or out of habit? Even to mask a buried ego wound or childhood trauma!

Food – we use it to feed the human vehicle we call a body but also, we use food to mask emotions!

We all have a duel nature, we are both saint and sinner, to live is to sin, and practically all pleasures in this life are sinful, there is nothing in this world that cannot be explored without sin! This is the dual nature of who we ALL ARE. The two ego’s ‘or wolves’ living inside one body, along with the spirit or soul. Searching for the truth, seeking to find the real energetic presence of who we REALLY are – Source.

The WOLF within from the shadow of the personality is trying to protect the psyche, from emotional past traumas, and on the other side of that inner mirror is the WOLF that relishes in the escapism and avoidance of the said memory that haunts and plagues the psyche. You can’t hide from you own demons! The conscience or soul aspect lives and moves in the middle. So, the addictions we all have, are developed and fed from childhood imprinting, emotional, psychological and mental!

Pain and Honesty – hurts, that’s why addictions are so alluring!

We consume so much food, that we rarely stop to question if eating this amount of food is necessary? Sugar is having a detrimental effect on society today; this sugar impacts the gastrologic system first and enters the kidneys and liver for processing. In the liver and kidneys are also the sensory nerves that activate the amygdala aspect of the brain. The part of the body that goes into fight or flight – commonly experienced as anxiety.

So, Anxiety is first recognized in the stomach, the stomach is fed foods, some foods we consume has a damaging effect on health, these damages, affect the 10th cranial nerve, which crosses the stomach to brain barrier.

The thyroid gland, which is in the throat, is to regulate temperature, and metabolism. (Energy) This gland takes the most pounding, a common health complaint in today’s society is fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis! Both of these neurological disorders are first developed in the stomach, and this crosses into the bloodstream making anti-bodies attacking the white blood cells before crossing the thyroid and entering the brain to damage the grey sheath that protects this powerful aspect of our existence.

A common symptom of neurological disorders and stress is anxiety. Also, there are many people who have a thyroid disorder, and experience depression and/or anxiety. clearly the neurological body is affected the most, and the thyroid gland, in the throat is meant to protect the lymphatic system, from incoming bacteria and viruses. So it isn’t just the food consumed that causes mental illness, (although I do think its the main denominator,) its also in the atmosphere and worse of all, repressed sensory emotions affect the nervous system the most, causing addictions. 

These chemtrails in the sky also contribute and could possibly intended to mute or dilute humanity, to reduce aggression and violence, yet according to news streams, the world is apparently becoming more violent? So maybe the chemtrails are meant to invoke the violence instead? I’m just thinking out loud….

Food affects the thyroid, first it breaks down in the stomach and then converts into minerals, these minerals are cleansed in the liver and adrenals (adrenals produce adrenaline) food affects the diabetic. Iodine is a necessary component of good functional health and many fast foods, are Iodine deficient! So your anxiety could be an internal endocrine problem aggravated by foods consumed rather than a fear of the future, alternatively, it could be a repressed emotional/ sensory memory!

Stress, depression, anxiety, all of these symptoms are common among many, although few will admit them. These symptoms are all aggravated by the foods consumed, and our mental state of mind.

Food is important, for overall mental wellbeing, not just for physical stamina!!

Anxiety is fear based, aside from childhood memories, past emotional traumas, and unconscious fears embedded into the psyche, anxiety is a complex phenomena, affected by the foods we consume and the environment we exist in. Including pollution, and self-pollution (smoking).

Everybody is getting sick, either emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically!

We all use things, we are all guilty in some sense. We use cars to get to work, and in working we have to pollute the environment we live in? With the current low wage given to the working man, and the costs of getting to work, new laws on pollution free zones, means only one thing – the economic world will collapse because working for an employer will not be viable. It’s conducive to work, when after paying fees and fares, you come home with an emptier pay packet than the man who doesn’t work! What’s the answer, stop working? Everybody becomes secluded in their homes? The way the economic world works at the minute, it’s contributing to the collapse. The manager or leader of the company isn’t interested in sustainability, they are only interested in their own greed! So an economic collapse is inevitable!

We constantly blame something or someone else about our misfortunes, yet we are all in control of our own life and the journey we choose to make. There are no accidents, and the new strains for viruses and diseases are all man made when you strip back the layers and look at the evidence with honesty. We are all creators in this wonderful wide world and we are all creating a polluted external environment in much the same way we pollute our inner environment!

The environment is polluted, without a doubt. We have an increase in asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),  these affect the lungs and how we breathe, and then we have the added complexity of the foods consumed, GMO and other foods, which if we’re really honest, we are choosing to consume them. Whether the government pays or is paid, to poison the community is a different argument entirely, what this post aims to explain, is the nature of blame and responsibility.

We have a responsibility to our health, we choose to eat food that is not good for us and we are warned that it can cause a disease in the body. Much like the cars and fumes emitted from gas is caused by the environment to the body. We don’t have to eat these foods – they are one of the ‘sinful temptations’ offered to us, like many other devilish offerings.

Blaming someone else for allowing the food to be sold is conducive, when the real power lies in our own ability to resist and ultimately ignore or boycott the goods altogether!

My point is, the foods we consume will inevitably affect our health over the long term. It makes sense to both clean up the environment and also clean up our own lifestyles and attitudes towards food. The stomach is a brain, an unconscious brain which records all stimulus that has entered the mouth. This stimulus is also what directs – anxiety.

Anxiety is not only impacted by the neurological pathways, but also from emotional and other childhood trauma, but also fed on and driven by, the foods we eat, the memories (sensory and emotional) we store in the unconscious that which we try hard to deny, and also affected by sensory stimulus –  mainly smell, which urges us to eating food. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself – do we need to eat this much food?

Be honest with yourself and where your responsibility lies, we are given free will and will power! Do you have the courage to blame yourself for your weaknesses too?

We can scream and cry about GMO foods all we like, it isn’t going to stop production of them, what will make them cease, is to stop buying and eating them. That’s the only logical way to pull them out of production and to increase life energy! After all, it is better for overall mind, body and soul health.

As for chemtrails, I guess its one way to create a mentally unstable humanity and its all part of a bigger picture for humanity. My point is, if you have a thyroid problem, or unexplained anxiety, it could be something you’re doing to yourself, which is warning you of a health concern that needs healing, and possibly not a healing needing drugs, but maybe a healing of honest introspection of responsibility and true self care.

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