Teleportation & The Power of Kundalini

According to Vedic cosmogony, our universe itself was created out of the thought-power of the god Brahma. The holy scripture Yoga Vaashishta describes how highly advanced yogis can create objects out of their mind, through a rare combination of perfect visualization and the yogic power of creation (praakaamya). Praakaamaya is one of the ashta maha siddhis or Eight Mighty Yogic (siddhi) Powers, accomplished only through many lifetimes of yogic disciplines, and the grace of the Divine. Unfortunately, these extraordinary sciences are all but lost to humanity today.

Kundalini, raising the ‘Avatar’ also read Kundalini Fire and Twin Flame Alchemy

This is video on you tube that clearly explains the method of teleportation, even Einstein reported nothing can travel faster than the speed of light! Bohr concluded that you can!
Bohr was right.

Shocking facts about TELEPORTATION and vedic science

Siddhis are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga. The term ṛddhi (Pali iddhi) “psychic powers” is often used interchangeably in Buddhism.

Yoga means “to unite”, bringing together all dimensions of the human entity into one system. Scientifically speaking, the process of materialization belongs to the realm of quantum physics.

The word teleportation is composed of the Greek root telos, meaning “at a distance”. Teleportation means to move an object over a long distance. What it also means, although this is not included in the word, is that the object leaves one location and arrives at the other without travelling by any means of transportation available at the present time.

What most of people think of as teleportation involves the physical relocation of an object. The object disappears from one place and pops up in another.

Scientifically, this means that the molecular structure of the object is disassembled, the particles of matter are converted into energy, the energy particles are sent to a designated location, and then are re-converted into matter and arranged back into the shape they previously had.

Siddhis draw upon a specialized energy which lies dormant in the body. The human energy field, like an electrical field, surrounds and permeates the body. Just as electricity needs a conduit to concentrate and direct it before it can be used, human energy must be accessed to harness it. The key to the access is stored within each person from birth, but cannot be activated until one reaches a certain level of consciousness.

That level is enhanced by meditation, and supplemented by other forms of practice. In their experiments with energy the rishis evolved a name for this access, the door to human potential. (Portal 10) They called it kundalini, meaning “the coiled one”. It lies curled up like a snake at the base of the spine. Once uncoiled during activation, it flows up the spine to flood and nourish the brain, producing heightened awareness, clarity of thought, and often spontaneous healing of pre-existing illness.

Many meditators who understand the silence and dark matter that they fall into will understand opening chakra 10 is the connection to ‘meeting the Master’.

The tremendous influx of positive energy during these sessions sets up a process of silent transformation in the entire mind-body system of the individual. Those in deep state meditation or hypnosis are in a rare elevated state, characterized by high energy, peace and bliss, both during and after the process of energy transfer. Although the two processes may appear similar to an untrained eye, they actually stand at the two extremes of the consciousness spectrum. While subjects of hypnosis or mediums are operating out of the unconscious state, divyashareeris are touching the state of super consciousness.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has teleported many objects and substances across distances ranging from a few meters to thousands of miles. He has learned that the first siddhis to manifest in his experiments have been levitation, materialization and teleportation.

Much of this ancient science has been lost during the course of time, yet a lot still remains available. Reclaiming this knowledge can create a large short-cut for the step-by-step process of laboratory physics.

Kundalini is the inner potential energy which is available to us all but not directly used. When Kundalini energy is awakened, there are physical effects on the body. Our body is  basically the temple of GOD, a computer that can be programmed. This energy of teleportation is the software.

This is the mind, body, and MOTHER DIVINE energy! Pythagoras stated that everything happens in three and this is one of his concepts in energy form. Tesla mentioned that once you understand the frequency of 3,6,9, you will find the keys to the universe!

The cosmic mother womb, where creation happened; Meenakshi (a Vedic goddess); when dismantling and assembling, teleporting & materializing, this is the presence of the Intense Mother…. The Kundalini! The mother DIVINE…

During kundalini awakening the neurological brain patterns get rewired to a higher conscious coherence. The mitochondrion cell energy goes up. Mitochondria are the batteries of the body cell. The energy goes up by 967% compared to only 40% by any available physical exercises such as yoga or working out at a gym. Healing of the physical diseases automatically happens and ultimately the highest consciousness is achieved.

Kundalini Awakening brings many benefits but the main one is ‘good mental health’, which is why in the west, people experiencing an awakening are pumped up with drug that damage and affect the process, hampering the process, whereas they should be experiencing good well being.

To have an awakened kundalini is to live every day in intense excitement. The tremendous enthusiasm to live every day will be an excitement! Every day will be inspiring you, not perspiring. The Kundalini Awakening is a process of rewiring the whole brain where new subtle brain grooves start developing in this system.

The ability to transport physical solid objects across significant distances, and even the ability to transport oneself, is achieved in the Vedic context by awakening one’s kundalini. Sound travels in waves particles, therefore sound plays a role in the process.

In the Vedic age, teleportation was a common practice. It continues to exist today among the spiritual practitioners of India, Nepal and other traditions which descended from the Vedas: namely, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. Teleportation is a siddhi – a power and a natural extension of human capacity, which is a birth right of each person; capabilities that lie hidden in one’s bio-memory and can be developed through spiritual practice.

Nithyananda also adds that not only objects, but thoughts as well, can be teleported. This branch of teleportation is sometimes called telepathy. Activating the kundalini can make teleportation a reality for every human being..

Turn off all distractions, tune in to yourself and the silence, fall into the dark matter…. and JUMP OUT…..

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      1. the world record for macro entertainment distance get bigger every year and physics inspires a hope/faith for me that humans are so awesome. On an individual level, the people who can meditate/experience energies at these levels, and feel/bend kundalini


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