Hopi Prophesy – The Day of purification

Hopi Indian prophesy tells of the return of the two brothers and the Pahana who will bring about the day of purification. They foretold years ago about nine prophesies Hopi Prophesy & the Age of Aquarius which were to warn mankind about the coming day of purification. When two brothers will return to earth to judge humanity on their actions.

As we near end times, it was prophesised that many of the world would seek the materialistic world, trying to enjoy the good things that was offer before destroying themselves. These people will corrupt the ways of life bringing about the same life which was fled from the underworld. The sacred body of the female will no longer be hidden, temptation towards sexual licence will be enjoyed and most of these people will be in confusion. 

An awareness that something extraordinary is happening will develop in most people, even the leaders will be confused into polluting themselves and the people will find it difficult to decide who to follow. all these aspects were planned, the only course to follow is that of the great spirit  itself.

Those gifted with the knowledge of the sacred instructions given by the great spirit Maasauu, will live cautiously for they will remember and have instructions and it will be on their shoulders that the fate of the world rests! The sacred tablet was given to the fire clan and everything was symbolically written on four sacred tablets was given to them by Maasauu, known to the Hopi as the skeleton man or great spirit.

The vow of the great spirit was to follow his way of life, (a simple life). he gave the land to the Hopi to use for ceremonial duties and instructed and showed them the road plan in which we must direct our lives. Boastful people were not permitted to attend ceremonies so that prayers would not be polluted, his teaching was written on a rock so that we would know to follow the straight path.

As time passed, the Hopi waited as they retold prophesy that one day another race would appear and claim their land as their own. they would try to change their pattern of life with a sweet or forked tongue. They would use force to trap the Hopi into using weapons, a trick that they declared they must not fall for, as they would be brought to their knees, nor must they raise their hand to any nation.

The prophesies inform that we must be alert for signs and omens which will give us courage and strength to stand up with our beliefs, else blood will flow, where nature will speak with a mighty breathe of wind, there will be earthquakes and floods causing great disturbance and disasters. Gradual confusion and corruption in leaders and in people all over the world, which brings about wars like powerful winds. All of this has been planned from the very beginning of creation, religion has no evidence or record of this, because truth of spirit is from within. The real teacher who guides us cannot be found from books or ancient scripts, it is those of us who unlock the sacred knowledge. 

The sacred writings teach of the mysterious seed of life, with two principles. Indicating one which is in two (The seed is in the heart and the two principles and the two ego’s)  the third event is the red symbol, setting forth the four forces of nature, where the whole world will shake and turn red, and this will be against the people who are against the Hopi cultural way of life.

The people who refuse to clean up their way of life and follow the teachings of the universe, the people who control and abuse will perish. This is prophesy, the day of purification.

Texts say that when plants blossom in winter, suffering and destruction would follow,  unless people changed their ways. This started last winter, I noticed how the plants in my garden failed to bloom in the summer months, but blossomed after October? So it seems the cleansing and the age of Aquarius is now upon us.

The white brother will return from the east, it is the white brother who has the missing pieces of the stone tablet – and many religions were tested, but none passed to the satisfaction of traditional Hopi.

The Hopi Indians are an ancient culture rich in history and tradition, who are the guardians and keepers of mother earth. Their land is where the four corners of earth originate, and this is sacred. It holds Mother Earths internal organs, coal and uranium.

The coal is her liver and the Uranium is her Heart and Lungs, once these are disturbed, great destruction would fall on humanity.

The kachinas were real physical beings, who were the watchers and their mission were to teach, defend and watch over the Hopi. The watchers come from a distant planet called toonaotakha, located outside our solar system and the kachinas were responsible for the creation of man.

Ancient texts from Hopi culture tell that humans were under mysterious circumstances, chosen women could get pregnant without physical contact (intercourse). Much like the story of Mary and Jesus!

Pahana will come unmercifully, and his people and will cover the earth like red ants, it is foretold that when this occurs, we must not go outside to watch.

He will gather the wicked people who have been hindering the red people, he will recognize his people by their head or by his way of life, or dwellings. He is the only one to purify us. The wicked will be beheaded and will speak no more, this will be the purification for all wicked people and all living things on earth.

I had a dream where I saw the beheadings of people in a hall, There were holding cells that held people, I saw one man who was in the armed forces? This could be what the prophesies talk about where the great spirit was taking each male one by one, I didn’t see any women get beheaded here, and the women were obeying orders as the people were rocked on a table, these people had willingly volunteered and entered the hall of their own accord into the hall, a pile of heads were stacked in the corner after they were beheaded by the great spirit. I didn’t understand the dream until I started reading about these things!

I also had another similar dream where there was a glamourous hanging for the public, the nooses were glittering and sparkled like diamonds, which I could only relate to as possibly meaning as either something related to celebrities or maybe it was due to the materialistic glamour world that surrounds us? Maybe its the corrupt being beheaded, I don’t know for sure of the meaning, so I’m only speculating with this part, only it was a very expensive and glamourous display. So this could possibly be the world leaders and corrupt governments maybe?

Texts say, if this does not happen, it has been written that the Hopi will vanish due to pollution, through the ignorance of the white people and the influence of their religions along with the disappearance of the land. The Hopi will be doomed and earth will become eccentric, the water will somehow swallow the land and all people will perish.

Due to the mass awakening on the planet, and the amount of people currently experiencing heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, and double numbers chasing them around all day, things like 10:10, or 12:12, these are prophetic signs that the great spirit is calling you to wake up and give up your addictions, The psyche is unlocking sacred and ancient knowledge due the high pressure of ringing in the ears. All of these things are happening to me – 11:11, 333, 444, 555, 777, I see as an everyday occurrence. If you see these things too, its means purification of your ego and to reconnect to the heart seed of the spirit.

Another text stated that the coming purification day will be when true Hopi people will be flown to other planets in ships without wings. A mass migration of Indians from Mexico, south and Central America, this movement will come after a huge fire and explosion, which will herald the advent of the true white brother.

A maiden with a traditional butterfly riding a wingless dome shaped craft will signify the coming day of purification when true Hopi will fly to other planets.  When I read this, it reminded me of another dream.

I had an active daydream – a spaceship that will carry the Hopi to a new safe land, the room was filled with children and many adults, the new land was made of Chrystal, it sparkled and everything that was in the land was rich in abundance. Fruit trees were brighter, fruit like apples were deep red, there were chocolate fountains that sprouted out of diamond shaped water funnels. Jewels were also heavily populated in this land, a  bright Chrystal city, rich in colour and abundant in precious jewels? Children who were once disfigured were cured in this wormhole style fountain, the children jumped through and walked back out whole again. There was nothing of lack, it was the most beautiful garden I have ever seen.

I read in a text where it said – Judgement will be in front of a big mirror and death will be to those who are all evil and wicked, Maybe this is what the beheading dream meant, people will wander the earth in empty vessels, only a handful of people surviving in every nation overseas who will then come to this new world which is where ‘Heaven on Earth’ will be restored.

Life and Death moments will be when Pahana Returns.

From what I see, humanity is in the process of splitting, there are those who follow the truth and question everything, I certainly do, nothing in this world is hidden anymore, there are those who remain blind and deaf to the light and gods call.

Some will resurrect, and the rest will fall back to sleep.

This is the end times and the new world is here, its only for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, humble yourself, before it’s too late!


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