How to – Raise Your Vibration.

How to pick up your mood and raise your Vibe!

We all have those low, down days where we feel helpless, despondant and want to curl up in bed and let the world drift by. And its a human feeling to feel low on some days, but if this is a persistant feeling, if feeling low and numb is happening for longer than a few days, and its not related to a bereavement or any other life changing event that inevitably brings sadness and reflection, then a boost to your mood is what you need.

Now, we can’t always expect others to entertain us or lift our mood when we feel flat and down hearted, we need a back up plan, where we can lift ourselves up and get back on track again. The solution – dance and sing to your favourite song!

Music has that powerful quality to hit the heart and soul, in a profound and soulful manner. Sad songs make us cry, and upbeat songs can help get us moving again. So to help lift yourself when your feeling flat and miserable, root out your favourite song, one that you could replay over and over which energises you from the inside out, and play it. You need a song that brings a smile to your face and gets you feeling the happy vibe, something that elevates you from a low vibe into an upbeat energised vibe.


One of mine is by the King himself, George Michael, and his timeless classic, I’m your Man. Whoop, this man was a legend and a genius, many of his songs are timeless classics, good ole George has a tune for every occasion, and mood.

My favourtie tune that ramps up the happy vibes is playing I’m your man, when i’m driving or at home, it never fails to lift up the vibes and get the energy circulating again. For blokes maybe try Whitney, Im every woman or some other classic tune by an alternative artist. The point is, to get your vibe up, you got to work with it.

Don’t worry about any body watching you if you want to dance and jig in the kitchen with the mop, or to the twist and shake while vacuuming the rooms.
Infact, completing mundane and boring tasks while listening to music can often make the task a lot more bareable and easier to tackle.

I even talk back with some of George’s lyrics, (in my special world of craziness) I really let myself get into it.

Get yourself moving from the inside and throw yourself into the moment. Entertain yourself, I do this whenever I need to raise my vibe back up, I love my own company and music gives me the vocal backing (because I sound like a wailing banshee and need a professional vocals cover my own voice,) so get your vibe up and get your happy vibe tuned in, turn up the volume, and sing it out – I promise, you’ll soon discover you like your own company, and you’ll enjoy entertaing yourself.

Don’t be self comscious and feel embarressed like people are watching, (they’re too busy checking their phone to notice you) No-one is judging you, nobody is watching, its just you. So turn it up, howl like a cat if your vocals are that bad, and you’ll never fear being lonely again.

For driving in the car, I’m jigging away in my seat to this tune….😇

Call me good
Call me bad
Call me anything you want to baby
But I know, aha that you’re sad
And I know I’ll make you happy
With the one thing that you never had – oh now you’re talkin!
Baby, I’m your man oh you are you are.(don’t you know that?) I do I do.
Baby, I’m your man
You bet!

Bang the steering wheel, belt out the song and sing as lound as you can, you got to lose yourself in the lyrics and get lost in the tune.

Don’t worry about other drivers looking at you like you’re a weirdo, just keep belting out the tune and singing to the song. Infact, if other drivers look at you you’ll probably be suprised at how much more laughter you’ll generate for yourself just by being caught having a wild at heart moment. (It makes me laugh more at myself when drivers look over at me singing, and most the time, it brings a smile to their face too)

If you’re gonna do it, do it right (right)
Do it with me, okay okay.
If you’re gonna do it, do it right (right)
Do it with me, I will I will.
If you’re gonna do it, do it right (right)
Do it with me, oh yyyeeesss
If you’re gonna do it, do it right (right)
Do it with me, 😎

So good
You’re divine – you know me well baby
Wanna take you, wanna make you
But they tell me it’s a crime! No its not, its not.
Everybody knows where the good people go
But where we’re going baby
Ain’t no such word as no! Oh now youre talking baby.
Baby, I’m your man (don’t you know who I am?) Yeah, you’re my man!
Baby, I’m your man,
You bet!😍

Then you can keep the momentum going. Blow the cobwebs away and let yourself go, singing in the car can be quite

You don’t need alcohol, drugs or pills, or anything else to lift you up, you can do this yourself, you just have to find the right tune and, boom, off you go, when you need a pick me up.

You can always get your badass side to join in, let your shadow have a slice of the action too, switch it up to – edge of heaven.

I talk to myself and let my imagination have a party, this is what goes on inside my car when I drive

Ok George, you’ve convinced me…. I surrender, you are my man, now what you gonna do to me huh!! C’mon the. bad boy, what you got now…..

I would lock you up
But I could not bear to hear you
Screaming to be set free
I would chain you up
If I’d thought you’d swear
The only one that mattered was me, me, me
I would strap you up
But don’t worry baby
You know I wouldn’t hurt you ‘less you wanted me to
It’s too late to stop
Won’t the heavens save me?
My daddy said the devil looks a lot like you

Whoop, now you’re talking… I can picture us now, keep singing to me baby…

You take me to the edge of heaven
Tell me that my soul’s forgiven – you’re forgiven, you’re forgiven.
Hide you baby’s eyes and we can,
You take me to the edge of heaven
One last time might be forever
When the passion dies,
It’s just a matter of time before my heart is
Looking for a home – come to mine baby!
I’m like a maniac, at the end of the day
I’m like a doggie barking at your door
So come take me back to the place you stay
And maybe we can do it once more – we aint stopping at one buddy!
You say I’m dangerous
But don’t worry baby
I get excited at the things that you do
And there’s a place for us in a dirty movie…..

Not sharing any further, its for my mind only….😊

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