Imagine there was no pain
Imagine there was no enemy
Imagine there was no war.
Imagine there was no suffering
Imagine there was no worry
Imagine there was no punishment
Imagine there was no money
Imagine there was no hell
Imagine there was no heaven
Imagine there was no conflict
Imagine there was no loud quakes

Imagine we had only the green earth to nourish us
Imagine dancing in the rain
Imagine the sun rays giving us a wink and smile
Imagine the stars were the lights to light the way
Imagine the sky touching the mountain peak
Imagine the ocean bed as the base of our where we can walk with our feet.
Imagine the world šŸŒŽ in humanity lifting us into a warm embrace
Imagine the clouds were the patterns that we could make pictures without use of chalk or ink
Imagine the leaves šŸƒ were the food that we could all eat
Imagine the waterfall that’s streams over the body, kissing our skin with soft tenderness
Imagine the geyser bursting forth as we wake.
Imagine the heat of fires šŸ”„ in the forest šŸŒ³ of our village. Warming the food šŸ„˜ we wish to eat!
Imagine love ā¤ļø was free and given to each person we would greet.

Imagine freedom beyond all that we believe and seek.

Imagine a world of happy šŸ˜Š people
Imagine the freedom of what we could be
One love ā¤ļø one song and one world sharing the joys of summer winter and spring.
Imagine the world



Peace āœŒļø

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