Ten Lessons of Life

Life is a school, a playground and an adventure. We’re all part of the same system, playing the same game learning our own lessons. Here are my list of ten life lessons which affects all of us as we play along in the earthly playground, in the journey and discovery of life.

1. You will receive a body. This body is your vehicle, look after it. You may not like it, but it is your body, how you relate to it is a personal endeavour to accompany you on your journey. Respect it, appreciate it and accept it.

2. You will learn lessons. This is a school called earth and the lessons you will learn are unique to your destiny and purpose. Life is the playground, the stage and the classroom. How you relate to this is personal to you, how to understand and overcome your lessons is up to you.

3. There are NO mistakes, there are no accidents in your path, everything is divinely ordained, all of your life you will face obstacles, challenges and temptations, these are your lessons. A lesson is repeated until it is learnt. The lesson may be painful, uncomfortable or even traumatic, and this is necessary for your journey.

4. Learning lessons does not end, there is always more to learn. Life is an adventure, enlightenment happens after the lesson has been understood, and life upgrades through different levels, you are here to learn about yourself, your soul and your spirit. Life will be your teacher – every lesson is an opportunity or a challenge, again it depends on the mindset of how you perceive your lessons.

5. There is nowhere better than here and now, the grass is not greener over there, the lessons you must learn will continue to be presented to you, therefore attempting to avoid evade or repress will hinder your progress. There is nowhere to hide from yourself, once the lesson has been learnt, you will up level to the next stage of your evolution and journey.

6. Everybody is a mirrors of you. You will find your lessons in your mirrors and learn them from the people, places, environment and situations, where they will enter and exit your life. Some will bring you blessings, some will bring you pain, it is all essential for your soul.

7. What you make of life is up to you. You are in control of your mind and how you conquer the challenges of your destiny.

8. The answers to all your lessons lie within, this is where you can access your wisdom and strength. This is your game and you are a player in the grander scheme of thing to come. When you look within, you will learn faster and increase your understanding of yourself and the environment in which you exist.

9. The reason and purpose of your life will be revealed to you as you conquer the battles that lay before your path. You are more than you know and smarter than you think. you are never alone, and when you understand this.

10. Love is the fastest route to moving forward, and this is the easiest option to take in learning and understanding. When you find Love you will find the GOLD.


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