The Coiled Goddess – Shakti meets Shiva

Kundalini means illumination, the coiled serpent is inherent in everybody, she sits at the base of the spine, waiting to be awakened. Her name is Shakti (goddess) and she yearns to reunite with her Lord (Divine GoD) Shiva! The true god consciousness!

Awakening her can occur through NDE, spontaneously, through extreme emotional trauma or extreme physical trauma and this opening of the coiled serpent offers the individual an opportunity to discover who they truly are, the avatar god self.

Although the kundalini isn’t actually a serpent pre se, she is a metaphorical image, which represent the energy she produces. to be honest, her energy is like lightning, that erupts at break neck speed.

What happens is in the void, the depths of the inner world, the coiled serpent is ignitied and goes through a tunnel, into the great white light, you might hear a bang or expansion, a loud noise. Then you come out into vast darkness again and you notice you are nothing, you have gone. No body, nothing? Then, you will be illuminated as a new white light…. you sit at the outer of what looks like a universe and you go through another tunnel, and this is where you come back in, through the top of your head. you have made the connection with divinity.

A healthy awakening happens when the lower ego, has been overcome, when issues from childhood programming and sub conscious patterns have been purged and cleansed or cleaned. Once the serpent has passed through each chakra, it raises up in levels, it will become more focused on the third eye. What this means is the serpent has come into contact with all cells, all emotions and with the mind, resulting in whole self-balance.

Kundalini means to enlighten, and when you awaken the third eye, you commune with your soul.

At each chakra cleansing point, doors to a vast realm of consciousness opens, and the last step from the third eye to the chakra is how each individual attains self-actualisation.
Each chakra is a dimension – a gateway to allow oneness with the universe. Each experience will be heightened in the senses, emotions will be more intense and physical sensations are more extreme, this unleashed energy of the serpent can cause increased or extreme hyperactivity or severe hypoactivity (lethargy) You will feel the fire within.

What you will begin to notice is the changes in yourself, your diet and personality, with yourself and with others.

Psychological transformations occur as each chakra is purged and cleansed. Emotional outbursts include – anxiety, anger, sadness, joy, and other emotional states that can dominate the person. These emotional outbursts are from past life experiences, the inner child which has been programmed with abuse and trauma will relive itself as you begin to work through your past trauma’s.

Visions will include dazzling lights; various archetypal beings will reveal themselves and a variety of sounds will be perceived. Sounds that are not of the world and cannot be heard, with the human ear.

A psychotic breakdown is a huge risk for everybody who has awakened the coiled serpent, so it is important to have a balanced ego and realistic view of your personality, and your body should be in perfect health, to enable the body to handle the strain of the incoming energies.

In my opinion, the purpose of the journey is to turn inner fire into energy, bring the unconscious into conscious awareness, its symbol is the inverted red triangle.

Spirituality is a painful growth experience, and one that will challenge you emotionally, psychically and mentally. Everything that you thought you knew, all your beliefs will be challenged, everything you perceive will be cast out as you become enlightened by the wise master. Your indoctrinated beliefs about religion will be cast out, and you will finally learn that religion is stagnation, a hindering of discovering who you are and who YOUR true LORD is.

Worship yourself, you are the temple of your own making, god is love and love lives within. Stop judging yourself and get out of you own way, set your spirit free.

Here’s a free PDF to help you with learning mindfulness mindfullness support book



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