Heart to Heart love….

What’s missing in relationships today is the heart connection between two people. If we all lived from the heart centre, without making judgements, the world would be a kinder place to exist in. The problem we all face is that we judge from past experiences, and these past experiences close off the heart to heart connection.

There’s so much misogyny against women, which is why their fighting back, to defend their fellow sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers from the stigmatised prejudice that women belong in the home and kitchen. This male prejudice is damaging the true connection of a valuable and intimate relationship with a woman.

When women are subjected to these bigoted remarks and comments, the relationship between men and women begins to falter. Women select men on the basis and imprinting from their childhood and how their father treated them. And this can swing from being ‘Daddy’s little princess’, to an ‘absent and abusive father!’ Like wise for men, where their mother treated them ‘superior and above their sisters’, and maybe ‘they too were abused and abandoned by their mother’. Either side of the pendulum dictates how men grow up to view women and vice versa for women and how they view men.

The balance of opposites has been the cause of much dysfunction in relationships the world over. This imbalance is affecting humanity at a rapid rate, changes are occurring, and men are now stepping forward to defend women and children and these men deserve to be revered for their courage, to fight against the misogynistic culture that has a hounded women in humanity for eons!

Hearts no longer connect because of past wounds and hurt, prejudiced beliefs and egoic imprinting from past relationship hurt.

Compassion and love are two things that suffer in relationships today, because of the past, and how the past gave the person a lesson of betrayal or any other psychological wound. Protecting this wound is how relationships are affected. Your next partner is not the same person that wounded you when you were vulnerable and judging them on this affects the future of the relationship that you have with them today.

Men are afraid to show their vulnerable side, because of a past girlfriend who hurt them, and women are afraid to let their guard down because of a past abuse too. This is the nature of living, of experience, to let us learn what love is from the ego and what love is, when its from the heart. This is the difference between real love and fake love!

Not every man is a snake and not every woman is a jezebel – thinking like that demonstrates prejudice. Pre- judging from your past wounding!

Men – If you are looking for a truly compassionate and intimate partner, you need to let her into your emotional life.

This is the true meaning of equality.

Men are vulnerable about expressing emotions, and if men open up and tell their partner what’s going on, the likelihood of long-standing arguments and misunderstandings reduces dramatically. This is what women really want, for their man to open their heart to them.

Being vulnerable does not mean you lose any of your masculinity. In fact, the opposite is your reward. Us women love boyish charm, periodic machismo, and vulnerability, we can me playful and .

Emotionally well-rounded men are more desirable and ultimately likely to be emotionally stable, it demonstrates that you are dependable and most likely to be a better long-term partner as opposed to men who are closed up and unwilling to share intimate parts of their lives and use their macho physical presence to hide their true feelings and pain. It’s hard for men to be emotionally vulnerable even though, deep down, they want to be.

I understand that some men are quite uncomfortable with their emotional vulnerability, so as a woman we need to create a safe place for him, if he allows this. Pushing him is likely to backfire on you but being open when he is sharing something personal is the best way forward in resolving a conflict. Don’t judge what he says, don’t pity him, but rather acknowledge what he’s saying and validate his feelings. It’s that simple!

Acceptance of each others weaknesses and flaws is the key ingredient to longevity in love.

It’s a myth to believe that as women we need to always act nice and be graceful. Be modest and stay as thin as a supermodel and as hot a 20-year-old, even though you’re in your 40s. Or feeling so insecure that your consumed with the paranoia of needing to have plastic surgery to improve your body or outer appearance. (If he’s asking you to do these things, its evident that he doesn’t see the real you or love, you for who you are) and your youth is in the past, accept yourself with grace, learning to love your wrinkles and scars is far more liberating than obsessing about insecurity over a youth that’s gone – in the past! Moreover, if your man is telling you that you need to have surgery to return your youthful looks, you need to questions his intention there! It’s highly likely the relationship was built on the ego and not from the heart.

Love is powerful and the bonding between two people who share this can overcome most of life’s trials and tribulations. Love needs an open – vulnerable heart to keep the flow of life moving and receiving.

Being vulnerable means opening the heart to feeling those feelings and allowing them to be exposed. All the good, the bad, the moody and negative, the weepy… everything and knowing your safe to express yourself with your partner. This is a woman’s innate sensitivity that men need to learn to respect as opposed to teasing women for feeling their emotions. We can teach men so much if men just allowed us to show them, and I believe we can.

Women get defensive because of past abuse from men and men become misogynistic because of past pain off women too! Men are abused too, which is one of the main reasons they shut off. Some go on to abuse women because of this, which isn’t mature or respectful, but it happens.

Trust is powerful and once this is broken, it can take a lifetime to regain. Whenever women give our power away to others and take crap from men, it closes our hearts and causes us to pull back. It’s painful to be open with someone and have them take advantage of us.

A good relationship from the heart is an investment and a bad one based in ego, is a bill!

I don’t fear opening my heart up to people around me and becoming completely vulnerable with them. I don’t fear this because I know I won’t get taken advantage of and this is the freedom of being heart centred. And, I know I am safe to express myself with those who know me. I can be as free as I want to and not worry because the second someone tries to play games with me I will put an end to it.

Letting go of the past and learning to own your strength in order to be vulnerable in life is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. Not being who you are on the inside is what causes loneliness, and this loneliness is the same loneliness that most everyone else suffers from, because they were afraid to open their heart.

Everybody hurts, everybody suffers, and everybody feels pain. It takes to two tango, so let your heart be the door that your partner needs to feel the safety of a woman, to express himself, because this is the way to living and loving in a harmonious and balanced manner.

Prejudice is humanities biggest disease, because judging from past wounds, past experiences and past situations causes the future to be one of uncertainty, misgiving, and suspicious. Live for today and forget yesterday, because its gone, you can’t get it back.

Free yourself and let go of the past and the hurts, it can’t harm you anymore. All relationships are here to teach us something about ourselves and about other people, don’t let a bad apple be the reason for holding you back having another one off the tree, your holding yourself back from the best future you can create for yourself.

After all, you have to love a bastard to appreciate a good man, or else how would you know the difference between the two polarities of man! And vice versa for men too. Sometimes the best relationship of your life comes after the worst mistake of your life!

So lets all embrace the truth about Love….. The Heart to Heart kinda Love!

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