The Feminine Sexual Energy

For centuries, the sexual energy has been abused, misused, repressed, bastardized and associated mainly with an act between two people. Freud, the psychologist theorized that the sexual energy is the life force, and this is what has been misunderstood because woman have been following the patriarchal template, so choices for women were limited to mans domination and control. Women were reduced to being merely pro creators of life, birthing children and nurturing the household. For so long, we lived in a male dominated society and men were our role models, even god himself was indoctrinated into society as male!!

We are shifting, massively from pro creation to co-creation, and for good reason too. This bio-evolutionary fact is gradually freeing the feminine half of the species, our feminine creativity is now for our life purpose and expression, into the larger world. We can finally own who we are!

Thankfully today, women are revealing the countless ways through which this sexual energy can unleash their creative genius and birth this energy, into form. Women have always known on some inner, sub conscious level, there is more to life than the path of rigid patriarchy.

Learning to cleanse this energy, raising it up, past the sexual regions and disentangle it from the energetic attachments, which in turn, renews the feminine sexual energy.

This is a revolution, a redemption of awakening the sexual energy and liberating women from the patriarchal indoctrinated laws that have suppressed women for aeons! The desire to connect with the feminine essence is bubbling to the surface and coming into full force.

Women have so much power, and as humanity is now segregating, women are going their own way and men are going their own way too, this is what it means when you hear things such as timelines are splitting.

Now is the time to reclaim the path of the ancient wisdom keepers and teachings, reclaiming our sexuality, and releasing ourselves from religious and governmental organisations which traumatised our bodies, and psyche’s. So much shame and pain has been carried out over the past.

Free yourself from the chains of your past conditioning, it has gone, you cannot change the past, you have NOW to make it a better day. Empower your present, find your source, your inner being and the wisdom you have within.

By purging the root chakra along with all the guilt and shame that has been projected over the aeons, and owning your sexuality, you release it from being focused in the genitals and from the physical act of sex, raising the energy up into the pelvic bowl, you free yourself from the need or desire to engage in the sexual act, because you learn how to internally raise your inner body and give yourself waves of blissful pleasure, bringing passion into all areas of your life. If the chakra’s and meditation doesn’t work for you, then think about inner child work and releasing past trauma’s instead!

Learn to rock and swing the pelvic bowl, moving the energy from the inside, you unleash the power within. (I recommend belly dancing!)

Feeling the flow of ecstasy of this inner flame, flowing through you, is both humbling and immensely empowering. The cells get charged up with a fiery and warm honey like energy. It liberates the feminine and soothes the mind, body and soul, reminding you of your eternal nature – A creative spark of ALL the IS. We are all connected to the great MIND.

Now turn on the tunes, download Whitney Housten or Chaka Khan, and let them hips swing …. ‘I’m every woman, its all in me…..  anything you want done baby, I do it naturally….’

You’re a woman – Claim your power, unchain and claim HER!


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