Ophiuchus & Kundalini, the evidence of Nerve Zero (13)

Kundalini is the energy that nourishes the Tree of Life and the kundalini is serpent power, activated by nerve Zero, the unknown nerve in the human body!

With reference to biblical texts to help understand what the serpent power actually is.

In the bible, is was written that the snake in the garden of Eden was the devil or Satan tempting Eve, with an apple! But is this just a fallacy, a tale to keep us away from the real truth about our true existence and connection with divinity and cosmos, intact with 13 major nerves.

Could the kundalini serpent mean something else entirely?

I think that the story of the tree of good and evil is one of our own life’s journey. The human is the tree is who we are, the objective of the journey in life – is to become the tree of knowledge.

To explain this further;

During development, we all experience good things and also evil or bad things. The basis of our character and personality are shaped from early life experiences which is our own personal perception. From years 0 -7, these are the building foundations for a child to absorb and learn everything about their environment.

This human experience is graded into six dimensions or levels.
From 0 -7, the psychology of the child is being constructed, along with the biological, the emotional, the gastrologic, neurology and the mental body.  Psychology also includes the spiritual essence of the individual, which is affected through sensory experiences.


Sensory experiences impact the hind brain, with emotions added to enable inner expression, which is good or bad? Emotions impact the mid brain, (monkey mind)

These sensory experiences are what shape the world for the child. The new born baby has only two senses activated, they are the ability to hear and the ability to see. As a baby, everything is made of light. Birthed out of darkness and enter into a world of light. Therefore, light is all around us. Over time, the baby learns to add faces and images to the sounds they hear. Once a baby has reached the toddler years, the development of their five internal bodies begins.

These six levels, are all directed by the neurology in the brain. Thoughts are created from experiences which then direct another action, reaction or automated response, reactivated from early memory and sensory programming. These programmes embed into the sub conscious mind, which then form part of the process that will shape beliefs and personality. All of which, remain unconscious.

So, the tree of life, is the body. The spine is the trunk, the central nervous system (CNS) that produces fluid in the spine. This fluid is the nectar that feeds the human body. The roots are embedded into the nervous system, which is controlled by the neurology in the brain.

For example, a fear or trauma is reactivated in the stomach, reminding the person that they had a previous memory about this particular sensory stimulus. What is fed to the roots of the human tree of life, is what is sent up the heaven, (leaves which are neurological pathways) to direct appropriate action.

If the sensation was uncomfortable, the person will seek out a remedy, such as a warning or a threat, this all depends on the individual and their sensitivity. We as a species are supposed to be in tune with nature, where we follow the seasons, the above is the astrology and the position of the stars at our time of birth which determine.

We all have a range of different traits that all contribute to personality and development.

12 is a powerful number, because is covers the 12 cranial nerves, responsible for maintaining the amazing human body, it also correlates to the 12 months of a full year cycle, it covers the 12 astrological signs too.

However, do any of these follow the natural cycle of nature, and is this why we as humans are behaving out of sync, I ask this because astrologers have now found a 13th sign, which is called ‘Ophiuchus – the serpent bearer.’

Even Da-Vinvi’s famous painting of the last supper shows 12 disciples and one master ‘Jesus,’ making  the total team – 13

Serpens Cauda Immunology – The cauda equina (from Latin horse’s tail) is a bundle of spinal nerves and spinal nerve rootlets, consisting of the second through fifth lumbar nerve pairs, the first through fifth sacral nerve pairs, and the coccygeal nerve. These nerves are what give us the ability to walk and move.

As above so Below – As within so without!

Serpens Caput – The stomach, the second brain or gut – (underworld) which crosses over with the nerve system in the stomach. Thus, gastrological, foods consumed, emotions unresolved and past traumas from sensory memories – including the fears and anxieties all respond with the stomach! Vagus Nerve 10

Therefore the two Serpens operate along the nervous system. One takes from the environment (outer) oxygen and the other from fuel – food, emotions, sensations (inner)

Ophiuchus figures between Aquila, Serpens and Hercules, northwest of the centre of the Milky Way. It is opposite Orion. Ophiuchus is depicted as a man grasping a serpent; the interposition of his body divides the snake constellation Serpens into two parts, Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda, which are in modern times taken with Ophiuchus as one constellation. Ophiuchus straddles the equator but lies predominately to its south.

We have six chakras (immune organs) , which all correlate to different levels of emotions and different levels of development. These chakra’s and their corresponding ‘shadow’ elements also make up the 12 segments of the personality.

As we have 12 pairs of cranial nerves, there is another nerve that isn’t talked about much or given much consideration. This is nerve terminalis, texts have referred to as zero nerve. This nerve is responsible for smell and pheromones, and is directly related to the sexual desires, which is why it is called the ‘sex and the serpent.’

The terminal nerve, or cranial nerve zero, was discovered by German scientist Gustav Fritsch in 1878 in the brains of sharks. It was first found in humans in 1913. the nerve has been called by other names, including cranial nerve XIII, Zero Nerve, Nerve N. Consequently, nerve zero is often not mentioned in anatomy textbooks. A 1990 study has indicated that the terminal nerve is a common finding in the adult human brain. This 13th nerve coincidentally coincides with the 13th constellation of Ophiuchus, and the sleeping serpent that traditional textbooks overlook.

So, the snake in the garden of Eden, could it have been God, tempting Eve and testing her strength against the greatest temptation, food? If all the zodiac was equally measured by the moon cycle of nature, then the 13th sign or Ophiuchus, would exist in the outer world as it is part of the human vehicle!

The serpent is coiled at the base of the spine three times, (12 is divisible by three) and is awoken through seeking her, we have to meditate and bring the eye inwards, to arouse the sleeping serpent. However, awakening the sleeping serpent has its dangers, namely schizophrenia!

Schizophrenia is an effect of a damaged childhood, most often associated with either sexual trauma, but not limited. It is also related to emotional and psychological trauma. It is not a split personality, it is a spilt inner world!

By balancing both sides of good and evil, we are then able to take the next step and arouse the 13th nerve, which is the serpent (kundalini) within, the evolution of the journey through this nerve is the true light bearer and the function of kundalini, is to unite the serpent back towards Shiva or Buddha, and become enlightened, by the inner light.

Because most people struggle with the sacral chakra and the abuse this chakra has experienced throughout history! This leaves kundalini open to abuse and sadly, also mental imbalance!

The serpent is the connection or link, between the mother and the father. Combining all elements of the human potential, Connecting as above so below. As within so without etc. The purpose is to achieve wholeness, not necessarily to be one sided on love or hate, but to encompass both aspects of good and evil, seeing past the dualistic nature of everything. Once the two snakes intertwine, and balance, the sleeping serpent acts as the mediator between what is perceived – positivity or negativity in a balanced inner system, allowing communication to the divine realms above.

The link or connection of nerve zero, is an electric passage, that revitalizes the human body, which is why it is called ‘life force,’ this force is what travels through the nervous body, via the spine. And the nervous body is affected by the foods we consume, the air we breathe, these foods, are where we accumulate parasites and other maladies, which affect the nervous system of the body as does the pollution in the air we currently exist.

My theory is – The 13th nerve, which isn’t mentioned in texts, is the nerve of the sleeping serpent! When she awakens, the whole body takes on a new level of healing and begins to nourish itself, from the light within.

This is the true nature of the ‘light bearer.’ Kundalini means to unite with divinity, the light is driven through the crown chakra, down the nervous system of the spine connecting the human, with their divinity.

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