Kundalini, raising the ‘Avatar’

Kundalini and the blocks of over activity.

The chakras of the body are directly connected to the internal energy system and the kundalini awakening. In the body we have seven stages or endocrine organs that connect the inner body to the outer body, the imagination to the higher realms. The heart connection to source or god, oneness that is our divine creator and also our connection, to each other.

What is kundalini?

It’s energy. It’s a different representation to different people, depending on percetion and description. When you see a young baby, absorbed and staring intently, in total awe looking at you, and they smile, then they start to shake their hands and legs, kicking in excitement – this is kundalini energy. An exciting  entheausiastic, energy that animates and invigorates. This energy is the sexual energy we are all born with, when used correctly. Often the sexual energy is mistaken as the chemical reaction – the primal desires that ignites the internal, endocrine body. However, a new born baby doesn’t have the same chemicals flooding their brain in the same way that an adolescent does!

Kundalini is the life force, where two opposing energies (Shiva and Shakti) dance together. Excitation and elevation, a force of ecstasy and an invigorating boundless energy, that takes hold inside.

During childhood development, this energy is diluted and muted, where the psychological process directs the child to focus their energy outwards, towards a mate or the opposite sex. Yet prior to any understanding about their internal energy drive, young children never have any urge to pro-create or mate with another when their kundalini is alive and in motion. They get excited and animated at the world around them, focused on play and learning.

There are two channels for Kundalini to travel, at the front or up the spine!

After or around puberty, the endocrine system is flooded with a second dose of chemicals, (the first download is during 6-9 years) connected to mating and the sexual drive takes a dominant role in development, muting or diluting the kundalini fire that hides deep down in the pelvic bowl, coiled within.

Today, we can observe how, kundalini rises up the front of the body, which results in emotionalism, among other things. Whereas a very advanced yogi (practitioner of yoga) is able to raise kundalini in its entirety up the spine through each chakra in turn. A yogi capable of such a feat will develop tremendous psychic abilities which have to be controlled – either by being used in service to others, or by being rejected.

We can re-open, or reactivate this powerful energy – and the energy can ascend us into celestial heights, or it can descend down into sexual perversions! When this power is activated correctly, the initiate achieves an immortal passage, from this earthly world through to other dimensions and worlds, even the imagination is unable to grasp and comprehend. So again, if your intention is pure, the only way is up!

On the cosmic scale, the astral body of a human being is an atom of substance in the astral body of the planetary Logos. Forces and energies flow through the astral body of our planet and manifest in us in a myriad of ways, such as through our expressions of fear, depression or hilarity, desire for satisfaction of physical appetites, happiness, aggression, liberation, and aspiration.

These forces affect every moment of man’s existence until he achieves full liberation from them by learning to live his life by the four Noble Truths of Buddha.

Shiva, Universe, god and other deity concepts all originate from this same source. The black hole, dark matter, the universe of all this is…  Everything….. The source of creation, and the womb of life.

Kundalini is the energy body, which awakens through actively clearing and cleaning out past wounds and hurts. I’ve noticed on some forums, the kundalini is often demonised and feared. Again, the kundalini has two channels, and emotionalism will not give the desired effect. This can and will only occur if the heart is impure and the lower chakra’s are tied to the lower ego with selfish pursuits. Just as we all have the two polarities within each of us, we cannot feed the two polarities when kundalini awakens.

Just as the ego cannot serve two masters – Its one or the other!

The lower chakra’s attach to earthly, worldly desires and selfish needs and the upper chakra’s attach to higher emotions of a more divine and powerful connection. So basically, if your driven to lust, power over others and an insatiable greed, you’ll open a more lower astral based channel and if you’re focused on worldly service to others, you’ll open to the god self – you’re ‘avatar’.

God is heard in the sound of silence, and god is felt in the seed of the heart!

Chakra’s open in different times for different people, there is no one size fits all, and overactive or underactive chakra’s, can have a damaging effect on the inner body.

Chakra’s that are over active can impede progress – here are some examples

Anxiety originates in the root chakra, giving us the jitters or increased levels of anxiety. Because this chakra is primarily associated with survival instincts, the increase in anxiety is an overwhelming fear and the need to survive. The root chakra is our base connection to this earthly plane, on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this is the base level, security, stability, shelter.

The second lower chakra is the Sacral Chakra, and this chakra is at the root of addictions. Where greed and lust can overpower our inner desires and drives, problems with self-indulgence such as overeating or drinking. Overactivity during kundalini awakening causes the sacral chakra to make us obsessed with the primal pleasures in life. This chakra is the leading cause of our addictions!

Then the third level of the lower spectrum is the Solar Plexus Chakra – the seat of the EGO. Over identification to our own needs over the needs of others and can make us greedy and unsympathetic. During kundalini awakening if the solar plexus chakra is overactive, we become selfish, narcissistic and ego driven. Consumed in our own self righteousness.

At the centre there is the Heart Chakra – the balancing of the two upper and lower, this is where we struggle with the concepts of duality, polarity and the law of opposites. When this is over active and out of balance, over indulgence to self-sacrifice in the pursuit of love, we give things up that we shouldn’t, we mistake the truth about self love and sacrifice and allow or accept things that are of no benefit to us or our destiny. An obsessional need to be consumed by our need to love and be loved.

The first level of the upper chakra is the Throat Chakra and here we can have difficulty communicating. If we talk too much and listen too little, rambling and babbling and while not really communicating what we intend to say or speak. Overactivity causes bad conversation and poor listening. We listen to reply as opposed to listening to actively to respond, or even to just listen.

The single eye – the third Eye Chakra is the root of our higher intuitive senses. Overactivity causes can range from tinnitus and ear ringing, but also blurred vision, light sensitivity, auditory hallucinations and all sorts of other sensory overloads.

At the top of the upper level is the Crown Chakra. We do not suffer from the overactivity, In fact, kundalini awakening only allows us to access the spirituality inherent in the crown chakra when properly opened.

So those whom claim the chakra’s are demonic in nature have opened the kundalini to access the lower astral realm, whereas those who share that they experience oneness, and the connection to the divine creator, have opened with their higher spiritual self in the driving seat.

One is led by the ego, taking the individual down into the lower astral realm and the other is the higher, lifting the individual up, into the higher astral realm! (see The Magic of FIVE! ) The pendulum will swing either way, depending on your commitment and psychological intention!

Each chakra ascends through different stages, the lower three bind us in the earthly, physical world and the upper chakra binds us to the higher realm, the connection we have with our higher, god self.

Uniting the two chakra levels and purging out all past traumas, pain, conflicts is the path to spiritual enlightenment, allowing access to dimensions and worlds few people can comprehend.

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