The Mirror, the Master and the Feminine

The mirror of the other is the inner world of thy self. In seeking God, the higher mind, source of creation, we must first seek and accept without conditions, prejudice or restrictions, that of the other in front of us. Without prejudice, we are enslaved to the ego. Bound by chains and trapped in a prison of our own making.

The master you seek is (your mirror,) in the other person. It is underneath the façade that you see your face and the face of ‘the’ true master. The body is the church and you should honour the body first.

The god you seek outside is in the mirror of the god you speak to.

He is seen in deep silence, sitting by your side because the master speaks not to give you the truth but to help you to recognise the truth that is already within YOU. This is the truth of who we are, beneath the ego, because the ego hides, cheats, doubts, fears and lies. To find god you have to destroy the ego, as the paradox of the ego is what destroys the man on his quest to find god.

The ego tells the biggest lies, and we as humans spend our entire life believing the lies that the ego has created! Death is not the end, only the end of the lies we tell ourselves and the world. The world and all its inhabitants are players in the cosmic dream, the dream that we each have a specific role to play. These roles teach us about ourselves, each other and the world we share together. Man does not own this world, just as the world does not own man. We are souls at the core, and the soul is the student to the grand master of the universe. The greater omnipresent creator, of all that is, was, has been and ever will be. Learn to see good in everything and you will see the master of everything in all that you can see. The ego is the slave that we each become enslaved by, free yourself from the bondage of ego to reach higher into divinity and celestial heights.

This world, the human existance and the connection to god is all connected by sound.

The vibration of the cosmic universe began with source and an idea, this idea then became sound and this is the beginning. Sound begins with vibration

To live, first we must die, because to die is to live!

What you judge is what you judge about yourself, because in the mirror if you see anything other than love, you don’t see at all. You are the enemy and the ally, in the mirror that you see.

The mind is an amazing tool or a dangerous weapon!

The mind can be two things, it can be a beautiful obedient servant, a servant of pure positivity of all you truly are and the potential of what you can be. Or, it can be a dangerous master, obeying all your negative patterns of doubt and fear. Master your mind and you will become a master over your life!

Which way is your mind leading you?

Nobody is superior and nobody is inferior, we are all individual, experiencing the same world. However nobody is equal either, we’re all different and the equally the same! We are human beings experiencing our own story. Such is the paradox of this earthly life’s dilemma’s and conflicts, that we forget how unique we  truly are. We have our own indistinct fingerprint that is not replicated anywhere else in this world and our DNA is specific to us, there is no-one else like you in the world! Your fingerprint is unique.

We are one in a billion really! We are who we’ve been searching for.

To know God one has to become feminine (heart directed) for the male is aggressive, the male is about effort and attack, whereas the feminine is passive, receptive and welcoming. Let yourself feel the feminine, its through the feminine that we feel our return back to source.

The Master of the universe, whose light twinkles in the stars, where the pulse of life is in every blade of grass, every mineral, and every living animal. The most important thing in this world is to seek and to find God.

It is the Feminine in how God comes to each of us, because the passive, feminine, submissive, waiting mind is how SHE receives God.

In silence we can hear God and to hear God, is in silence – without sound!



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