Walls come tumbling down

Isn’t it ironic how the walls that are built up around us become the prison in which we enslave ourselves! We build our own cage, a cage or restriction, repression and reduce ourselves to being controlled by a belief system or programme that sets us all up to fail.


I think it’s designed to keep you inside your own mental prison cell. A cell that tells you what to do, who to be, how to act, what to say, follow a certain tradition, get married, have children, go to work and controls every aspect of your true existence. Pushing you further away from who you are.

The system is designed to force you to fail, to fail so much that you eventually either turn against the machine that has enslaved you, or walk away and let go.

I see life as the battle with the shadow and the ego.

Much like the film ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Truman Show’, where the protagonists were ‘chosen ones’ per se. What both films taught was that life is a game, a program that we all believe we have to play along with. And our attachments/emotions are the currency that is exchanged!

Both films teach us how to tear down the walls of our own mind and release ourselves from the game!

The world outside reflects the world inside, meaning the belief system that we must get a job, get married, have children and continue the cycle of re-incarnating ourselves, into the same boring existence again and again. Re-incarnating as the same character, with the same opportunities, to play into the same system. You’re not here to change the world, or anyone else, or the law, you’re here to experience the life YOU want to Live.

Accept yourself, your true purpose is to connect with the source within, the spirit, higher self, God, what ever you want to call it.

Acceptance, it is what it is and will be what it was!

The truth is, you either play into the drama, or you walk away and stop playing!

You are in control of your own mind, and it is you who feeds that aspect of your existence. The emotions you feel are past memories, past events and past trauma’s. All these past events are designed to pull you back, into your own mental cage again. Give up the blame game and accept responsibility, that’s where the game changes and you learn the truth!

There is no past, it’s gone and there is no tomorrow, all we have is NOW. You’ve got to kill the ego to survive – or come alive.

We are who we ‘think’ we are, and when you’re in alignment with your true source self, nothing and nobody can restrict you, only you. All your woe’s, all your misery and all your misfortunes are all parts of the script that YOU chose to play. There is a bigger picture in play, even if you can’t see it or understand it. Shadow work is truly beneficial to help heal past trauma. And the mirrors in your world are teachers, teaching you self esteem, self worth and revealing your ego in naked glory.

Only love can drive out hate, your light is brighter when lost in darkness!

It’s hard, getting out of the cage, and this is the true test of your existence. Humility is where you come to understand you’re not here to change the world, you’re here to change yourself, to better yourself, to build the world that YOU want to live in, not the world that you’re currently living in.

YOU are the true master of your destiny. There are no mistakes, no accidents, it is all part of you, learning about you and who you are. The creator brings the lessons to you, to make you learn or to make you move away from something that isn’t in your best interests. Be grateful for those mistakes, they made you stronger. Give thanks to the devils that hurt you, they taught you the power of discernment, they changed you. Only YOU can validate YOU.

We are all fallen angels, we have all fallen from grace. We’ve all sinned, we all tell lies, this is the nature of the dualistic existence that we live in. If YOU want something you have to go out and get it. Nothing is given for free, you have to learn, learn learn. All learning is about growth, and development and strength.

You can’t change the world you only have the power to change yourself, the world around changes to accommodate your new mindset and belief system. You have to tear down the walls that have been built around your mind and discover who you really are. Discover your consciousness, your happiness.

People come into your life for a reason, to teach you a lesson, whether the lesson is about your own self abuse or to show you your ego and how damaging your ego is.

Triggers and trauma’s are a part of life – we all have past trauma’s and triggers, things that harmed us in the past, and people are there to trigger you, it’s a test of strength, to see how entrenched you are in your ego, or it’s a trigger, an attack on your ego, to make you see if you had any error in your part? Your reaction is currency.

Your ego will either be destroyed, or you will be destroyed from your ego.

Sometimes life is hard, and you lose everything, your home, your job, your relationship, this isn’t necessarily something bad, this is a powerful lesson of detachment that those devils in your path taught you. Because what I learnt on my journey is that when you hit the bottom, rock bottom, where you have nothing, that’s where you find your source, God or any other higher force you believe in. The bottom is the best place to be, to realise who you are and what you are capable of and that all materialistic things are immaterial in truth.

You finally kill the beast, slay the dragon –  the ego!

Rumours are envy revealing itself, its spread by hater’s, malicious jealous people and what is most ironic about rumours, is that they’re told by fools, spread by even bigger fools and believed by fools. All these fools don’t actually know you, but they like bullshit, lies and gossip, therefore they reveal who they are in their ignorance of gossip…. so, as the saying goes – birds of a feather flock together. so what if they defamed your character, it’s not you, and you haven’t got to justify yourself to anyone!

Isn’t ignorance blissful when you understand! That’s when you begin to see the joke of life’s trials, you stop taking yourself so seriously. And life!

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of acquainting with a ‘devil‘, be thankful of the experience, as it’s a lesson to remove the ego and look at either your shadow or your ego and detach from it. Neo learnt Agent Smith was his shadow!

Don’t waste you life being loyal and faithful to someone who cannot value your worth, everyone has a breaking point, even the best of us. I fell for that trap, I was determined to prove that you can change a damaged individual, I learnt the hard way that you can’t! I wasted my life trying to help another! Some people can’t take responsibility for their own trauma’s, and this is NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You are not a rehabilitation centre for a badly raised man/woman, it’s not your job to help fix, parent, raise or change them, you want and need an partner not a problem project!

When you totally detach from the rumours, gossiping, and attacks you stop caring what others say of you and talk about you. You detach from the haters, and all their weapons of attack, and this detachment teaches you humility. To humble you before your higher self, your master. The creator. Your higher self is the one who knows YOU best!

Surrender to yourself. Let it go, let it all go!

Some words of wisdom to those who have experienced a traumatic incident – Detach, its all designed to trigger your emotions! You’re not your past, and you don’t have to justify yourself to anybody. Love yourself, be your own best friend, because you are all you’ve got and you are all that you need.

Get out of your way. This is your life, you only get to live once  –  own it.

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