The magic of the THREE SIX & NINE


THRE EQUATES TO MIND, BODY AND SOUL. Six is the inside of the total sum, making Nine….

The six represents six layers, or elements, combined in unity to its polar and dual opposite. Such as love, hate… shadow, light.

Six, on a more concrete level of thinking, represents six aspects of the whole.


The attic, which is the top, roof of the house represents empathy, the two top rooms are sexual and physical. The lower two rooms are the mental and the emotional. Then, there is the basement, the shadow opposite of the roof – repression, dark memories and thoughts, acts… the house of the person is equally divided inside the six hexagon,

The ego or, from a primorial perspective, the egg and the soul, or the consciousness!

The geometry.
All internal angles are 120 degrees. A regular hexagon has 6 rotational symmetries (rotational symmetry of order six) and 6 reflection symmetries (six lines of symmetry), making up the dihedral group D6. The longest diagonals of a regular hexagon, connecting diametrically opposite vertices, are twice the length of one side. From this it can be seen that a triangle with a vertex at the center of the regular hexagon and sharing one side with the hexagon is equilateral, and that the regular hexagon can be partitioned into six equilateral triangles.

Inside the human body a synchronicity of six is simultaneously intermingling, co-opertating with different internal instructions, working in harmony to keep you alive and breathing.

Six chakras Six organs Six elements Six planets Six instincts & Six physiological needs.

Gonads. Fire. Root, want… red. Saturn. Rulership Wood
Kidneys. Water. Sacral, sexual…. orange Mars. Power Fire
Pancras. Wood. Solar, will, ego… yellow Earth. Balance. Flora/fauna
Thymus. Earth. Heart, Love…. green. Venus. Love Earth.
Thyroid. Air. Throat, Truth… blue. Uranus. Authentic, truth. Air.
Pineal. Metal. 3rd Eye, intuition,…. indigo. Neptune. Imagination. Metal.

Nine is a total number, the end of the sequence and the beginning of the next one, like this sequence;
Coccyx, sacral, lumber, thoracic, cervical, hind brain. Pineal, Mid brain, fore brain?

Nine emotions that form the basis for all the associated emotions. Becoming Whole means to have a full understanding and being able to understand these nine emotions in another. (Empathy)

Roots : Anger
Self esteem: Friendship
Self- identity: Fear- lacking courage
Shame- past actions and choices made and lack confidence
Kindness – or benevolence
Pity – feeling sorry for others
Indignation – feeling of anger that is unfair
Envy – jealously towards others
Love – the binding glue that ties us altogether

Six, psyche and six shadows. Six organs, six elements.

From the bottom up we have;

Coccyx, Sacral, lumber, thoracic, cervical, brain stem!  = Neurology.
Gonads, kidneys, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pineal! = Immunology/chemical
Roots, sexual, emotional, societal, family, religion. = Sociology.
Needs, lusts, pride, love, truth, soul! = Biological.
Ego, anima, persona, soul, shadow, animus! = Psychological
Wood, fire, flora/fauna, earth, air, metal! = Elemental.

Six multiplied by 6 is 36 or root number 9!

Adams rib, eve = sixth rib = roots/phallic. Masculine
Sacral kundalini = energy. Feminine.
Solar – free will, emotions, self! Upper three Chakra’s
Heart – soul, freedom, warmth, Lower three Chakra’s

And add in the magical four

North, South, East, West!
Hunter in the morning, fisherman noon, politician eve, priest at nigh’
Surviver, provider, teacher, preacher!

60 – seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months!
60,60,6, 360 minutes. 60 days, x 6 = 360. A full cycle!

Six – atoms, neutron, proton, electron, dendrite, synapse

Six dimensions, lust, pride, greed, wrath, love, grief.

Its all about THREE, SIX & the total of NINE!

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