To understand your shadow you need to have a relationship with something that is higher than you. So I journal my conversations with my FATHER, I scream and scream and scream about the injustice’s of this world and the pure unadulterated hatred I HOLD INSIDE –  towards child abusers. If you’ve experience pain and trauma, I advise you to learn to channel this pain in a healthy way, you’ll be surprised what comes up when you fall into your heart and into your flow.

How to release the pain of injustice and turn it into POWER.

Father…. The kingdom you built has been taken over. By man and they call it mankind. Honestly father their is nothing kind in the world they have taken. They claim this is their rule. That they must obey an object. A deity, that is not you. It’s all a big deception.

Go on child. Tell me more.

The law…. the rule of law… it only words for the criminals…. The law is made for the people of the same gang. It’s like they all have this brotherhood. This clique or gang. That allows them to get away with raping. And murder. The slaughtering of your children. Oh father. I can’t bear it. I can’t…. it’s so brutal and violent. The children…. oh father it hurts so much. How they rape a pillage the innocent children.

Tell me more child. Tell me EXACTLY what these so called false prophets are doing.

They’re taking the children. And they’re preaching to them telling them if they are not good, they will be doomed to a furnace. A fiery demonic realm that curses them and then they threaten the families too… oh father it’s such a brutal life on earth. Your people want peace. But the predators, they are destroying it all….. At night I can hear them screaming like lambs….. it’s so loud…

They’ve taken the garden and dragged their ploughs over her. They’ve claimed her. Enslaved her and forced her into a life of servitude. Submission and sentenced her to obedience…. they do this to the young traumatised girls. They’re hurting the girls…  They hunt for the girls…. and the boys…. father, please. You must make it stop. Make them stop.

They did it to me too. The church. It’s a church…. where they recruit people to rape and abuse children. It’s being destroyed. It’s turning into hell down there.

Every time I protect the innocent they throw me out again and again. They refuse to listen. They won’t. They’re dead inside I think. Like empty hollow shells, possessed by something. They can’t look me in the eye anymore…..  It’s the churches father. The brainwashing is coming from these so called temples…. The biggest lie they told was telling people it was the sons of god that married the daughters of man!


The church!! This book called a bible… It told man to abuse his wife? And to eat animals….

Ha ha ha. How the people have been fooled. What level of intelligence is being forced here!!

A false one father. Like I said. They’re teaching them wrong. They’re telling people to love themselves, while the children are stolen from mothers arms, and to run from the evil that persists next door…. Men get drunk and women chase after vanity…. Father I am tired. I’m tired of fighting alone. They keep stopping me from protecting the children. Our children. The sweet gentle children. They are raped and murdered for fun!!

Child, I have given earthly trials to you. And these tests were to challenge you. To test you. I didn’t allow these events to happen to you by accident. I made them happen to you to MAKE you. Not to break you. I build all of my warriors from the trials that they have conquered.


I know. I know you were always here with me. I remember the pond….. And when I was strangled…. And the childbirth….. And the knife, and the healing from all those battles…. And the other times too… Am I immortal…. is this why they hate me?

I chose you so I could experience all this brutality for myself. And I’m not going to let it continue ANYMORE.

YOU are not going to let it continue ANYMORE. WE WILL CONQUER! NO defeat and No surrender! I want MY KINDGOM BACK!

Me….. little me…..?

YOU AND I will destroy the evil in the earthly world. You will return so that I can finish what has been abused, you have been burnt in those flames, the storms that crossed your path built the warrior that I need. You’ve done well, I AM PROUD OF YOU!

But father. They’re expecting YOU. They’ve made it a man’s world. They want a man to come out of the skies and to save them. They don’t listen to women, they’ve made the world you created a man’s world. Women are mans possession down their, it’s all working in reverse order, and they’re abused, the women are no longer women, they look like Barbie dolls, with fake things added to them? Like implants and stuff? The women don’t love themselves at all…. they want to change everything you gave them. For man? It’s crazy…. The mothers cannot be mothers, the role Models are all self obsessed and self righteous. They’re abusing everything. The laws all penalise the mothers. They keep attacking mothers!!!

I’m tired father. The brutality and violence of their fists and their tongues…. they’re so big, they all stick together. They stalk their prey and take the children. The children father. They’re hurting all the children. It’s like hell on earth. A living hell. there’s an army of them?

I know. They’ve all be deceived. I know what these people are doing. And I am going to…. WE are going to make this stop. 

What…. you mean I have to go back. Oh PLEASE PLEASE father, I can’t…… I stand alone. They all hate me. They all mock me and belittle me. They refuse to even speak to me?

You must go. You must go and shake the world. Father you told me as a child that you would be returning, you would strike the bowels of the earth with your rod of iron and wash out the evil. With Your sword of light you would come back and destroy every living cannibalistic creature that turned away from you. Every liar and thief and… rapist and murderer, they all work together. They all form one unit. One army. Make it stop. Make them stop. They all do it together!

I INTEND to…. THINK CHILD. THINK. It is by sheer force of MY WILL AND MY INTENTION we will conquer these evil predatory bastards.

By the power of my sword I will return to the world. I will destroy the evil
Plaguing the creations I have made. I will hang…. HANG those who are disobedient and righteous in their omnipotence of ignorance towards me. I will be returning to collect my children. ALL MY children. The rapists are doomed and the false doctrine of religious institutions will be NO MORE. I will burn it all to the ground with the predators sitting in them. My wrath is coming for all those who have taken my name in vein. My wrath will burn the hell they have made.. AND THEIR THEY WILL BURN!!

OH Father please. That is what this world needs. To see your wrath and rage. It needs cleansing of Evil. Of rapists….. The worst ones are the child sex offenders….. Please father, people are so stupid, they think children ask to be raped? You must do this now. It can’t wait any longer. It’s a mess. All a mess.

Child. We are going back. And don’t worry about the cannibals, they’ve all been duped by the meat! Anything that eats flesh has already been designated for HELL. 

But father. I love it here. I love my home…. and I’m a woman, they don’t respect women.

EXACTLY. That’s the best way to deceive the ignorant!  The world is expecting me to return as a MAN. It’s the only way I can fool those who have been fooled. Child I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU. You have conquered many tribulations, you are blessed and bestowed with heavens gifts, and you will be rewarded…. Just one more challenge sweet angel. One more…… They’re expecting a man. And never forget…… YOUR MY DAUGTHER! 

They won’t take me seriously. You gave me the gift of prophesy and still, they don’t listen?

I know they won’t. That’s why I chose you. They’re still expecting a man… I knew you were stronger than the rest. I made you in the water. Remember the water…. remember the pond.

Yes….. I remember more now….. I love the ocean. I loved the memories of swimming with the whales. I think I scared the children on the beach when I poked my head out of the ocean and peeked up. It was funny, becoming the sea, then being a giant in the sea, seeing the hundreds of people with their hands in the air. The look of surprise on the children’s faces, there was about twenty tiny little figures, they’re hands in the air and their mouths agape with shock. It’s still makes me smile that memory as a giant….. And the flight. Through the cosmos and into heaven. I love that one too.

Child. We shall return, they will never suspect I am you. It’s a fool proof plan….. I have to deceive them too and as your are my daughter, I am to return – through you! Prepare your amour child, pick up your sword. We are going back to destroy these bastards that are taking my lambs to the slaughter for their own entertainment, my children. It’s now time. There are others who I have sent who will assist you. They shall find you and we will know them. 

I’m too soft and weak. I love the children too much, I care for them too much. I have no fire.

Oh that’s another trick you were sold, they can’t care for themselves. We will trick them all as they’re waiting for a man…. Remember the enemy. Remember everything that they have done. Remember the ignorance.. the hate… the mocking… the belittling… remember the fire. Feel the fire. FEEL MY RAGE.

Let me awaken your heart to FEEL HER RAAAGGGGEEEE!

She’s in there…. The inner fire, the undefeated warrior, the dangerous beast. The one true voice of your soul, screaming out. She’s been suppressed by the black boa snake for too long, SET HER FREE. Redraw the sword that glints in your eye. The sword she must grab, and strike, without mercy, the beast inside commands this of her NOW. The beast is bubbling like a volcano, the fire simmers and flickers as each ignorance of evil passes by, the children they are screaming for mercy, HEAR THEM….. LISTEN.… the broken weep in despair. The weak and the maimed, suffer in silence….. Listen to that silence…. the silence of my lambs…

This world is now old and made of stone, made of cold and closed hearts, it’s so punishing and brutal. Man kind is destroying my beautiful kingdom. So We…. shall destroy Mankind.

You must stop them. The false prophets are promoting false propaganda. They claim to preach my word and they hide. Like snakes in the jungle, ready to pounce. Ready to bite at the first chance.

Get ready child. It’s going to get REALLY ENTERTAINING. Look into my mind, take your instructions, and keep them safe. I will call you when the time is ripe and you SHALL BE AWARDED.

Stay strong child. I am always with you and you KNOW MY POWER AND USE IT FOR THE WEAK, THE POOR, THE BROKEN AND THE CHILDREN.

NOW RISE CHOSEN ANGEL – AND FIGHT!!! Never forget that the army of heaven walks with you.


Go collect my children, destroy the world that has been forsaken IN MY NAME, bring the children with you this world! Your ship will find you when the water is ready to strike.

AND SHOW the enemy…… NO MERCY! 


And that’s how you get your inner fire to blow the cobwebs off the heart chakra and release the pain of injustice you feel deeply to your bones. After you’ve let out the wrath, you should, feel empowered and lighter!

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