Schizophrenia – The Alchemy of Kundalini into Hermaphrodite.

Schizophrenia, in my opinion, is the extreme of a Spiritual Emergence where the imbalance is left untreated for so long, and the therapy insufficient that the person suffering is no longer stable in the three dimensional world – nor the world of spirit.

In western medicine Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behaviour and a failure to understand reality.

Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, visual and auditory hallucinations, hearing voices that others do not, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation.

People with schizophrenia often have additional mental health problems such as anxiety, depressive, or substance-use disorders and the symptoms typically come on gradually, which begin in young adulthood.

The causes of schizophrenia include environmental and genetic factors. Possible environmental factors, cannabis use during adolescence, other drugs are also responsible for admissions into hospital care, certain infections, parental age and poor nutrition during pregnancy and development.

Genetic factors vary, and some would say there is a genetic disposition to this diagnosis, such as a historical family lineage. Psychiatrists diagnose on observing behaviour, the person’s objective experiences and reports of behaviours from others familiar with the person. During diagnosis a person’s culture must also be considered.

There is no objective test that can clarify a definitive diagnosis, as the diagnosis depends on the lived experiences and behaviours expressed. However, Schizophrenia does not imply a ‘split personality’ or dissociative identity disorder – conditions with which it is often confused through public perception.

Often those who do present in therapy have come from a severely abused background, including sexual and emotional abuse, some comes from cults and often present with acute sensitivity, they are lost souls crying out for help, guidance and support. They want to fit into the world, yet they are often ostracised as outcasts and thrown out.

I know from experience that people who are prone to being Acutely Sensitive, have a wonderful imagination, can travel very well inside the world of visualization and imagery, and gifted with many creative talents. These are talents you can encourage and utilize in your therapy sessions. The most important things I have learned in guiding Sensitive souls is:

  • One step at a time.
  • Make sure to ground them well.
  • Cleanse yourself and the room thoroughly after they leave.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from someone who may know more than you.
  • You are not responsible for how they choose to walk their path.

The kundalini and spiritual awakening

The kundalini can happen at any age, to anybody, with or without prior childhood trauma!

Why do some people successfully manage this opening and others don’t? Because kundalini involves ego work and clearing, purging of traumas and understanding the self, all of which, affects the process or diagnosis of developing schizophrenia!

In spiritual schools, there is a close correlation between what some people express as symptoms of the kundalini energy. What makes a pivotal difference with the two outcomes, is what level of understanding the person has regarding their own personality and their ego.

Kundalini awakening can often present with similar symptoms, such as hearing voices or experiencing intense emotions that the mind has no concept about. This is where kundalini can affect the mind, to such an extent that the kundalini process is impeded.

The ego and what the individual believes makes all the difference when kundalini takes effect. Those trying to control the process without first purging or clearing past trauma and karma, are in for a totally different awakening to those who surrender. Particularly if the person has had poor environmental factors and childhood traumas that they haven’t analysed. Self-introspection and self-analysis play a vital component in the outcome.

By surrendering to the process, you come to understand that you are not in control. This primordial force is in control. And as the kundalini is the feminine energy, what she is trying to achieve is a polarity of fusion between the two opposing forces that reside inside. She is trying to unite, the self, with the spirit. This is the awakening to the whole self, a unity of combining the inner world from a microcosmic level with the outer macrocosmic world.

She aims to raise the consciousness of the individual experiencing the awakening process from a spiritual perspective. Yet in the western world, this energy, or experience is often feared when it reality it should be revered.

When kundalini strikes, you have to lose control, not of yourself, but of the energy and the process that is building so that you can allow the primordial energy to explode. Control and obsession stop the process, affecting the mind and the expanding consciousness.

The psyche forms a creative world and outlet through which the mind can express itself and replicate whatever is being repressed. Therefore, Schizophrenia is the receptive force of the ego. Not the spirit! A diagnosis of schizophrenia is made, due to the force of the ego and its need for protection. The kundalini is the energy that comes before the ego, and schizophrenia is a way to control what is happening to the mind, because it is overwhelmed. Therefore, schizophrenia is a way for the mind to defend itself, from (past traumas) and uniting with the spirit.

If you want to stop the awakening process then simply apply obsession and control. Control is the antithesis of consciousness as control serves to keep the ego rigidly intact. As this is the case why people suffering with schizophrenia come from ‘controlling backgrounds’.

Think of the two terms as a metaphor for Sophia and Kali. The two goddesses pitted against each other in the great game. Sophia, the goddess likes to gamble, to play the odds, she loves the wild novelties and chances, whereas Kali liberates from all the illusions.

Freud theorised that libido energy is the essence of life, and once kundalini is activated, the energy often gets stuck in the sacral (sexual) chakra, and this is where many fail to raise the Kundalini energy for its proper purpose, which is why obsession and control tend to be the dominant force in the individual. All manner of perversion and sexual misconduct occur due to the libido and the direction or trapping, of the libido.

The kundalini energy is feminine and can split into two, as Sophia likes to roll the dice and pits the psyche at odds with the self, playing a dualistic game, Sophia sets out the deal with psyche and Kali sees out the deal. Its all an inner alchemical process that starts and ends, with the liberation of the spirit, into the psyche, uniting all fields of opposites and achieving the enlightened outcome at the end of the game.

Therefore, schizophrenia is the alchemical process of uniting the polarity of opposites and persona’s that the individual expresses. The shadow often plagues the individual who has awakened their kundalini too soon, and this is where the conflict or split, within the mind occurs. Demons become the haunting for the individual as the individual has not purged or worked through, ego and the subsequent shadows of the ego.

We all have different ‘masks’ which are actually ‘personalities’ and the process of kundalini is to unite the inner gender of masculine and feminine into ‘hermaphrodite’ to become whole.

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