Embracing the Shadow – facing the evil that lives within!

Behind the Veil  –   Evil – Vile – Live – Veil!

Evil mirrored spells live! Evil – Live

The battle within takes on two forms, that of the shadow, or the evil aspects of ourselves and each other, and that of the persona, the positive, and sometimes, fake image, we project out to the world. To achieve wholeness and transcend duality, we must first embrace the ugly, vile, evil and often shameful part of ourselves to truly understand the full nature of who we are and what we are capable of.

We all have a shadow! a dark side that we don’t want people to see.

A projection, illusion of the self and the illusions around us! We recognize and share our positive aspects, the love, kindness, compassion and empathy that makes us function in a chaotic world. But the evil we encounter, the bad people we meet, are really a reflection or mirror, to that which is held within. We are neither good, nor bad. We are both! It’s conducive to say someone is evil when you are the one projecting something bad out at that person. What makes your criticism about that person good?

This is the mirror concept, the image is that of us, and what we see in them is a reflection of what we repress or despise in ourselves.


Life is a playground and a school for the soul.

To understand compassion, we must also understand passion! To appreciate love, we must know the experience and feelings of hate! The devil lives inside all of us! how many of us can resist all the temptations of life, the chocolate cake, the distraction of the TV, the take away loaded with salt or sugar, the wine with supper, the white lies we tell, to others and ourselves! We cheat ourselves too, as much as we try to cheat or lie our way out of a situation or with a person.

Sometimes, we feel we have to lie, because the person we want to tell the truth, or the truth that the person needs to hear, will retaliate and become verbally or physically aggressive, and upset at the truth, this truth is what they don’t want to hear. This is ego fear, and the ego has the person under such a strong noose. Blinded by their own faults and wounds, when they are told the truth, they are angered at this  slight is the ego! On the opposite side of the ego lay the shadow!

Recognizing the depth of our own perception of evil within ourselves and developing an understanding of it, enables us to become whole. Becoming acquainted with the part of ourselves that is beyond evil’s reach, thus enabling us to establish ourselves as free, sovereign and independent beings. It is to our advantage to know that our worst adversary resides in our own heart, rather than falling for the all-to-common delusion of thinking that our enemy is outside of ourselves, when the enemy lives’ within.

Man is the beast and the beast is in man!

It’s our perception of evil, and the evil dualistic nature in our character, that limit’s us, and creates the division, within the heart and mind. We live in an inter dependant world, where both concepts exist! It’s prejudice (pre-judging from personal perception) that restricts our growth and limits our full capacity.

Our minds are driven by memories, our memories are distored along life, and life, can be a bitch at times. It tests us, tempts us, tries to break us, eventually, it will enlighten us! The lesson will be repeated until the student learns to pass the test! (That aha moment of clarity)

In every act of creation, there is it’s opposite equal act of destruction! This is true of the persona, where the pendulum can swing to either side of the fence, allowing the perception of the experience to be experienced as good, or bad.

It’s really a personal perception for the individual. everybody has their own story to tell, their own experience is unique to their own individual journey. No two finger prints are the same, this is the same in life’s lessons.

Duality is man’s greatest lesson in Individuality! In- Divine-Duality!

It is by dividing or splitting the experience that creates the fear in the first instance which causes prejudice to form. This prejudice causes so much destruction among society and in relationships. Just take a look at society and you’ll see for yourself, how the shadow lurks its ugly head. You might even be revealing your own shadow in your day to day interactions!

Be most wary of the person who presents themselves as too nice, or too good to be true, as their shadow is likely to be the most darkest!

Prejudice is something we are taught from a young age, where each individual experience, is accepted and experienced in fear, or through joy! These experiences create the split, in the mind and in the heart. Where the heart feels, what was previously installed from an earlier experience, and judges through the ego construct or an entrenched memory, or even an implanted unconscious fear, which created the pre-judged conception.

We are made with a balance of both love and hate, to achieve wholeness, we must embrace and accept both to overcome the karma of many lifetimes. When we overcome this concept, everything just is. Everything is love.

Once we can bring ourselves to forgive, all those who have hurt us, we allow ourselves to move up the ladder of enlightenment and face polarity. Polarity is a decision we make and a choice we are given, to follow the path of light, we follow the path of a higher power. The power of god or source, (whichever concept resonates best with you.) Or we can follow the path of darkness, that of ourselves, and selfishness.

Every single one of us has the devil inside!!

However, we can’t serve two masters? It’s one or the other! The negative or the positive is how we create our life and how we experience it!

Choices, chances and change!

There is always a choice we are afforded to make. The path of light is gods will and the path of darkness is our own ego will. The two serpents live within, learn to unite them and you’ll surpass the dualistic games that are played on you and become the player of the game!

We all have a choice, what we do with that choice is where our path of destiny and the purpose of why we are here, resides.

Don’t be ashamed of your dark side, your uninhibited raw self, its who you’ve been searching and waiting for. Embrace all of YOU, and get out of your own way. Because you are all that you’ve got, best friend yourself and you’ll never be disappointed, abandoned or betrayed ever again!

You’re worth it.

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