Varuna – The Vedic God of the Ocean.

The Sacral Chakra – healing the sexual energy.

The fundamental quality of this chakra is pure creativity and attention, unencumbered by the ego. This Chakra works on an instinctual level, but it still remains unconscious, containing mysterious primal desires, especially sexual and tantric. The sacral chakra has been used by humanity as a tool for procreation only, when the real truth of this energy is far more potent than what we have been led to believe.

Opening the Sacral Chakra isn’t about enhancing sexuality. It’s more about focusing primal energies upon greater awareness so that we can enjoy the flow of life. Rather than following traditional teachings that this chakra was primarily to function for pro creation and sexual union.

The sexual Chakra along with the potent energy is the virgin of pure light. It gives you the ability to make it past the virgin of ‘white light’ – for me, this is the door to the KINGDOM. The sun is the stargate to the higher realms. The sun sits at the top, whereas the moon, is at the feet, or rather, beneath the root chakra!

Each chakra represents a plane of existence, in the sub conscious world which has a test. A test on our emotions and the presiding duality. As you pass the test, you bump up along the planes, to the next level.

The true nature of this energy is a tapping into the latent, primal intuition of the unconscious realm hidden within the emotions and desires of the human condition. The underworld realm is discussed in the Hopi, where they tell of ant people, tunnelling down inside the earth, which could be the worm hole or better known as the VOID!
In my experience, in the VIOD, you will meet your true FATHER. As the mother represents the WOMB of creation, it is the FATHER who leads you through the sun, or white light, into the KINGDOM.

The deity associated with this chakra is the four-armed god Varuna, who is often depicted riding on a crocodile named Makara. Varuna is a Vedic deity associated first with sky, later with waters as well as with Ṛta (justice) and Satya (truth). He is also mentioned in the Tamil grammar work Tolkāppiyam, as the god of sea and rain. It could also refer to the Greek god Ouranos at the earliest Indo-European cultural level.

Texts say that Varuna is the guardian of moral law, one who punishes those who sin without remorse, and who forgives those who err with remorse. He is stated to be the god of the western quarter, but one who is founded on ‘water’ and dependent ultimately on ‘the heart’ and the fire of soul.

In Hindu Varuna is the god of water in the underworld, personifying the power of the body’s liquid elements; blood, lymph, semen, urine and saliva. This is why the moon planet is such a powerful symbol with this chakra, not able to set healthy boundaries and attach too much importance on immediate gratification. Nothing seems good enough because we’re never satisfied, therefore narcissism appears to have its root cause from this Sacral Chakra, and depression which is the shadow side to narcissism, inevitably ensues. Also, eating disorders tend to be a manifestation of an imbalanced Sacral Chakra.

To awaken this energy, you not have to become the ocean, you begin as the drop in the ocean and then you expand and BECOME the OCEAN. This is how it worked for me. Standard practices in Kundalini yoga for balancing the energy in the Sacral Chakra include vajroli mudra (contraction of the genitals), ashvini mudra (contraction of the anus). This is what begins the bubbling sensation, (and no, it isn’t like the sexual urge that you get when you want to penetrate another) that creeps up the spine. You will KNOW as this sensation is nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

You have to align all your internal bodies. Imagine your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical ‘fluids’ flowing out into the cosmos like rivers into an ocean. Visualize yourself moving with the ‘tide’ of your body’s natural rhythm in balance with the greater cosmic rhyme. Your heart beat should reduce to a slow beat, which allows you to step out, in between the beats and jump into the void. From the Void, you move along, with the energy of the FATHER, and ascend to other dimensions and realms!

You have to tune everything into the fluids, one you become the ocean, it’s a new playground and a new experience.

Enjoy your travels in the Oceans.

You can thank me after you experience this amazing journey!

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