The Hero – The Shaman’s Journey behind the veil

Thought energy can create a temporary ‘Astral body’ so that is can be projected onto the Astral Plane. This is not a dream world, but ‘a realm of nature within our solar system,’ a place ‘as real as our bodies, furniture, and houses’ and visited exactly as a foreign country might be visited.

In relation to the concept that the white light is the delivery room? From an astral perspective, we are made from the astral world, we come at birth, and there we shall return at death. Someone asked me why we should try to connect with the astral world now. Because that’s where you will realize the freedom of your true nature. You were there as a soul cloaked in an astral form to start with; and because you are not there now and have lost that memory, which is why all your misery persists.

The ability to consciously move beyond the physical body is the particular speciality of the traditional shaman. These journeys of Soul may take the shaman into the nether realms, higher levels of existence or to parallel physical worlds or other regions of this world. Bi-locating, Remote viewing, paranormal travel etc.

Shamanic Flight, is in most instances, an experience not of an inner imaginary landscape, but is beyond the limitations of the physical body. While most shamans in traditional societies are men, either women or men can become shamans.

Traditional shamans developed techniques for lucid dreaming and what is today called the ‘out-of-the-body experience’. A hero’s journey – of sacrificing, facing challenges, overcoming tests, and working in synch with the divine to triumph over suffering.

The invisible and visible worlds are always connected to each other, and you can travel between them once you’ve opened your eyes to the portal: your primeval consciousness.

By entering that other world, we learn the causes and healing of all suffering and diseases. We discover the secret of our existence—what happens after death, and where we were before birth, and how to live in the material world without losing our divine connection.


Your beliefs and assumptions about how the world works determines your personal mythology, which is buried in your unconscious mind

  • Have you noticed how you never have a physical body in your dreams?
  • How you never bump into tables or chairs, how you are simply pure awareness?
  • How you can walk through walls, bi-locate at instant speed
  • Even if you are falling or flying, there is no-body falling, only a sense of falling or flight.

This is how you are in the invisible world, which is a selfless expanse, infinite and blissful. It is only in the visible world that we bump into tables, fall off cliffs or encounter suffering and disease.

The problem is TIME. Time belongs to the visible world and timelessness belongs to the invisible realm. Yet in reality, we always reside in timelessness, dropping in to the visible world of time and physical matter in the course of our many incarnations, in our journey toward omniscience.

Paradoxically, we can only make progress in our journey to omniscience during our lifetimes in the visible world. Therefore the purpose of incarnating on this plane, is to facilitate this journey, ‘to remember’ who we are and how we can evolve. The visible and invisible always remain in balance – the dance of opposites between life and death, form and formlessness, time and infinity.

In this time and age of Aquarius, the timelines are splitting and merging simultaneously. What we think is real, (the truth of someone’s word,) is an illusion and what we think is an illusion, (the lie behind the action,) is real. The fifth dimension calls us forward and there are more than this in the etheric, elemental and parallel universes, all easily accessible for our exploration and adventures!

The invisible world of energy where everything is intertwined, an entangled Universe where every thought you have impacts every molecule in the cosmos, including every cell in your body. After you’ve experienced it, you cease to identify exclusively with your body and your roles in the visible, physical world.

You understand your immortality. Your infinite and timeless nature. The merge with oneness, with the creator.


The Heroes Journey of the Shaman

One of the key features of a shaman is the fact that you are twice born, you’ve had a near death experience and can remember the other side, or have experienced an awakening, part of the ascension process.

You are re-born into a new life, one in which you recognize your (Christ-like, Buddha-like,) ‘eternal nature’. You meet your infinite self. You’ll  understand what is invisible to you now – and how it can benefit you in your life journey. Along the journey, there is life after life, death is simply a brief change in status from a visible to an invisible existence.

The Shaman’s journey follows a particular path, where you bring forward new knowledge and healing modalities. The Shaman is the medicine person, the one who learns how to can fix things in the invisible world before they are broken in the visible one. Shaman’s learn that you can create health, manifest beauty, and alleviate suffering from the source of all, in the invisible world.

Colloidal gold is one of the medicines that I have observed some of the shamans practicing in todays era. Ormus is another, both stimulants enhance and elevate the spiritual experience of the individual, connecting you ever closer to the infinite, bridging the gap between science and spirituality – Uniting MIND with MATTER.

What is Ormus or Colloidal gold?

NB: Colloidal Gold – Colloidal suspension of nanoparticles of gold in a fluid, usually water. The colloid is usually either an intense red colour or blue/purple. Due to their optical, electronic, and molecular-recognition properties, gold nanoparticles are the subject of substantial research, with many potential or promised applications in a wide variety of areas, including electron microscopy, electronics, nanotechnology, and materials science.

Ormus: – Ormus is a superconductor. These elements resonate with the primal energy, the zero point from which all life originates and which is a quantum potential of possibilities. Ormus is one with this endless source of energy, which can be found in the air, the soil, plants, stones and the sea.

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