The dance of the two snakes

Humanity and the mind are in desperate need of a revolution, the crisis among humanity presently is a crisis of consciousness and this cannot be ignored anymore. The old patriarchal norms of man being the dominant wage earner and the women being reduced to merely an object of re-production and domestic servitude is now outdated, just look outside of yourself at the world, the violence and conflict, the misery and brutality of destructiveness and aggression. Man is still as he was, he is still violent, oppressive, aggressive and destructive. (When I say man, I mean masculine because women can be just as destructive and violent also) Demanding that society bend to his will, man-built society along these lines and society is breaking down because of this.

What man proposes, god disposes.

The only teachings I follow are those of the Vedas and the Hopi, these two traditions are rich in culture, and teachings. One explains the functioning of mind, (father) and the other explains the truth of the heart, (mother) a dualistic expression of what we all are, within. Both traditions refer to either a spirit or a consciousness, a third aspect or a third field, and the body is the one humanity seems to focus on? forsaking their spirit within.

The game is about a dance, the dance of opposites, polarity against duality. This is the dance of the caducous, the intertwining of our DNA, the inner light and the inner darkness we all hold within. The right is our evil, our darkness, is has no heart, and the left side is awkward and encourages us to do good. This is our inner balance that we must battle with. The tower of Babel is our body, the body of flesh that hides our avatar (spirit) within. Both snakes dance within the human vehicle, to unite at the top and enlightenment is given, which takes the initiate to zero-point frequency. Duality with polarity is achieved. The dream is conquered.

What is our spirit? It is the seed of source, within our heart. God…  consciousness.

White feathers are a regular occurrence for me and something I refer to as a gift from the spirit. I had 19 on my lawn this morning? Butterflies are also another animal that greets me, the butterfly for me, means the emotional and the spiritual. This image of above and below coming full circle – looks like an eye the centre of which represents the black matter/energy from which we were created and to which we shall return as the simulation ‘Fades to back to Black’.

Hopi have legends about their ancestors emerging from an underground world, after some cataclysmic event, as if a cycle in time, or another reboot in the programmed realities of the human experiment, always linked to star gods, or star people, who brought them here from outer space. They speak of the Snake People (metaphor for human DNA) and the Ant People who protected them beneath the surface. Physical 3D reality is a metaphor for ‘beneath the surface’. To rise above is to return to higher consciousness, through the Back Hole (Eye of Time) or the Stargate of human creation.

This is point zero, where you re-connect with the source of truth. You learn where you come from, who you are and what you are here for. Women and emotions originate from the Orion, where the true feminine lives, for years the feminine has been abused, suppressed, raped and bastardized by a man’s masculine governing and rule. True, that there are women here on earth that follow the masculine patriarchal rule, and these women are destroying the harmony and balance of nature and the true meaning of nurture. These women are what I view as empty shells, because without the feminine, there is NO WOMAN within them! And men, they must change their ways too, they must learn to be more gentle and feminine as well as holding their masculine, to embrace their emotions, because without balance within the male, society runs the risk of returning remaining the violent and repressed society that we see today.

This is the journey we must all face and the nature of the ‘twin flame’ journey is a journey within. Uniting the left brain and the right brain together until we see the truth of who we are. We are shadow and good, we all have demons that have to be purged.

Life is a dream inside a dream, a programme inside a programme, a miracle and a lie, learning to discern and see through the lies of deception we have to move beyond the patriarchal system of abuse and control. We as a nation have no choice but to change, we ALL have to change, the rules are changing and unless change is created, into a more harmonious and balanced society, humanity will be destroyed by the very hand that it intends to control.


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