Women – RAISE the GAME

The feminine/Women have a unique power here in this earth. We are walking talking energetic vibrations, emotions are the keys we have and these keys are what we as women need to protect.

This world is feminine the Mother Earth is feminine and when we move into the astral world, again we are the feminine.
The feminine is Gaia, the earth!
The mother is who we walk upon.
Her fertile land is where we build our bodies.
The sensory body is the first body we build because our purpose on this earth is to experience the sensory world. Taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

The first sense we develop is sound. And in the womb pre-life, before human birth, we only have our sense of sound to guide us.

As women, we hold the power not only to make the world, but together, we can join together to change the world.
The woman is co-creator with source. Mother Earth creates our playground and we create the environment in which we live in.

Everybody has feminine energy within them, men (not as much which is why he needs a woman) men need and are attracted to women because we teach them about their emotions and we are supposed to lead them into their hearts.

Women – we must raise the game and bring men up to our level!

Why are women abused by man? Why are women the ones to suffer from man’s corruption of power and control? Because women are the power house of love, compassion, nurturing and integrity.

Even in the bible, the ‘messiah’, respected and honoured women, he saw the value and power they held and HONOURED her for it. Do men do this today? Clearly this shows a huge discrepancy about the assumptions they hold towards women. And also explains, why they rape and abuse all that is god given and divinely sacred!

[Not saying all the apples on the tree are bad – so its a generalisation of the misogynistic attitudes toward woman. I know there are amazing men out there.]

The purpose of woman is to teach and lead man to his emotions, she is the vessel that takes him to the door of his spirit, she raises his spirit through emotion. Yet still today, the emotional body is the most abused, by MAN. SHAME on the man who deliberately uses a woman’s emotions for his own power and gain (that actually makes him a coward and the title man is an insult to real men). Women are emotional because they feel the divine energy at the highest levels. So that they can become supreme healers and mothers, not to drive men insane. Her deep spiritual connection is meant to inspire man to his spiritual heights as well.

What’s the real purpose of sexual abuse, abusing children – to create trauma, a complex PTSD? To destroy the feminine, the emotional and moreover, for power to control. For centuries now, teachings in religious texts claim that woman is beneath man, that woman is here to be at mans command?

This is the level of evil and corruption that has infiltrated the world in which we all live in. This is the evil of mankind and his self-righteousness to have power over a woman! 

We live on fertile feminine ground, This is the Mother’s land! RESPECT HER.

Woman are walking vibrations of magnetism and possess the deepest ravine of love. A woman’s highest calling and the purpose of her existence is to lead man to his soul to unite him with source. A man’s highest calling is to protect her, so that she is free to walk the earth, unharmed.

Either all the men have sold out to this, or there aren’t any real men walking this land!
Ancient HOPI prophesies have prophesised we are now in the end times, the cleansing is happening, when will man learn from this valuable and vital teaching!!

Women are power houses of healing, love and compassion and we are not seeking equality in the sense that we want men’s jobs? We want respect, for our innate nature and to not be abused for the feminine the emotions that we all have! Men do not process or understanding emotions as we do. They are built differently, they need us to teach them even though the paradox of this world is that we have to live in and abide by man’s rule!

The divine feminine is both the warrior and the healer, yet men run from this energy to insist in his own omnipotence, he curses or tries to control woman for being the free spirited being that god created her for.

The anima, is the feminine, and that is what is abused.

We as women are meant to open up mans heart, and protect their vulnerability, these are the treasures of true intimacy, love and respect. Yet men hold back in fear of woman!

The feminine is the power and it is up to us to defend our girls, daughters, sisters and mother’s. Women run the world and it’s our emotions that run this land. Damaged men who despise this about woman have no conscience regarding woman and this is why rape, power over and sexual abuse is so high. The sacred feminine is the sacred butterfly, the amygdala, the mid brain which controls emotions. 

The womb is the sacred space, don’t just allow any man to take residency there, respect yourself and your body, you’re a sacred woman, and once you understand this, you’ll never allow anyone free access.

On the other hand, is this why man rapes and pillages woman, because HE KNOWS she is sacred. He hates and despises woman because she has this power. The inner power that unites the goddess kundalini Shakti to Shiva, that’s how two become one. The dance begins in the sacral area, the sexual energy is the power, inside the womb, the void – the beginning and the end. This is connected to the nervous system, which climbs up the 33 vertebrae in the spinal channel, to connect the heart with the MIND.

The nervous system is the pathway for the feminine – the sexual energy of Shakti and the mind is Shiva! Where the two spirals of the caduceus UNITE. Three become one, ‘the mother, the heart (the child) and the father, unite to become one. True source is in the head/mind.

True women follow the teachings of the mother – the land and nature is our church and temple, men abuse women because they know that abuse damages the nervous body and restricts her from meeting her father, he does this because he despises her and God or source. Earth is our mother, the land is our teacher and the mother is to be revered, adored and respected. Women are the species that build, create, nurture, love and create compassion, defend the family and the kingdom in which she resides.

Women run the world and men rule it!!

Wouldn’t the world look different if woman ruled the world and men ran it?

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