The transparency of Man’s Anima (and feminine abuse)

Woman have long been subjected to mans control and power over them, women were created to be as mans counterpart, not to be trodden on under his foot and by looking at his anima, you get so see the real psychology of his inner feminine/anima.

When inner realities are not recognized or owned, they appear in the outside world through projection. e.g., a man’s anima that is lonely and desperate for attention, will tend to fall in love with a dependent woman who demands his time and energy. The man with a mother-bound anima will choose a woman who wants to take care of him. The man not living up to his potential will be attracted to women who goad him on and make more of him than he would otherwise be.  The man with an immature, underdeveloped anima, will choose a woman young enough to be his daughter, or this is his hidden belief in the sexualisation of her, after all, why else would a man choose a trophy bride if he didn’t want a trophy hanging on his arm to swell his ego. Basically, man reveals his  true intention towards all women by the (anima) bride/ girlfriend he chooses, This is how you can see the true intentions and maturity, of a man.

Pay close attention to actions and what people claim to stand for, their anima is on full display and their intentions are easy to uncover. Actions speak louder than words if you pay attention and listen! 

In other words, whatever qualities a man does not recognize or develop within himself, will confront him in real life. And the development of the anima, is created through archetypal roles, from the care giver (mother) or another figure. Therefore, the attitudes of man and how he views women, is evident in the was he speaks to them, about them, and relates to them. And both concepts are created by his own personal perception of his mother and the collective archetypes that are presented to him from his environment.

Women who deny their animus, develop their personality with a deep belief that they must depend and rely on a man to take care of them. This is a dangerous animus projection and leads the woman down a path of submission, subservience and at the mercy of man’s control. However, for decades, women have been raised and taught that they must be obedient to man, as they are inferior and are not considered as worthy. Religion, society and fairy tales all teach women these constructs, regardless of whether they were raised by a damaged or absent father (animus). This is the collective consciousness of the anima development that can have a greater impact on the psychological development of the anima/us.

The animus that is alive and healthy in a woman can be observed by their ability to take assertive action and defend their beliefs. The damaged animus in women tends to be attracted to a damaged anima in man. Thus, a woman who experienced a violent or absent father will subsequently seek or attract an unavailable or violent man, if she carries a deep belief about any trauma she experienced as a child. Thus, it is the psychological trauma that impairs the animus, and not always likely to be the father? It could be a male authoritive figure or the like.

These things are all happening below the conscious awareness, without either party understanding the root cause of why they are trapped in a dysfunctional bond! That’s not to say that the anima cannot ascend through the four different levels, it merely asserts that you can view his anima and intentions, by his choice of romantic interests.

Children are not born violent and aggressive, they are made this way, by society! Drugs, legal and illegal, alcohol and past trauma’s also play a huge part in behaviour, and repressed emotions are a leading cause for psychosis, violent outbursts and shadow projections, especially, the ANIMA.


Learnt Behaviour

By looking at the environment in which they developed, children inevitably model on their parents behaviours via echolalia, and mimicry plays a vital role, not only in language but also behaviour, social development and in shaping the impressions of what and how each of the two genders should behave! Capacity plays a huge role in the nature of behaviour and the subsequent difficulties presented. This forms the basic ground work for either narcissism, or PTSD!

Narcissism is EGO led behaviour and PTSD is a subconscious trauma related behaviour!

Narcissism and PTSD have similarities in presentation, both are affected from childhood programming and both ARE trauma related. A narcissist is a damaged individual that is attracted to someone who is vulnerable, easily intimidated and has the necessary emotions that can be manipulated for their own benefit, ego and otherwise, which is why women are often targeted, because of their vulnerability and also their own learnt behaviours and unconscious acceptance of how men behave.

However, the anima is an aspect of both genders and the anima is they key point, to how and what both genders believe. For example, boys who are not taught, or held accountable for their behaviour of shaming young girls or seeing her as merely an object of sex and enjoyment, are revealing their own objectified anima. The same concept applies to absent, violent fathers to explain why girls develop an unhealthy distrust towards men, as is the same concept for men towards women.

In the collective conscious, it is society that creates the main structural archetype and here, things like violent games or x rated films also shape the developing inner genders and how each person views them. Society plays a huge part in the collective unconscious too!

However, I’m not implying spousal abuse only affects women, it does affect men too as it’s seen in therapy! Secondly, the LGBT community is not immune from abuse either. So we need to look at spousal abuse from all angles, not just women.

The transparency of how thoughts become reality are evident amongst society today, by looking at the psychology of humans and then applying the same to collective beliefs and habits which form the behaviours, socially, romantically and psychologically, we can see the disproportionate difference between equality and liberty and the anima is the source of why men, rape, abuse and harm women, because their own anima,  failed to develop, and vice versa for women and the animus.

The exponential growth of violence in society, rape, murder, including domestic abuse, are all created from a dysfunctional childhood, which is the underlying aspect of the anima/animus and is affected by a collective prejudice, disturbing the unconscious gender balance of the anima, which is then building damaged attachments and hiding childhood wounds that were created from, neglect, isolation, rejection, rape, abuse or abandonment.

This fact serves to exemplify the dysfunctional development of damaged anima/animus that breeds unconsciously and is rampant is society today! The battle of the sexes is played out, in the choice of the romantic partner or the unconscious abuse they use against them.

So is you want to see an mans anima, look at his choice of woman, not how he treats his mother (because this can all be an act too). Because how he views (projects) treats, speaks to or relates to his woman/wife/girlfriend, is how he will raise his daughter!!

Man plays a vital role in the development of the next generation of girls, and the transparency of his attitude and behaviour, is evident in his choice of anima!

4 Thoughts

  1. Women are amazing in their own righteousness , they are very capable of their own greatness the choice you need to decide is are you victor or victim . Those that allow others to walk all over them maimed them powerless because they rather accept then fight , never be afraid to stand what matters most to you . You Matter and Have your own greatness now seized it and be set free .


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