The Mirror’s in Astral world!

The Lower Astral Plane is filled with the emotions of fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, and pain. These negative emotions lower the vibration of this plane and diminish its light. Vision here is like looking through an infrared camera where the only colours are black, grey, and dirty red.

The Lower Astral Plane is not imaginary. It does have an objective existence. It is not evil of itself but instead resonates and reflects the evil within those who visit it. If we were to calm our fear with love, we would take on a higher frequency astral body.

Unfortunately, in the third and fourth dimension there are those who would hurt others, no matter what the cost to themselves. They do so because they live in fear and feel separated from love. When your consciousness has expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, you know that love and fear are merged into the spectrum of EMOTION; just as good and bad are merged into the spectrum of BEHAVIOR. This knowledge allows you to rise above your own fear, for you understand that the ‘harm’ of the lower vibrations cannot touch you while you resonate to the higher vibrations.

During astral projection, the soul is separated from the physical body. The astral is the subtle body that hovers over and observes the environment. It can even cross time and space barriers to wherever intuition lies.

Those who practice astral projection are extremely aware of this separation from the physical form and the moment when the soul reunites with the physical body.

People can and do experience this ,during an illness or near-death experience.

I was talking to a youth today, he shared some astral experiences he had been having in the dream world, and the mirrors that this world presented to him.

He said; I don’t know how I got to the corridor, but as I walked down, there were two doors that swung open. And when I went through the doors, there was this woman, in white, wearing a long white gown. I asked her where was I and she said, ‘you’re in the astral world,’ and then I asked her what was this place. She said to me, ‘You have a cord, that is attached to you, when you die, the cord is gone and you come here, and I can kill you a second time!’ Horrified, he said he ran away quickly and then remembers waking in his bed.

So, I asked if he had recurring dreams like this and he said yes. He said he saw more women in white, and they weren’t friendly, although they appear to be at first. He said one of them told him that they possess the bodies of people who come here!

He also shared that when he goes into a dream, there is this mirror, and he is looking at himself in the mirror. He said, the mirror is the passage through to the other world.
At this point in the conversation, a light bulb lit up in my memory, and I clarified his experience by sharing one that I had.


I first went into unisex toilets; the floor was chequered board black and white and the toilets had a short wall separating each toilet. (it’s a bit like harry potter and the toilet that they stand in to travel) then instantly I was transported, and I was walking down a corridor, (we shared details that matched) and I said there were rooms on each side of the corridor. I looked through one of the rooms and there was a military man, in uniform, kneeling and praying at the end of his bed, he saw me from the corner of his eye and then went to hide a small brown bullet, underneath his knee? Then I walked on further and I too walked through double doors. What I saw were men who were in the foetal position, being rocked on the table by three women around them. There were several of these tables, with lots of naked men, all of them seemed deadened and they too looked like they were praying, as they were rocked back and forth! The women stood around the table, to the left, the right and aside the man. When I asked what they were doing she said, ‘we rock them for three days,’ then I asked why they come here if their just being rocked for three days straight like that, she said after three days, they lose their mind. I looked to the left and saw a pile of heads, which were severed. I was shocked and asked why they did this, a woman in white told me they come here of their own accord. They are not lured in any sense, they walk in and ask for this?

I was totally baffled and ran off to warn the military man, only, he was no longer in his room, he was gone?

I couldn’t make any sense out of the place I visited, I remember waking up thinking, ‘oh maybe the dream meant ‘get out of your head?’ So, when the young man shared his dream, it started to make a bit more sense. Could it be the memory being wiped, or could it mean something else? The praying part was most potent for me to remember? Were they praying for redemption for their sins?

The young man went on to say that one of his dreams was with the mirror and that he saw a projector screen. He went on to say that ‘its like there is a projector in my head, and he’s sitting at the back, watching what’s going on.’


Another young person I spoke with the other day had a similar experience, only his was darker. He was 12 years old and attempted to hang himself, due to many complications occurring in his life at the time. He said he has this recurring dream where he is looking into a mirror, the mirror smashes and then there is this other person, who he explains was a part of him, but not him and the mirror repairs itself again. He went on to say that he believes the other person is the other side of himself, but the paradox of the mirror, is that the other person is himself. He called it his other personality!

Some of the other young people who are traumatised by voices and nightmares share the same experiences, only theirs are far more darker. They share that the voices, the shadows and the people that haunt them are very real, and they can see them in waking life. They said that the shadow people tell them to kill themselves or to harm other people. And the consequence for not abiding by their commands, will be to get beaten, called names or screamed at by these phantom apparitions!

The mirror’s of the astral/emotional world are reflected in the physical mental world and waking life! Only this room what I saw , where men are losing their head, or are they seeking redemption from god for past life transgressions?

The inner worlds of the fourth dimension are as vast and limitless as our imagination. However, the fourth dimension is NOT just our imagination, it is very real. Within us is the latent power to perceive, respond to and travel through this dimension. We all have astral bodies upon each of the fourth dimensional sub-planes in which we travel. That means that, whether we are aware of it or not, we all have an etheric body, an astral/emotional body, a mental body, a causal/spiritual body, which is our I AM Presence.

Intuitive = (etheric). Emotional = (astral) Physical = (mental) Spiritual = (casual/energy).

The entire Astral/Emotional Plane from the Lower Astral Plane to the base of the Mental Plane acts like a mirror for our emotions. In these fourth dimensional realities, feelings from the third dimensional world are amplified. They then reverberate back to the physical world in an ever-expanding arc like a wave buffeting back and forth between two walls. However, if we can travel into the Astral Plane and calm this storm, our third dimensional emotions will also lessen.

This astral plane of existence has been sought after, researched, and argued about by philosophers and religious people from time immemorial. Until now, it has remained elusive and has evaded discovery to all but the most diligent.

The individual who looks within instead of without, who looks to correct his own imperfections, and who treats others as he wishes to be treated will have the door of discovery swing wide open for him.

In the astral plane, we can meet those we love, or that which we fear. If we have no fear, we won’t meet fear. It’s as simple as that. So, we can save ourselves trouble by putting nonsense like that out of our mind. Remember there is nothing that can harm us while we are out of our bodies.

It is called the inner world, and it can be used to give us the knowledge we need to find out more about ourselves, our purpose on Earth, and, our relationship with God!

4 thoughts on “The Mirror’s in Astral world!

  1. We all have darkness within us others run from it but you should embrace it ….

    Every experience through blood, sweat agony has gotten you to where you are the only one that can cause you own destruction is …YOU . There always going to be storms that are waging that want to beat you down . Many of you blame others when the storms unleash their violent rage , many of you cause your own storms take accountability for your own transgression .

    The murderer survives the victim only to learn . That it was himself he was trying to get rid of . Thorton Wilder


    1. That’s so true, everybody seems to point for blame when there is none. Taking responsibility and accountability is so true too. There is gold in the shadow, which is mostly referred to as light. You realise it was yourself all along!
      So Ironic you posted this, I’m just finishing a video on the shadow!
      Behind every saint there’s a sinner and behind every sinner there’s a saint. Ain’t nobody perfect here in this imperfect world.
      Thank you for commenting xx


      1. Yh, there’s so much grey these days, you can’t see the wood for trees!
        It’s the ones getting away with injustice that rouses the righteousness in me!


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