144’000 the mystery!

Unity consciousness and the Divine Flame – The 144’000 – who or what are they?

The lightworkers who are here to change the vibration and lift up humanity, and bring it out of the darkness, to show a new path and a new way of living. Is this a select number of individuals or is it something different?

I don’t believe the religious scriptures because this is not about religion or Christ consciousness, although some people relate to this as being Christ consciousness, its about self-improvement, it’s a movement, not a person. A movement of people, working together to improve humanity. 

Light workers are those people who go through negative experiences, traumas, trials and tribulations, shifts, so that we don’t get become angry or bitter by them. It’s the reason why so many light workers were put into families and situations designed to break them, through abuse and extreme trauma. God gives the pain so that we can shift with the empath abilities and bounce back, by sharing and putting this into doing good for the world, this is how to learn resilience and how to survive in such a cruel and harsh world.

The highest consciousness for any human being is 144’000 which are internal soul aspects. The chakra system represents 144’000 petals of all the chakra’s, revealing a ray of light, so following the chakra and cleansing of the chakra’s is one path to raise your consciousness.

Unity consciousness is a reconciling of energies, such as attachment, power, control, force, privacy, honesty, loneliness, free will, consent, equality, inequality, imbalance, balance, impermanence and immortality.

The mission is return people back to god – to return to LOVE and light by returning the planet back to her, god has not left, lightworkers are here to bring forward the vision of creating heaven on earth. Because individual perception dictates individual perspective, we all have the freedom to grow, learn, experience and feel joy and love.

God is an acceleration of life force within all of us.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the mood in the room instantly? Did the energy of the room change your mood, this is where your energy was overwhelmed from the environment and you took on the mood of the environment.

3D and 4D reality are the lowest levels of separation and individuation that we can possibly know ourselves, so in a nutshell, we are in ‘the image of god,’ because it is the closest we can get to being like god, with the ego. This doesn’t mean we are GOD!

The morphic field around us is like an internet of all knowledge, and our minds are like radio receivers which plugs into this field, to extract energy and information.

The 144’000 are soul aspects of our self – as each aspect ‘wakes up’ you experience a broader range of knowledge and you feel smarter. After you shift, release and heal! Each healing aspect reclaims more aspects of the ‘soul self’ and re-integrates to revigorate and enhance the cells within.

Over time, humanity as a whole will shift and begin to ‘think for themselves.’ Things that were once thought as rare and out of reach will become common place, including enhancing psychic and intuitive abilities, new healing modalities and miracles.

The energies that we cleanse and heal, inevitably enable us to shift inside and by shifting them, we heal ourselves and learn to bounce back positively.

Therefore from my research of the ‘scriptures’ these actually relate to the 144’000 aspects of the soul, within everybody, the spiral of Chrystal stairs into the ‘City of Light’ the crystalline city of light embodies the energy of pure love, peace and harmony and act as a dimensional gateway for many of the ‘light masters.’ A unity consciousness is being birthed among humanity, light workers are everywhere.

The goal – is to become LIKE Jesus or Buddha. To unravel the lies and deception, where you come back to the core truths. Look to the stars, trees and your heart to find your truths. To become like a child in the eyes of the father, as this is how the kingdom is inherited, this is to show how to build Heaven on Earth.

The crystalline 144 grid is an emerging icosahedron a seed Chrystal matrix – a double penta-dodecahadron, this evolved geometry is divinely fashioned to resonate higher frequencies for NEW EARTH. Light workers are ‘light masters’ and ‘Earth keepers’ and they are here to awaken humanity and restore balance and harmony.

Earth, Gaia is a living organism, the grid contains her aura and the sacred geometry energy patterns of the Golden Phi and spiral. The platonic solids, the flower of life Chrystal matrix of creation.

144 is a perfect harmonic of the speed of light which is 144’000 nautical miles in the vacuum space. Earth harmonic is literally a mirror or a cascade of mirrors within mirrors that 8hz can look into.

The ancient texts and calendars teach us this, and how light travels in space time – thus 144’000 decimal harmonic.

Earth has her own vibration and earth keepers can tune into this vibration to help Gaia heal from the wars and destruction that mankind has persecuted and polluted her, where she lay enslaved to mankind in chains that bound her. It is the mission of lightworkers to Free HER!

Light workers are here among humanity as a collective movement, to fight injustice, inequalities of gender and race, religion, force of consent and rape, power issues, control, slavery, animal cruelty and human trafficking.

This is the truth about the awakening. Life, and all the deceptions are becoming ever more transparent!

Light workers and Earth Keepers are here to Raise the Frequency of consciousness and Gaia.


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