You ARE already are a Divine soul.

You do not have to do anything to achieve it. You already are an unlimited Source of divine cosmic intelligence that is overflowing with infinite love, power and unstoppable creativity. To embody this enlightened state only requires one thing. To bring your mind into complete stillness and silence….to fall into the infinite gap that is between… your thoughts.

The space between two places…

Because of certain mindsets and beliefs that are currently held, it is not seen as valid to remember the dream and the dream state. It is not seen as valid to remember connecting loved ones while in the dream state, and even if it is remembered, then there is no authority given to this experience.

Our dreams are a tool for understanding, not only ourselves but the world around us.

Most indigenous people hold this concept is also in the history of mankind, at one time it was held that there was very little barrier between physical life and spirit life, and the two intermeshed constantly and it was more than possible to engage the presence of ancestors. In fact, ancestors were often sought for guidance and advice and this is still so for many of the indigenous people. However, is the forgetfulness of the dream and the dream state when the middle self, the middle consciousness returns back into the prison that is in the physical body.

The pull of the mind is usually outside of the body, towards the plethora of desires and distractions that everyone else is magnetized to in the world out there. When the mind perpetually redirected inwards, towards the Source of spiritual stillness for hours on end, the results will be magnanimous.

Tranquility and serenity will take over your reality, and you’ll see how easy, enjoyable and effortless life truly can be when you learn through silence.

Inner stillness is the first door to entering the 5th dimension. You ARE God consciousness, no matter how ordinary your life may seem. Only when your intention is strong, and you are humble and open to receiving more love than you can imagine, then the actual specific guidance that you personally need will come to you.

The 4th dimension is accessed through the heart, and it must first be wide open with 100% trust before the higher 5th dimensional experience can fully blossom. Your heart must remain open in every situation, with every person you meet if you wish to receive this Divine 5D experience.

An open mind and an open heart is your life’s greatest teacher! Let the sun in….

The 5D seed has already been planted. It is just waiting for you to water it. You simply have to give your heart your silent loving attention. Your love is the sweet water for your seed to sprout and grow roots. In the beginning of this divine sprouting you will pass through experiences of joy, bliss and ecstasy, like nothing you’ve ever known before.

To find the entry point into your sacred heart, you must be emotionally at peace to find this deep penetrating silence of the mind. Imagine that you are like an enormous lake without any ripples. The mind is going to resist this at first, and once you pass this resistance, you will find freedom. When you drop your mind, and your egos ambitiousness to achieve something or become someone, you can come from a place of being more humble, sensitive, soft and gentle.

You will know things you could not know, see things you wouldn’t see, and feel this sacred energy within everything and everyone.

You’ll know that you’re in 5D because you’ll be so happy to take on anything that life throws at you. Whatever the situation or circumstances that are given, you’ll naturally be meeting them with a peaceful heart and a joyful quiet mind.

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