Karma, Chaos & Re-incarnation

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, these are the laws of this of reality and this applies to karma and reincarnation. In-between the crazy experiences, the heart break and the heart ache, lies the chaos of life’s trials and tribulations.

Karma and reincarnation are inseparable, reincarnation is the consequence of karma.

Karma gives us a great lesson, sometimes the lesson is painful, and we suffer. However, each lesson is perfectly tailored to our growth and needs, and we are never presented with any test we cannot pass! We have to pass our Karma to evolve, after all, we at one point created the Karma to begin with!

Karma gives us experience, and through the experience we are given the opportunity to learn to live in harmony with the eternal laws, which are God, as the ‘law of karma is god’. As we learn and resolve, we advance, in self, soul and mind, coming ever closer to ever higher spiritual states of consciousness and enjoying ever greater spiritual freedom.

The darker, unconscious aspects of our nature, the shadow side we all have, is so evident in society today, we all must exhume our own karma and accept the lesson with gratitude.

Nations are exacting revenge against nations and this is all karma from a time in the past. The problems which plague our world at present, the wars, the famine, violence of all types, crime, ignorance, disease, and so on are not unsolvable. These are problems WE have created, and WE can solve them. Our own ignorance of our pasts misdeeds will be our downfall if we fail to acknowledge the lesson that has been taught. And karma works with our thoughts and actions, as well as our past deeds and previous lifetimes of poor judgements, delivering equal and opposite reactions. We cannot escape our karma, we have to learn the lessons.

The world will always turn and the story is never ending, until karma is resolved, only then ‘do we evolve!’

Everybody we meet is a soulmate of some kind, some will teach us a painful lesson, some will give us a great blessing, and others are merely players in the stage on this great  planet we all exist upon. This is the nature and gift to living here at this great time in history.

This age of cleansing, upheaval, chaos and CHANGE!

We mistake karma as retribution that falls on the other person we were battling with. We fail to understand the re-incarnation rule and react from an egoic and often, offended perspective. Yet love is the battlefield. Love is experience, love is pain, love is compassion, love is….. Love is to resolve karma, relationships offer us the greatest opportunity to resolve and clear past karma. The soul mate that plays the part of villain in our lives, was once a friend in a time of the past and the lesson or pain that is taught, was once a lesson or painful experience that you gave to them.

Be grateful to the soul who gave you the most pain, because that soul took on the hard role of being the villain in your life! The game of duality is for our own good, there is no evil and there is no good with Karma, and karma rules the game of life. To revenge for karma we only revenge against ourselves. We are at the mercy of our own psyche, not each other. When we can learn to truly understand our own darkness, we can then understand the darkness of another!

Karma is what we think, and our actions, whether these thoughts are negative in nature or have a cruel and derogative implication to them, they inevitably come back to us on the swing of the pendulum, until we learn. Some must learn the hard way, and others have an easy lesson.

Whatever thoughts and actions we sow – we reap, individually and collectively – the karmic repercussion is re-incarnation.

Every second of our lives is pre-determined and we determine our own future. If we have done wrong, which we all have, then by doing right now, we can burn up the negative karma created by our wrong-doing and create positive karma in its place.

A spiritually advanced person may consciously or unconsciously choose to go through terrible suffering to burn up their negative karma from the past as quickly as possible. People often mistake that karma will only affect them in this lifetime, which is wrong, a murderer will have the opportunity to murder in this life or the next, (this doesn’t make the transgression right, which is why we must ‘clean up humanity’) and forgiveness is the passage that enables one to overcome their karma. Gratitude plays an important role also.

According to the law of karma the more good we do, the more opportunity we will be given to do good – greater good – in the future, whether it be in this life or a future life. All this karma, whether accumulated in good or bad deeds, follow us into the next re-incarnation cycle.

A world of debauchery, abuse and perversion creates more karmic consequences, those who harm are unaware that they too will be the victim and will have to experience the same deed where they have tormented, violated and terrorised. Now that doesn’t look like a nice future does it?

Some would argue that its wrong for people to rape and murder and the victim deserved their karma, in karma law – this would be accurate, but this doesn’t mean we should stand by and allow it to continue. Attitudes like this will only push humanity further into the pit of extinction. Again, we are responsible for cleaning up past misdeeds and misdirection.  We have to break this cycle of destruction.

Just because someone is born into wealth, doesn’t mean they should hoard that wealth, sharing this wealth with others who need help is one way to accumulate good karma and brings them ever closer on the path of evolution and higher consciousness.

We must be more compassionate to those less fortunate than ourselves if we are to ever evolve out of the damage that our humanity has caused, that we have caused. As the law of Karma proves, at one time in the past and sometime in the future, we too, may be the orphan, the homeless person, the disabled, the abuser, the victim, abandonment or betrayal, that’s how karma plays the game!

Kindness cancels karma, and kindness costs nothing, in a world of prejudice and judgement which causes more misery and pain. Be kind, because at some point in your past and at some point in your future – you may need that same kindness and compassion too!

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