The Mirror – How to know yourself

Our gender isn’t limited to the sex we are born with and the gender we present to the world. Which is either male or female, whichever identity we choose. Gender is dual in narure, just as anima and animus are two opposing genders, and we have both genders integral to each individual. What we express or seek in the other, the mirror of the opposite sex is what we are, from our own inner opposite gender choice.

Our other, or the mirror of ourselves that we seek in the other, presents us with our own inner emotional world in physical form – feelings, emotions and a swirl of sensations that are created inside, when two opposing forces unite.

Divided we stand, United we fall, or United we stand and Divided we fall – in love and in war!

Your mirror, your lesson! Its personal to you

Psychological Work is emotional work.

Emotion is nothing more than a reaction to a contradiction to a rigid intellectual opinion. A reaction to an egoic mindset of wanting things to run the way we want as opposed to seeing and understanding the lesson in the conflict. Rigid intellectual opinions are nothing more than programming from early conditioning. Socially, from family and most of all psychologically. Our own work on ourselves involves addressing psychological attitudes, opinions, and programming. Because the are the very things that trap a person within those  conditions. If you want to change your condition — you have to change your psychology.

If you dislike the mirror of your obsession or objection, you need to change your psychology within, (inside – thoughts and feelings) to attract the opposite (physical) without.

Without a doubt, emotional abuse is becoming one of the most damaging evils of this time. Men abuse women and they outscore this by 4-1. It’s also happening to men being abused by women, but figures are lower, so I’m not being biased towards women here, I’m just replaying facts! Emotions are the vibration of water, and we are made of 80% water. Women are innately more emotional!!

Learnt to control your emotions and you will have full control over who can and who cannot abuse your emotions! Stop caring for the abuser who takes great pleasure in watching you go crazy, trying to prove you love them – They don’t love themselves, so how can they love you!!!

Secondly, narcissism is a reflection –  a mirror of the other. And as opposites attract, the Narcissist needs YOU to FEEL what they cannot FEEL FOR THEMSELF. Just as you want to love and nurture the narcissist, the lesson – he/she is teaching you to LOVE YOURSELF.

We’re all playing the same game, just different levels, with different devils.

Its all an inside job!

You have to develop a psychological stance that empowers you, rather than one that disempowers you. Uncovering childhood and subconscious wounds reveals false beliefs and patterns that you now, as an adult, have the capacity to change. 

You have to FACE your own NARCISSISM too!

E.g, How dare you speak to me like that! I beg your pardon, who do you think you’re speaking to, I AM your SUPERIOR! Father, Mother etc…

Life is about BALANCE –  a balance of the two opposites – narcissism and empathy! Upper and Lower chakra’s!

Shadow/Subconscious Work
The human shadow is nothing more than inner negativity resulting from a lifetime of conscious and subconscious programming. We engage the inner negativity of the subconscious human mind — because processing the human shadow is the fastest way to make progress. The bitchy tongue, the gossiping, waspish cutting remark, rumours begin from envy off the bitter or jealous person, that’s THEIR shadow behaviour revealing itself. Another way you may want to see your shadow, tell your friends to retell your behaviour to you, when your drunk – drunk words are sober thoughts!

Many a true word is said in jest – Listen to how someone uses humour!

As this behaviour reveals all your darker, hidden inhibited persona! The inhibited reveals the truth of what you repress when in you’re in control. Lose control and your shadow will step forward – to take over.

Dreams and nightmares offer you such a powerful tool to look inside the real world of your emotions, fears and traps that lay ahead in the waking/physical world!

Life is a reflection of your inner feelings. Negative inner feelings generate negative outer conditions. Inner darkness eventually manifests into the physical body as disease. Transform negative inner attitudes — transform negative inner ways of thinking — and you transform your life.

Shadow Personality – unconsciousness

Believe it or not, but the narcissist, the cold hearted romantic relationship or even psychopathic, or any other negative person – is your greatest ally. As the encounter you have with them will force you to uncover the hidden well of strength and knowledge you have within yourself. What repulsed you is repulsive in yourself, and the narcissist is the teacher, who teaches you that you DON’T LOVE YOURSELF! (read between the lines)

It’s all about the mirrors!

Philosophical Work
Healing is a process of transformation that brings you into a deeper understanding of your existence and reality. Healing is a process of changing the behavioral patterns of your actions, attitudes, inner feelings, and inner ways of thinking.

Behaviour determines reality and Philosophy guides behaviour. To have good Health is to have a liberating philosophy that works — an understanding of the relation between all things.

Real Understanding can heal just about anything.

Then there is Energy Work — Etheric Healing

The human energy field is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and fractal codes — a system of flowing geometries of light and information. Some call this the aura, others can see the energy.

The human etheric life force is a circuit of energy. The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your etheric life force — your energy. The quality of your energy comes down to the symmetry of your codes, the vibrancy of your light, and the quality of your own vibrational speed. Energy work and etheric healing techniques involve clearing etheric blocks and binds, enhancing one’s vibrancy, and speeding up the vibrational rate of a person’s energy.

Energy is the power of your life force, your physical body is the vehicle or house and engine. Keep the oil clean, fuel tank full with the battery fully charged and the vehicle in what you exist will thrive along to life’s bumps and trials as easily and smoothly as you desire.

It all begins and end, inside!

Baby – its all in your mind!’

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