Electromagnetic Energy & Emotions

Emotional Energy – What is the purpose of having emotions and what’s the reward!
As human beings, we fail to recognise or relate to anything unless we can see it physically with our own eyes. What is invisible, is often disregarded and cast aside as useless and futile. Do you believe that when you die you’re going into the ground and that’s it!

Is that the reason for this life?

We exist in this world, for many reasons, it’s a wonderful playground and a well-designed school, for learning. Those who learn to play, by the rules obtain the biggest rewards, whereas those who play unfairly, will inevitably suffer the consequences of their actions. Whether they believe this or not. Some call it Karma and re-incarnation, others simply don’t believe in a higher world of heaven and a lower realm of hell! Concepts aside, most us are not that arrogant to believe in the ignorance that we are not the omnipotent, omniscient god person our ego would convince us to believe we are, because the ego is the delusion. A great many of us believe in a higher power, a source that is at the centre of everything, the giver of life, an understanding that there is a greater being, a creator of this world, who created the universe and us as the children, to play on this great chess board we call life.

Emotions are unseen, yet they have a power far greater then the human eye can see and the egoic mind can never really grasp. The emotions we experience are given for a reason. This is the nature of dualistic experiences and the bridge between what is seen, and what is unseen and felt!

In this human earthly world, we use money to exchange goods and services, in the spirit world, we use emotional energy. After death, it is the emotional body, that moves on with the journey. If you live from the ego, re-incarnation happens until you get it! The lessons you’re here – to learn. Addictions follow us into the other world when we die too, so you’re responsible for where you end up, by your own actions!

This planet earth is a massive investment bank, like Tesla stated in his research, the earth thrives on electromagnetic energy, and we as humans have this electromagnetic energy inside all of us too. Source connecting to source! Some people believe this is the God concept, where the god within is the same as the God outside, its energy, Everything is energy.

However, does everybody actually utilise this energy effectively? If your chasing money, status and objects as opposed to developing and growing, you may well be missing the point to life and the purpose of life. Especially if your living in an egoic existence, where the ego dominates the person, you’re missing out on the power this engine can provide.

Indifference and egoism are two essential components to ensure you don’t move forward in the spirit world after your physical body dies. Duality is the biggest curse against humanity, we’re led to believe, by the ego that its me or you, us or them? Its neither!

We are multi- dimensional!

Emotional energy is not only fuel, is it a bank within, and with this bank we accumulate and weigh in the emotions we have accumulated, to pass through to the next dimension or spirit world. For some, this isn’t achieved and they re-incarnate again. To pay karmic debts from previous existences. For those on the spiritual path, the treasures are rewarded, for their commitment.

Emotional energy is very powerful, by exploring your emotions and, the more you explore yourself and your emotional depth, the more you grow and the bigger your pay day will be when your physical body dies, and you return to the spirit world. Where interdimensional travel, allows you the freedom to move between dimensions!

With love compassion and empathy generating the highest rewards, and fear, tyranny and apathy generating the least. It makes sense as human beings to heal wounds of the past, and live from a space of love and compassion, as opposed to abuse and anger. Have you noticed that abuse that makes the money go round! It’s these two opposing energies that determine your fate, once your human physical vehicle has died.

We are born for a reason, to move out from the physical world and find freedom within, via opening the higher heart space, higher heart consciousness, learning to travel to the different dimensions, outside the realm of this consciousness, and the veil between the worlds, beyond the human eye, is removed.

The MerkaBa – interdimensional travel ship

The emotional energy is maximised when the masculine and feminine have merged, this creates a merkaba, which is the vehicle we use for interdimensional travel. The merkaba is only accessed and created from the heart centre. The emotional base of heart consciousness. Not everyone can access the merkaba, because they are still living from their ego. When the ego dies, you ascend to a 5th dimensional space, where you build your interdimensional traveling machine.

The merkaba is built from two triangles that interlock. One points upwards and the other downwards, when the two connect, the star spins clockwise and counter clock wise, creating an energy vortex, which spins and spins, and flattens out like a UFO shape, this is the higher consciousness taking shape, and it allows for interdimensional travel.

These are the rewards we receive for being loving, compassionate and kind!

Find your heart and you’ll find true freedom!

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