The Shadow of the Knight;

Part Two – The Shadow of the Knight, A follow up to the first novel, the Dark Knight of the Soul. Chapter preview – The story so far – Ellie has helped Jenny to escape off the ward. They are currently on a long road trip, to cross the border, on the run from the police to avoid getting sectioned under the mental health act, enforced by Ellie’s husband!

‘Ooh Ellie, let me read this to you, it kind of goes over what Ali was telling me on the ward,’ I enthused as I flicked the screen on my phone. The article practically jumped out at me, I licked my lips as I began reading aloud.

‘The Soul, is composed of two distinct aspects. An upper and a lower, some would understand this as a split ego, whereas I would explain this as the ego and the higher self. Aristotle and Plato called them animal soul and the reasoning soul: The lower gravitates more downward to, the seat of the animal passions, or it will raise up higher to Buddha, the Spiritual Ego! Animal passion versus logical reasoning, left and right brain!’

Immortality is an experiential given. Many accounts of others who have reported in a Near Death Experience, the travel through a long tunnel. The tunnel traverses the darkness (the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of Golden or White Light (the Fifth Dimension).

Ellie, ‘well look at that film ‘The Matrix,’ Neo gets plugged into a machine, and what he’s actually doing is going to sleep! The dream scape is far more educational than we realise!’

‘Do you think it’s the Birth Canal of the Soul and the doorway to Heaven?’ I asked curiously?

‘I dunno, read more!’

‘ok, it says… In Theosophy, the physical body and Astral body are connected through a ’silver cord,’ a mythical link inspired by a passage in the Bible that speaks of a return from a spiritual quest. If the silver cord be loosed,’ says the book of Ecclesiastes, ‘then shall the dust return to the earth as it was,’ and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.’ I looked up,curiously as Ellie switched lanes. ‘I think what it means is those of a lower nature can not enter the doorway to heaven, unless their higher spiritual ego has been activated.’

Ellie smiled.

‘Someone once said to me, what if, when we go through the tunnel, it’s a re-incarnation a rebirth, where the soul travels the birth tunnel. And the white light is the new delivery room! I thought this was an interesting concept, but one I couldn’t relate to from my own personal experience. Because once you do go through the white light, you come out into the vast space of the universe. You realise you are nothing and have absolutely no control over anything. This vast space is like a void, a blank canvas and a masterpiece. When you’re in it, you realise you’re the tiny drop in a vast ocean. The adventures begin, through the door or wormhole of the white light. Well that’s what I remembered. And the Desert, that was a nice place too’

‘Yeah I’ve met quite a few people who have died, mention the desert, and the ancient elder too? Tell me what else you remember Jenny, I’m really fascinated.’

‘God doesn’t speak!’ I said assertively!

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well its not a voice speaking, if you know what I mean, you hear it in a different way, its hard to explain! You can’t hear it like you and I can hear with our ears. It’s mind to mind I suppose. Before returning back to the earth, you become a light, and the higher power, gives this to you, the white light becomes a part of you, then you see a vortex, an entrance as such, its at this point that you notice you’re a star, with a light body. Then you can return back to the physical body.’

‘Did you see a silver cord?, like what the theologians mention’

‘No. there wasn’t anything attached to me. It was just blue, and a long tunnel…. big white light and boom. It was surreal and unreal….’ I was starting to stare absently at the cup in my hand, recalling the vivid details again.

‘So, our true home and our eternal nature is made out of stars and star dust. We live on Stars we have luminous Light Bodies?’

‘Yeah…. we’re eternal forms and up there, we have no need for pain, not the warning signals that physical bodies provide. There’s no physical suffering. And you don’t have any control either.’

‘Suffering is of an egoic nature, something that drives us to want more, expect more, need more, acquire more? The split between the upper and lower that Plato and Aristotle talk about. I reckon we create our own heaven and hell!’

I stopped and thought about Ellie’s concept, did I create my own type of hell with Harrison? Was I enabling him? Or was he dependant on me for something that I couldn’t see?

‘A colleague from school talked about ancient prophesies from the American Indian cultures, where she said they speak about of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous…. she said these new human species are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently. Like a luminous Energy Field which mediates between your brain, where you experience yourself as a distinct individual with your own unique awareness, and Spirit!’

‘Ooh tell me more Jenny, that sounds fascinating.’

I remember her saying that Gaia, mother earth is shifting as we too as a species are shifting…. back to A Star I think she said? The present Earth changes and Ancient prophecies are guides to this probable future. It’s called the fifth dimension and the ascension shift. However, the Fifth Dimensional manifestation of a star is neither hot nor fiery… It is soft, warm and gentle. She also said there is no pain in the fifth dimension, only love. Just as there is no pain in heaven, only Love.’

‘We certainly could use some of this in humanity right now. When’s it happening…. What we got to do to speed up the process!’ Ellie mused. ‘Love is our essence and our true home. The journey of the soul is to overcome the animal instincts, conquer the astral realm and go up, into the dimension, of love and light. I didn’t know it was called the fifth one though…..’ Ellie reached over and opened the glove compartment on the car, she grabbed a packet of sweets and offered me one.

‘When we sleep, we are awake in our dreams and when we are awake, we are sound asleep in the invisible field where dreams happen. The astral body, the physical body and the etheric body all intertwine in the complex functioning of the human vehicle. The Etheric Body is made up of a fine web through which the Electromagnetic Life-forces that are fed into the physical body from the outer Universe. So it goes with what you are saying about the luminous energy body. The two connect internally and externally. Macrocosmic and microcosmic, a bit like the connections with the central, peripheral and parasympathetic nervous system. there’s so many different names to them, but they all relate to the same thing.’

‘I think I get it?’ I looked back to the article on my phone in my hand and comtinued to read. ‘The fourth dimension, is the astral world, where we begin- this is a plane of existence created by the uncontrolled use of the creative imagination! Thought energy, this can create a temporary Astral body that’s projected onto the Astral Plane. This was not a dream world, but ‘a realm of nature within our solar system,’ a place ‘as real as our bodies, furniture, and houses’ and visited exactly as a foreign country might be visited.’

‘Do you think that could be the desert that all the NDE’s talk about Ellie?’

‘I don’t know. Jung mentioned that we die every time we sleep so astrally, we all play in the fourth dimension if Jung’s theory is right!’

‘So where did I go then?’

‘I don’t know, heaven maybe. You were clinically dead for about 4 minutes!’

‘The white light, I went through that?’

‘Well in relation to the concept that the white light is the delivery room? From an astral perspective, we are made from the astral world, we come at birth, and there we shall return at death.’

‘So why should we connect with the astral world?’

‘Because that’s where you realize the freedom of your true nature. You were there as a soul cloaked in an astral form to start with; and because you are not there now and have lost that memory is why all your misery persists. By entering that other world, we learn the causes and healing of all suffering and diseases. We discover the secret of our existence—what happens after death, and where we were before birth, and how to live in the material world without losing our divine connection.’

‘What about biology Ellie, where does that fit in. I mean Ali on the ward was adamant it was vaccinations?’

‘There’s millions of theories about it, and she’s got a point on the vaccinations, it is over prescribed! But don’t forget, she’s a paranoid schizophrenic too!’ Ellie grabbed another sweet and popped it into her mouth, ‘help yourself to more. Don’t let me eat them all!’

‘Could that be the reason why she’s a paranoid schizophrenic?’

‘No…. Schizophrenia doesn’t work like that. She suffered some big trauma’s, and paid the price with her sanity. She lost her child years ago along with other complications in her life.’

‘Aah, that’s really sad,’ I answered, and Ellie’s phone rang. So I fiddled with mine and started flicking through my news channel. Ellie let her phone ring off and didn’t answer.

‘Didn’t you need to take that call?’

‘It was work, I didn’t want to give anything away. Julie was holding the front for us to escape so quickly. We’re about ten mile from the service station, I need a toilet break what about you.’

‘Yes, and a drink too!’ I stopped as I saw a post on my newsfeed, ‘oh how appropriate to the situation?’

‘What, tell me?’ Ellie burst eagerly.

‘I’m just flicking along my newsfeed, its a post – Better the Devil you know!’

‘Go on, read it out loud, we might learn something here?’

‘Man is composed of 6 carbons, 6 neutrons, 6 protons. Every human being has these elements in their physical body. They are the atoms that are inside each of us. We encompass, the mark of the beast at birth. Therefore, man is either the beast himself, or man is both, the man and the beast!

Ellie’s glanced over to me, her face lit up as she raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips, ‘We’ve had the luminious, the energetic and the psychological, now the biological.’

‘We’re like detective’s sourcing for the crime tool!’

‘I know. We’re better than the FBI when it comes to detective work! Any way… go on, today’s getting better by the minute.’

I pushed my glasses up my nose and began reading aloud. ‘The quadrilateral triangle, is 60 degree angles in each corner, thus, mathematical evidence of the beast in action. It is directly stating that the single triangle, pointing up, is the ultimate ‘GOD’ authority. The triangle represents masculinity and is an outright attack, against woman and femininity.’

‘Oh there you go Plato and Aristotle! high five to that!’ Ellie enthused! ‘They both point to the exact same thing -higher and lower! Sorry… go on Jenny!’

‘To add evidence to this concept, the triangle that is promoted, is the three lower chakra’s, that ground the human to the human experience. Anger, the root chakra and is also red, the sacral chakra  = lust and sexual longing, or dysfunction and the solar plexus = want. The upper three chakras, the heart, throat and third eye, all correlate to the upper/spiritual world. The higher self. These six chakras are joined together, to form the star of David, or a hexagon, which is the shape of the inside of the star. The heart is contained in the cube, when the joining of the upper chakra (spiritual world) and the lower chakra (earth, material world) meet. Again, the number 6 is significant again.

The two triangles add two sixes together to form the Merkaba. The spiritual symbol for enlightenment and the physical resemblance of earth life joined equally with the material world. The final 6 would be the six senses, the five senses we each possess and the sixth being intuition. The person has to go through a thorough transformation, to find their intuitive souls voice and develop their extra sensory perception.

When the upper chakras, and the lower chakras are joined, the shape form’s a prism, or dimensional structure, which sits directly over the spiritual heart. Coincidentally, the two triangles also correlate to the mathematical sequence of 180 degrees, multiply this by two, meaning two triangles and the numerical sequence is equal to the sphere, which is also 360. Inside the two triangles is the shape of a hexagon, which also has, six sides!

There’s a plethora of information on conspiracy theories regarding this tale from the bible, but this doesn’t explain the story of evolution or self-actualisation. Is man under a curse, due to the fall of eve and the garden of Eden? Blame and shame again….’

‘Ha ha, the blame part is on point there!’ Ellie interrupted. ‘Now that theory sounds Freudian?’

I paused, looking up from my phone, ‘Kind of follows on from group work and the conversation on the ward today? I added, then continued on with the article.

‘That really depends on the individual’s perspective of what they believe is heaven and what is hell. The theory of duality explains the split duality/reality, that man has to conquer. Man has to discover the feelings and emotions of the heart, to enable the individual to be guided, by the hearts true direction to evolution.

When a person obtains enlightenment or self actualisation, they free themselves from all worldly restrictions. The spiritual heart, is the journey! To escape, the person has to discover their true souls voice to find their way out of the labyrinth game, we call life! Therefore, the beast is not an ugly-looking devil that has fangs and horns, it’s the ugly shadow side we each possess! It’s duality.

The essence of man was created to embrace the dimensional structure in the universe, Man, is supposed to travel within his spirit to alternative realms and mystical lands,’ I snapped my phone shut….  ‘oh wow, interesting article. What do you think there Ellie?’

‘Mm, interesting. I kind if understand the metaphorical side to the mark or the number, the proton, which is negative charge and a neutron which is a positive charge, is what ignites action in the body. Add in the Kundalini, with the three nervous system channels, that’s the centre of enlightenment, which is the eastern philosophy.’

Ellie pulled over into the hard shoulder of the motorway, the indicator was still flashing, as we headed into the service station. ‘The pineal gland is part of the hindbrain, what’s commonly known as the reptilian, or animalistic, which controls fight, flight freeze, responding to the threat of fear, this ignites the pituitary gland which is the mammalian or emotional brain, to action the kidneys to release adrenaline and cortisol into the blood stream, lighting the ignition in the body, some say they feel a spinning feeling in their body, some say it gives them a thick head and makes them feel nervous, it’s all Kundalini, or misplaced kundalini? Guided along the central nervous system. It’s been known since Plato and Socrates. Philosophers have theorised that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul.’

‘I believe that.’ I interrupted impulsively. ‘Go on Ellie, what else?’

‘Some say the soul is the pine cone, in the centre of the brain, directly on top of the spine. The part of our existence that originated from cave man times. In those days, the brain only needed to respond to danger, the hind brain was the beginning of the evolution of man. Then the mid brain was added, the amygdala, which is the organ that controls emotional responses, our monkey brain! Meaning, the emotional responses are derived from the physical world, through exploration of the senses. The fore brain, is split into two hemispheres, left and right. One side being more creative and the other being more logical. These two hemispheres house the four lobes, occipital, parietal, temporal and frontal lobe, the frontal lobe is a significant aspect of the personality and has an impact on behaviour, through our thoughts and feelings.’

‘Do you think Harrison has a damaged frontal lobe Ellie?’

‘It’s DEFINATELY Possible.’

‘Do you reckon the four chambers of the mind are equal to the four rooms, each room responsible for something. Like parietal connecting the senses, stuff like that?’

‘They all do in some way, just not individually, or in a linear way, but as a whole?’

‘Ellie, its like you’ve got it all sussed out. Honestly, some of the things you’ve taught me has had more educational impact than anything I studied at university.’ Ellie smiled as she pulled over into the services. ‘I kind of look at it all as a game of two divisions,’

‘Well it is two divisions when you look at the difference of gender between man and woman! Good and evil, duality etc. The shadow projection is masculine and the receptive is feminine… just look at the state of the earth and the planet. That’ll answer some age old dilemma’s!’

‘Yeah, I see what you mean? So how does this relate the shadow in my dreams?’

‘It’s your anxiety, telling you to face your demons, or it could be Harrisons energy, projected at you? Masculine energy dominating and comtrolling you?’

‘So if it is his masculine energy, I don’t get it, how did he project or what was he projecting?’

‘His hatred at the feminine energy. He loathes women!…. I did some background research and he has a very dark ancestral lineage. I’ll tell you more over coffee. I Think it’s in HIS DNA? and, the collective unconscious holds all the dark maleficence, just like the light has all the good benevolence. It’s the field of opposites!”

‘Ok, here’s my theory.’ I announced as Ellie reversed the car into the parking bay.

‘Well, you mention two hemispheres, a balance of opposites, and the human brain is symmetrical. Yin and Yang, The intuitive voice, or the hearts voice, having a different communication channel to the devil… What I mean is, the spoken language belongs to devil and the heart of love, real love, is Gods language. It’s the metaphoric representation of heaven on earth….I don’t believe we can actually hear Gods voice, just as we can’t actually hear the devils voice, I mean physically. But the two opposing ends of the spectrum have different channels to communicate to the person, or soul. Gods voice is felt, and the devil’s voice is heard. Both experiences affect people differently.’

‘I like that theory,’ Ellie replied, ‘although I do believe the two are very elusive. It does resemble the balance of the human, and also gives the responsibility to the person. It explains free will beautifully. I think the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, when it opens, it resembles the lotus flower, receiving information, intelligence and translating it through the mind, into a communication method, only the individual who possesses it, can decipher.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, everybody has their own image of what God and the Devil look like, they have their own inbuilt translation method of understanding symbols and metaphors, which is how the brain receives the information and translates it.’ Ellie paused turning the car engine off. ‘The path is lit with many traps, but true evolution can only be discovered, through internal introspection, expanding the intuition and  practising unconditional love, felt in the depths of the heart, to all other beings.’

‘It’s a mental world, such a shame everyone is going mental!’ I mused.

‘Don’t be fooled Darlin…. It was designed that way!’ Ellie replied nonchalantly.

‘Yeah, I think you’re right…. Literally!’ I sighed incredulously.

‘Well, your husband has recorded you’re every move, edited the dates and data, fraudulently copied your signature, force you to drink poison, and framed you to look like you’re mentally insane and unstable, and, trying to get you committed for his crimes, to make sure he looks innocent? How mental is that!!’

‘It’s insane? ….. Clever bastard!’

‘C’mon, lets get a drink…. we need to change clothes….and cars!’

‘What?’ I answered.

‘Like you said, he’s a clever bastard… so we’re staying ahead of his game!’ Ellie answered. I was starting to feel anxiety creeping up through my veins again, a thumping started to throb in my chest.

‘It’s ok…. stay calm…. just breathe….. the phone call ten minutes ago was to let us know about the interchange here,’ I looked over at her as she gingerly walked around to my side of the car, I was stating to feel lightheaded and dizzy. My heart was pumping so fast I could hear it in my brain….. ‘We’re under surveillance and have been followed, as expected…. C’mon, lets get coffee!’

I froze in shock, as the panic rose up from the pit of my stomach, a swirling sensation started to grip and the air around me started to go dark. My eyelids felt heavy…. darkness swept over me as I fell…..





©Copyright 2018 Excerpt from novel – Part Two  –  The Shadow of the Knight

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