The GAME of Life

When my children were small and I wanted to teach them something new, what I found successful was to turn the challenge or task at hand, into a game. I found that if you make it a game, and make it fun, your children will be more compliant and probably learn better, and faster. Teaching team work includes, humility, accountability and responsibility to children is something we as mothers teach at home. And one of my favourite strategies that got my children involved, is to play it like it’s a game.

Even is social situations, ‘the team’ is always playing, I’ve often heard one of my children say things like ‘go on mum, take this one for the team,’ or something along those lines. Make it FUN for their social learning ….. Team work is taught at home, not at school and teaching your child to get along with other people, even if their on the autism spectrum and socially awkward or shy, making social activities a game, takes the anxiety and stress out of the unknown and builds a child’s confidence. You can’t expect the school to teach your child manners or respect, these concepts are taught in the family structure, besides, I loved school term, I thought it was the best free babysitting service that ever existed!

One of the projects I’m currently creating is to help children who are socially anxious, the solution to this problem is a computer game, where the child learns about emotional regulation, emotional resilience, social interaction, social communication and teaching socially appropriate behaviours.

This is the outline to my GAME, which I think I want to call, ‘Lessons in Life’

This is a GAME, and as I love making up new games, I thought I would write a new one, based on learning about social etiquette, emotional freedom and psychological pitfalls. The key to this game is; everybody is playing. They may not realise they are playing, but they are strategically positioned to ensure you either win or lose that particular level or lesson.

Everyone in the world is playing – The Game. – some at school, in the playground or at social groups.

The Game (This is alternatively expressed as, “Everybody in the world who knows about The Game is playing The Game” or “You are always playing The Game.”) A person cannot choose to not play The Game; it does not require consent to play and one can never stop playing. It’s an essential component of playing in the field of life. you don’t get a choice, you’re either playing, or you’re watching the game being played.

This Game is about the emotions, and those without emotions, have to complete this level of the Game – to move up the Gameboard. So the first level of the game is to ensure you know what your emotions are and what triggers your emotions. Without this, you could fail all levels.

You will get one avatar, which has two masks –  one for your persona, and the other will be the exact opposite of who your persona is –  the shadow. Such as batman and Joker, or Luke and Darth Vader, etc..

Their will be 12 avatars to choose as your player, and these avatars will be created on your personality features.

Once you have completed the questionnaire about your avatar, you will be awarded with a set amount of lives. These lives are calculated on your persona and shadow aspects, your life environment, your family background, wealth.

Strategies include – discernment, deciphering and decrypting the facts, the truth and discerning deception from the lies. It’s going to be hard, because in this game, you will always have a shadow, and the shadow will either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. So you must complete the personality checklist to make sure you have a good grip on what kind of deceptive tricks YOU are capable of pulling, as opposed to blaming the opponent for your loss. As the blame aspect can make you lose so many points and send you straight back to the first level again.

The objective of the game is – discovering who is the villain! Remember, in this game, the villain may not be the bad guy, they might be the teacher with a valuable lesson to teach you about yourself! So discernment from level one is paramount to conquering level two.

The game will teach the gamer – humility, compassion, appreciation, valor, understanding and forgiveness. However, as their is a shadow avatar, the risks are – revenge, hate, greed, vanity, narcissism and psychopathy.

The gamer must decide which concept is the correct one to take!

As you progress on each level, you will become more adept and understanding your weaknesses, strengths and also your fears. Socially appropriate behaviours will be lessons taught, and if you fail your avatar will start to lose life supply.

Each level is designed to teach appropriate emotional responses, appropriate verbal responses and appropriate team building skills.

Each level requires a minimum of intelligence, as the game must be played.

Other strategies involve merchandise: T-shirts, buttons, mugs, posters and bumper stickers have been created to advertise ‘The Game’.

Losses must be announced. This can be verbally, with a phrase such as “I just lost The Game”, or in any other way: for example, via Facebook. Some people may have ways to remind others of The Game.

The Game is also spread via social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
The game is for the pimply teenagers, bespectacled businessmen, tubby students, lonely millionaires, struggling actors, frustrated taxi drivers, and computer programmers – lots of computer programmers and bored housewives.

The winner obtains immortality and a pass to another dimensional realm, to live with heightened luxuries, the loser – ends the game and returns to black, with no more chances or lifetimes earnt!


I think it would make a great game  to teach morality, ethics, behaviours and socially appropriate humans – after all, what better way is there to teach children than with a GAME!

10 Thoughts

  1. Kids in today’s time are direct influence and product of their parents , and cold reality is that many would have no chance in hell of surviving on their own in a state of crisis without the dependents of technology . This why its essential to past on vital life skills and preserve moral fibre for the sake of their survival just take a look around …… The other day I was at restaurant and mother , father , kids young -old the youngest being maybe 5 all on devices at the table . Now you wonder why their has been rapture in schism of communication skills . Its said that Einstein ” I fear the day that technology surpasses our state of humanity “

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      1. Me too. I’m so glad i had the freedom to explore the rocks, nature, going fishing with my dad. All these adventures kept my imagination alive and rich. Weren’t we the lucky ones x

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      2. Freedom to explore everything, without instruction or conditioning. Kids can teach us just as much as we can teach them. I see it as a balanced relationship, between the conditional parenting and the unconditional parenting.


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