Tinnitus and Kundalini awakening

Sounds can be associated with the movement of kundalini energy. These sounds are acknowledged in many religious traditions. One interpretation of the Book of Revelation implies that the seven “churches” are the seven chakras. The sound at the opening of these chakras was a trumpet sound. Hindu mystics call these sounds the “nada” and Chinese mystics call them the “hu” sound.

For me it’s called tinnitus. And it’s a constant humming sound, the same sound you hear when walking in the woods and the wind blows through the trees. A high frequency sound that hums like a bee all day. It’s like loudspeakers in my brain 24/7, at times it’s literally roaring this sound. It’s the same sound that many of the meditators have are told to listen for when meditating, for me, it’s constant and consistent, without the need to meditate! It’s just there always.

This sound is roaring in my head, day and night when working, talking, listening to music for distraction. Ive hear s others refer ron it like nectar, because it doesn’t come through the ears. It’s inside the brain and above the brain.

I’ve heard some people consider the ear ringing to be a kind of universal OM, like the ringing vibration of a tibetan singing bowl or crystal toning bell. I find it to be very relaxing at times, especially walking and listening to the wind in the trees.

In some very intense, meditations I have heard the angelic chorus, and harps playing, like angels singing hymns to the glory of creation. I cannot understand the words, but it is lovely beyond description. it’s just nectar. It’s something that you literally want to go within the sound and just let it exclude everything out of your life.

Then the dreams begin, the revelations begin, and then the visions begin. And this is going to sound a little farfetched to some of you, but there are light beings that come to teach. They never open their mouth but they telepathically are communicating….

The sound outside of sound. That really is key to what can happen. I’ve had other tinnitus sounds occur over the top of these, sometimes in the left ear and other times in the right ear.

It can also be associated with the vagus nerve indicating an imbalance in the inner body.  Or it can indicate an imbalance with the crown chakra. See  X Marks the spot!

If you’re careful, you’ll realize that it’s not in your ears, you’ll realize that it actually moves outside your head and just above the crown of your head. It’s more than a sound, it becomes an emanation….it really does. And that’s when you have something that you can work with.

There really is a trade-off that starts to occur. This is a tight, gripping sensation, due to energy congestion around the edge of the sahasrara, or crown chakra, and is very common. It is often strongest along the very top of the jaw muscles, above the ears. The vibrations mentioned are also common to nearly all kundalini awakenings.

Texts state that – One form of the Nada which is frequently described by individuals undergoing an awakening is a humming sound, which can be approximated by imagining the sound heard by listening to a beehive; the sound made by a large number of bees using their wings to circulate air through the hive. It is sometimes also compared to the hum of big power transformer, but this is not as close. Sometimes its a pleasant, warm, comfortable-feeling sound, other times when I’m frustrated, it can be irritating, especially if i’m emotionally upset!

Since it is an internal sound, it does not affect my external hearing. It is (obvious to me) caused by, or a result of, kundalini’s flow into the head, and seems to me to originate as an excited-cavity oscillation as it enters the brahmarandra, similar to an acoustic whistle. Its intensity (along with pressure sensations in the head) varies, depending on kundalini flow activity at any particular moment.

By listening the Music of the Spheres, the human vibration is heightened and propelled toward Cosmic Consciousness and union with the Divine. Researching this, I have found that others who experienced the same phenomena say they get this energy in the pelvis, and it can be developed where it literally will take your whole body up over your head and everything. And when it finally is at a state of perfection that when it will feel like there is a column of light coming right out the top of your head.

This is a divine connection to the sound of silence beyond sound, and the path of enlightenment!

14 Thoughts

    1. I’ve had it for quite a while now, Imappreciate it more when im around trees and the wind. Its reassuring to hear you know this experience too x


      1. but rather than a “buzzing” for me it almost sounds like that country wood frog/cricket night noise toned down and more solid. And it’s neat to discuss this without feeling/being judged as weird


      2. I know what you mean. When i had a perforated eardrum, the tinnitus was soooo different, a pulsatile n
        heartbeat and a level of deafness, but this is different, its central in the head. Balanced and equal, its so calming when i sit a listen to the wind innthe trees. Nature has that way of healing do you agree x


  1. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! I’ve had that noise for so long that I only notice it when it stops or changes pitches. It’s a complete mystery to medical doctors as to where it’s coming from. However, medical intuitives that I have seen seem to understand it. I’ve seen them become overwhelmed by the amount of downloads I’m receiving at one time. I’ve had several people tell me that I need to be out teaching and sharing with people the great knowledge I’m receiving. To me, it’s just something I’ve lived with for so long it’s no longer overwhelming, it’s just a part of who I am. I am starting down the path to share some of my knowledge and as I write the pitch gets louder. I’m on the right path.

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    1. High five, yes me too. I have it for years and sometimes it can reduce in intensity, it never leaves at all. At night time i listen to pink noise, binaural or tibetan bowls, all of them drift me over to sleep so quickly too.

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      1. I haven’t found a forum or disorder group to date. I never thought about that, I will start poking around and let you know if I Find one. Let me know if you find one too x

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