Kundalini & Psychosis

Kundalini is an energy that awakens and unites and gives us the energy of Divine love. In the human body, Kundalini, although unseen to the physical eye, is present in the form of energy threads intertwined like a rope and connected to the endocrine system.

Kundalini is a spiritual concept. It is a powerful energy that resides at the base of the tail bone, often represented by a snake twisting up the spine. In most people, this energy is dormant until something causes it to awaken. This can be induced through specific types of yoga, breathing exercises or chanting. For some, the causes of awakening are unclear as it can be totally spontaneous. There have been some whom have used recreational drugs without guidance, and this has led them to a diagnosis of schizophrenia or other psychosis related disorders.

When it awakens it is always violent. Gurus specifically warn against the dangers of unguided kundalini awakening, because the experience is impossibly intense and can completely shatter the psyche, inducing states of psychosis and physical problems especially back issues. With the right assistance someone experiencing a kundalini awakening can emerge into a new level of consciousness, in tune with the universe, wielding powerful psychic gifts and a heightened understanding about his or her path: it is, essentially, enlightenment.

Common kundalini symptoms are:

  • Inner or external noises, such as roaring, ringing, voices, waterfalls.
  • The individual may experience feelings of grandeur, believe that they are godlike,
  • That they may have an important mission or message to relay.
  • Back pain and burning energy shooting up the spine and exhaustion, all of which can be confused with chronic fatigue, and uncontrollable leg movements that may be misdiagnosed as restless leg syndrome.
  • Random vocalisations such as laughter or uncontrollable singing.
  • Euphoria, and periods of intense depression.
  • A deep feeling of not belonging and wanting to return ‘home’.
  • Experiences of alternate realities and altered states of consciousness, an impossible feeling of connection with the world and other people.
  • Because the root of this disorder is actually energetic, the most effective cure for Kundalini psychosis is to lead the energy back down from the head to the navel or soles of the feet.

One of the most effective strategies to help overcome these symptoms is grounding. Walking barefoot across the grass, spending five to ten minutes a day absorbing natures.

Problems can occur from lack of grounding include overheating, high blood pressure, headaches, heart palpitation or arrhythmia, lack of focus on the details of life, distracted.

Kundalini is our own Divine mother, this is living energy, kundalini knows everything about every child. Kundalini has the ability to think and know decisions, i.e., has a superconsciousness. As an aspect of god, kundalini is a primordial, transforming, healing power designed to achieve our optimal human state of existence.

Kundalini is pure, nourishing love. Kundalini knows everything we do and is also called ‘the energy of desire’.

Negative side effects

Without grounding individuals may experience negative side effects in the beginning stages, which is why it’s often called ‘the dark night of the soul’. Among many side effects of psychosis – also known as ‘kundalini syndrome’

Symptoms include:

  • Intense heat and or pressure in the head or heart.
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations,
  • Paranoia, disorientation,
  • Obsessive thinking and Insomnia.

These symptom can persist for days, weeks or even longer. This occurs because too much heat or yang Chi rushes up the spine to the brain and gets stuck there.

Many individuals have been institutionalised in psychiatric hospitals and treated unsuccessfully, with strong medication due to lack of awareness regarding this syndrome and also a lack in spiritual knowledge and education regarding the kundalini symptoms and side effects. Others have deliberately used drugs or other recreational means and the experience has been the total opposite to what was anticipated or expected, and this shatters the psyche, causing schizophrenia.

The successful mystic is the unsuccessful Schizophrenic!


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      1. no, um..I think my Kundalini has been active for quite some time- at least 2 whopping enlightenments and seeing ahead-and since therapy I feel now like it’s kind of dying/fading. But u seem to be writing post after post weirdly in sync with the answers I’ve been looking for about my feelings (I’m in a transformation these days) like u know something?? probably just a coincidence πŸ˜„


  1. I was goin to post something up here and suddenly 333 popped up on my desktop time…Thanks for sharing, My kundali awakening transitional journey is creepy asf…. i love the thrills of it….love, xoxo Cheers form Africa

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