Attachment and Suffering – A lesson in love ❤️

Attachment and Suffering is life’s powerful lesson to love ❤️

We are all born into suffering and we all have a handicap or disability of some kind. Nobody has a greater or worse disability than any other? Just because we cannot see or know what the other person has suffered with, we should not judge them for who they are.

To judge is to be judged. We all need to be judged at some point in our lives, to hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our mistakes and errors. So does it really serve us to judge others?

None of us are born perfect, although we may look like that at first. Perfectly formed and no different from any other newborn babe. As first mothers – We count our blessings when we count ten fingers and ten toes. An instant attachment forms, to protect something so perfect, from a world of suffering.

So what goes wrong and why do we suffer?

We are born into suffering and suffering is one of life’s powerful lessons the heart is bestowed to learn. The world is suffering, poverty, disease, disability, dysfunction, want and need, the world beyond our own lives is suffering, war creates further suffering and we as humans are suffering, from one thing or another.

We are all suffering just as we are all born the same.

There is a powerful lesson to learn from our suffering and one that leads us back into our hearts.

To learn to love ❤️

The mother prays at the bedside for the child she birthed, the child is dying and she has no power to hold them for much longer, her child was never hers to keep, but a gift from god and as god is the giver of life and he holds the power to take life. She stills prays for another day, one more hour, one more minute to watch her beloved child take another breath, another weak smile. Another stolen moment before god reclaims her cherished child and leaves her arms barren and fills her heart with tears of grief and suffering.

Grief engulfs the mothers broken heart. In her sadness and despair, there she holds such collateral beauty. A Beautiful child, to hold those memories close to her heart. A child that will not age, timeless and ever young. To remain a memory forever until god calls her home again so she can be reunited with her beloved child.

Grief and suffering, two of life’s most painful emotions yet the pain brings the person ever closer to god. Even if they never called out to him in their lifetime, even if they never believed in such a higher power. At the grave they bow their head in sorrow to god, some will curse at the loss of having their child taken so soon and others will thank their lord for giving them the time they were blessed with, to have their child.

No two perspectives are the same

For some mothers, who face the loss of being told their child will not live, this may only be for a day or days. For others it could be a few years. The heavy loss gets easier to bare over time, and their silent mourning and suffering lingers forever in their heart and deep in their soul until their dying days.

Their suffering was a gift, not only the gift of being blessed to give birth to a child, but also the gift of learning to love. A child brings love, a child is love, in all their newness and splendour. The soft smell of their delicate skin, the Melting of the mothers heart as she looks on with love and adoration. Such a sight to behold as the heart swells profusely at the new human they are blessed to hold.

Suffering – the lesson of suffering is a lesson in learning to love, appreciate and honour, the gift of the child. The gift of each other.

We place so much emphasis and attachment on love, we want to possess and own another, to prove we have love.

Yet attachment brings pain too.

As every mother who has taken a babe or child to the grave knows, attachments have a double edged sword, just like suffering does. Because attachments that become possessions are not ours to keep.

Attachment has a dual nature, just like suffering.

To have an attachment to someone is to have a vulnerability to suffering. Because without attachment to love, there will be no suffering as there is no attachment to suffer for.

Wouldn’t that be a life of emptiness! To not have, or know love?

To have love in the human sense, we need to make an attachment to another, to be vulnerable, knowing in that vulnerability, we may lose love again and that will lead the scarred and weary heart, back to suffering.

That’s the truth and beauty of attachment, suffering and love ❤️

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