3 around 1 – The journey of the soul back to 9

Neurology is the brains hardware, the neurons fire off against each other as they communicate with the body, via the vagus nerve in the stomach. This is how the two, interrelate and communicate to each other. This is the mind, body connection and what we call – The gut instinct.

Imagine the roots of the tree, and these roots are in the stomach, then the trunk goes up the front, through the lungs, heart, throat and then into the brain, where the leaves of the tree exist!

The inner plane of existence is similar to the structure of the tree. What we feed the roots, tends to travel and nourish the leaves!

Ever wondered why we feel the flight or fight sensation in the stomach? The tiny neurological roots endings, that flicker like a butterfly when we fall in love? The dark heavy pit feeling when we feel scared? This is the connection of our intuitive second brain. the stomach is a powerful organ for stimulus, and one that unites the two different levels of what and who we are. Mind and Body!

The main glands of the endocrine system relate to the chemical release of hormones, that corresponds to a biological organ, which secretes the associated chemical, and impacts the health of the individual.

Gland Body part Secretion – hormone Governing Physical location
Pineal Brain Melatonin Body rhythms Cerebrum
Pitutary Brain Somatotropin Growth Hypothalamus
Thyroid Throat Thyroxine Metabolism Cervical plexus
Thymus Heart Lymphocytes Immunity Cardiac plexus
Adrenal Kidneys Epinephrine Cortisol Sacral plexus
Pancreas Stomach Insulin Digestion Solar plexus


Reproductive Testosterone/Oestrogen Development Coccyx

Plato and other philosophy scholars state that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul. In modern science, this tiny gland, is a major organ controlling the biorhythms in the human body.

Eastern medicine uses chi, and the meridian system, which is an energetic connection between the skin and the organs – whereas here in the western world, we have little to no understanding how the energy body, correlates to and interacts with, the physical body.

This tiny organ, connects the brain to the body, through memory, (proprioception) through food (neurology and cranial nerve ten or X) and through the lived experience (perception). The complex nature of the human vehicle and the psychological/spiritual element that is unseen, yet dominant in day to day interactions, all correlate together and work in a synchronised fashion, evolving the life experience of the mind, the soul and the energies integral to the moving world around us. What is outer, is also within.

Duality and polarity drives the psychological field, affecting life development, and perception. All these intricate and amazing aspects that make the human being unique, add to the persona or personality structure of the individual.

Memory is stored somewhere in the ego compartment, and the ego fires up the mind, sending messages back down into the stomach!! vice versa for the stomach, when experiencing a new social situation, sends the fight and flight message back up to the brain!

The brain is a great computer, don’t get me wrong. Great at interpretation of signals, cognizing and recognizing a wide array of sensory signals that come in many waves and rhythms that we can see, can hear, feel, taste or smell.

Everything, absolutely everything vibrates; emitting signals including but not limited to those of our five senses. So how does this affect anxiety and intuition?

The gut instinct and the second brain!

Many people are aware of the solar plexus. Few people know what it is.
The solar plexus is a nerve bundle (plexus) below the sternum, in front of the spine. This nerve bundle is made of the same types of cells as the brain (ganglia). Thus it works in a similar, yet different manner. The solar plexus relays information to and from the brain/spine to the internal organs and from the organs to the spine/brain.

In a state of relaxation, or relaxed readiness, normal back and forth communication occurs in the organ/brain network. We digest and metabolize normally.

In a state of fright/fear, the solar plexus stops the signal to the organs (slowing/stopping digestion) and begins signaling the adrenal glands.

The adrenals produce adrenaline for the use of fleeing or fighting. Sending signals to the lower extremities to kick or run. And often emptying the bladder, speeding up heart datebook etc.

Therefore the soul, operates on emotional stimulus, which connects directly to psychology. Psychology is the emotional world within.


Personality is a combination of biology, temperament, genetic inheritance or disposition, and social learning, a field of opposites is how we discover and learn about who we are and what we are here to learn, to evolve as a species and as humans.

The personality is an integral aspect of being human. We all fall under the spectrum somewhere, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be human! Secondly, we tend to view reality from one side or the other.

Feminine Here is a brief outline of duality in play. A table of opposites.


Personality disorders are designed to understand the change of behaviours to normal human development.

Personality disorders are designed for sociological purposes, where the person who has been labeled, will go on to require further medical treatments.


Neurosis Psychosis
Fearful Fearless
Avoidant Histrionic
Autism Asperger’s
Persona Shadow
Emotional Mental
Love Hate
Compassion Control
Empathy Narcissism
Anxiety Anger
Yin Yang
Victim Perpetrator
Order Chaos
Fearful Fearless

Health and the dependency culture!

The second brain. The nerve endings in the stomach relate to the popular food allergies, gluten, wheat, celiac etc. The food ingested, affects the delicate balance of the endocrine system, creating thyroid disorders, diabetes, gall stones, kidney disease etc. These diseases are impacted from stress also. Abuse it appears is not just physical, we’re eating it and self abusing, its taken from foods, drugs and alcohol, chemicals and toxins in the environment, experiences, beliefs and entitlement – effectively, we’re all self harming! And we only have ourselves to blame!

Organic and non meat diets are the way forward if we are to survive as a species. Meat is a dense product that affects the vagus nerve. thus, affecting mental clarity! This is my personal opinion, it will resonate with you or it won’t!

Ill health impacts – productivity, economy, leisure, self-care, quality of life, community engagement, shelter and security etc.

The field of opposites is practically everything we do in daily life and in living. From relationships to biased opinions. Reality is a game of two halves, one side of the coin is all good things and the other side is what we consider the shadow, or things we view as bad!

Consequently, the things that have a dualistic balance, also affects the personality, which from an emotional standpoint also operates from one side of being emotionally stable, to the opposite side of being emotionally unstable.

We need to balance ourselves and live in harmony with nature! This includes plants, minerals and, with animals!

Our physical body is a house, a temple that needs care. To balance the house we need to take care of three things that make the house function – Mind, (attic – mental) Body (physical) and soul (personality) with our Essene -(Spirit). Thus – 3 around 1

Every individual has their own moral compass, charged by the experiences we go through from the time we are born until we die. What we need to understand is the inherent the true meaning behind ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’, and redirect all misinterpretations in order to restore harmony. To do this, we need to look at Good and Evil in more depth. The idea of goodness and doing ‘Good’ is to act without ego, and to perform selflessly without the motivation of any personal gain. In opposition to this, the idea of evil and doing ‘Bad’ is to act because of ego, and to perform selfishly for personal gain.

The three layers of the human existence is directed by the spirit.

Spirit is invisible, just as emotions are invisible. However, how does this explain the nature and power of the number three!

When we explore dimensions

1D – Light of the soul – BIRTH
2D – We search for light in the womb
3D – We search for the spirit of this light in the human body – The outer womb
4D – We develop the ability to THINK
5D -We develop our emotional vibrations and FEELING
6D – Conscious awareness – WILL and ATTENTION
7D – The Solar connection (Solar Plexus)
8D – The Galactic connection
9D – The Universe within.

The 3 -6 -9 Theory!
Levels 1,2 & 3 is the Physical realm. Mother Earth where we all live!
Levels 4,5 & 6 is the Mind & Astral realm. The world of MIND
Levels 7, 8 & 9 The Heavenly realms. The higher self, the avatar connection

So, we as spirits living in human bodies we exist alongside the animals, plants and mineral kingdoms which are all on level 1,2 & 3.

To reach the Astral Mind level, we must DIE. (SLEEP) Those of us who have Physically Died are trying to tell you this. To die, and then to come back and share the levels of the universe and how to see them! For others it is explained as an ego death!

Level 4 & 5 humanity is reaching this point now. People who have the capacity to think for themselves and are aware of their vibrational energy field have achieved this and can certainly state that they didn’t need to physically die, to find these levels.

Level 6 is where the masters rule. And its this level where many on the planet are stuck. Some would say achieving celebrity status is level six – this would mean they are fully independent from any ruling power over them.

Level 7 as texts always say, is seventh heaven, where you finally escape the six lower regions and become a co-creator, with the universe or God. Whichever resonates with you. To access level 7 is to conquer the Astral realms, this is what and why we are born. This is the purpose and meaning of life.

To find yourself you have to go inside.

Therefore, the 7th level is the connection to our solar plexus. Once you open your inner chakra body, which is your connection to your higher self. You can then start to build your own planet and universe, the key to the truth, lies inside.
3 + 3 + 3 is 9

3 is the physical, 6 is the mind and body working together and 9 is evolving past the two lower and higher and achieving a connection, with the Avatar within. Your Godself. You Avatar. Your Universe!

So, in view of the texts that state the 666 is the number of the beast? Well 6 is being ruled by others on level 6. Therefore, without the ability to think for yourself, or without the capacity to FEEL, you become trapped in the psychological game of life, obedient to the levels you get stuck with.

All these levels are activated and accessed simultaneously, so work on one level can help to override another level.

Such as, those still struggling to overcome their emotions, or are manipulated from emotional manipulators, will struggle to pass through the 6th level of conscious awareness.

We create our own Heaven and Hell when we take RESPONSIBILITY and SELF CONTROL












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  1. Wow just if I could upvote it a 100 times I would’ve done so. I will read it a lot of times. You write so well, so simple and yet so important. Cheers.


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