Smile Beautiful

Hey Beautiful

Don’t Be sad

Show me your smile

Can it really be that bad?

The hurting will pass

Still water runs deep

Hey gorgeous, smile

It’s sad to see you weep

There is beauty in sadness

There is gold dust in pain

A lesson to break free

From suffering in vain

Shine from the shadows

Set yourself free

Wash away the hurt inside

Let beauty behold thee!

The moon will still shine

The sun will still rise

This earth is a wonder

A playground and pantomime

The heart may be weary

The mind may feel lost

The body, still heavy

When a battle is lost

You’re a star, beautiful

Twinkling in skylight

Lift up your vibe

Sing, dance with delight

The waters will calm

The fire will die out

The ashes will fly

Sweep the broom left to right


You have a fresh chance

To begin something new

Step out from the shadows

Step into the blue

In the trials and the tests

We find the beauty in truth

And truth, is beautiful

To behold it is youth

YOU are unique Beautiful

Hey beautiful…Smile

That dazzling sparkle

We haven’t see for a while

Come out to the light

Your beautiful, don’t you see

Your special, priceless

Smile Beautiful, smile for me











2 thoughts on “Smile Beautiful

    1. Hi, I’m really glad you enjoyed the post, yes print it and stick it on your fridge, or in you’re bag should for a reminder when stuck in social situations where you feel anxious, you are beautiful, keep smiling x

      Liked by 1 person

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