Doing Being & Becoming

Depression can affect any of us, and it affects us at the worse times…. Knocking you down, making you feel like life just isn’t worth the battle… Don’t give up, get back up! Because it is worth it.

You’re worth it. You have to build up your resilience tank, put the fuel back in your stride…. Bounce back.

Mental illness affects a majority, they just don’t talk about it. We’ve all had those days where we feel it all hopeless and worthless. Like what we do isn’t good enough! Mental illness is stigmatised, defamed, SHAMED!! And it shouldn’t be shamed, it happens to the best of us!

Suicide is a pandemic sweeping across the nation, I’ve seen this first hand, I know its hard, feeling lost in a world full of happy people, wrapped in their own bubble.  They’re living their life and you feel like you’re suffering in yours. The truth is, YOU have the power to HELP YOU!

YOU have to help YOU TOO.

Mental strength is when you can find fuel to fill up an empty tank. Build your strength up with the bricks that keep getting thrown at you. Stop saying I cant and change your words. Say I CAN… I WILL


You got to keep fighting, you got to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving… keep going. No great athlete wins a race by giving up halfway through the training. You’re no the only person who feels defeated, despondent, depressed!

Depression can really pull you down into a pit pf despair and when this snake bites at your heels. When you feel so weary, and down and low, so low that you can see the floor of hell, that’s when you get back up and start fighting back.

Keep breathing, keep smiling, keep going….. you have to get back up and keep going. Falling down is an accident, staying down, is the choice. Don’t let defeat beat you. Happiness isn’t something given, you have to find it in yourself. You have to learn to fill up your own cup of happiness and joy. It cannot be bought with money, its an inside job. Let your haters hate, give them something to hate you for – get happy again.

You get to make that choice, do you want to stay down or do you want to rise again. Keep putting one foot in front on another, then the following day add another challenge, clean your room, make a nice meal for yourself…. This is self-care…. This is where self-care begins, with you. Call the friend, find a hobby, listen to you favourite track. Pick yourself back up again.

Do it…Do it….. Do it…

Find your favourite song and play it until you start smiling. Take a walk in the park and admire the trees, the colours, ‘get out of your head’….. get out of the dark, only you can do this, and YOU CAN..

You have to help yourself….. Nobody can do this for you… find someone who can hold your hand, but the rest of the way, is up to you. Find the warrior that lives inside, you’re a survivor now you got to start thriving.

Life’s a bitch, I know, but don’t let it stop you… you gotta take it with both hands and grab it, you have to show life that YOU CAN do it. You can make it through the storm. HOPE is the acronym… Hold on Pain Ends.

I always say that there is always someone else going through something far worse than me, and this always changes my focus.

When you’re travelling down a dark path, when you’re feeling lost, afraid… alone…. wandering and roaming looking for something…. Someone…… Somewhere…. Stop looking out and look in…. Look in the mirror and look for yourself. Make that change you need to make. Change your attitude, change your mind, change your life!


Find your hobby, a leisure activity, something that can take you out of your head. Make a goal, set a task and focus on it.

Do it to be it!

The man in the mirror is the most important man in the world. Face him, acknowledge the man you see, look him in the eye….. and RISE up again… That’s how you become what you want to become!

Doing is being and being is becoming. Everything starts with something, so give your day something and do, so that you can become!

Keep going…

YOU got this….

10 thoughts on “Doing Being & Becoming

    1. Hi Deb, yes, it all starts with the small stuff. We are too hard on ourselves and setting up mountains as a goal. Just keep doing the small stuff. The big stuff will come later. Much love to you too ❤️

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  1. Wonderful. I loved it.
    I got hugely motivated to say more things about it.
    Swami Vivekananda once said these words “Arise, awake, and stop not until you reach the goal”.
    We need to put all our efforts in doing the work. Actually we cannot keep away from doing work as sitting idle is also a work. So it is very important to decide what work we must do. That is we need to set the goal and then once we know what we are about to do we must dedicate our entire enthusiasm and efforts to accomplish it.
    Paul Erdos (a mathematician) said these words “There is enough time to rest in the grave”.
    Also most importantly we must work without actually thinking of the fruits of action (then there will be thoughts of failure that creates the illusion of tediousness and we get demotivated).
    We must actually be ready for the best and prepared for the worst (although if a person’s dedication is pure then he / she won’t be able to distinguish between best parts and worst parts of his journey in doing the work ).
    And one must always dream of working big and not necessarily achieving big.
    And lastly we must never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.
    So put all your efforts and just nail it


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