Seven Scales of Ascension – All That IS

Water flows where energy goes, coursing down the rivers of life
The snake crawls along, and bites at each helm, causing chaos, mayhem and strife!!

First he attacks the Earth –  survival here is at stake. Blocked by fear and dread. She relents to the snake!

Let your fear flow in the river of life. Let your fear go, let go of this strife!

He slithers along the Water – bitten by pleasure and desire. Blocked by guilt and the lusts of this desire. Let go of your Blame, give in to the river of life. Let go of your pleasures of all these worldly delights!

Forgive yourself, for your weakness of desire. Forgive yourself, let go of this earthly desire!

A Fire rages in the belly – the Will of Power and Power of Will, blocked by shame!
She succumbs to the power, hiding in the shadows, to avoid the rain.

Let go of disappointment in yourself, let go, let it rain. Let the waters wash over and purge all your shame.

He entraps in the Heart – her Love, blocked by grief. Let the waters wash away, let the geyser explode, the rainfall will pass. Each loss is a suffering, a lesson of loss replaced, reborn into new love.

Let go and powerfully receive all that is love. All that is….

He courses upstream, to the mouth of the cave, at her throat, he constricts to damage the vibration of Sound – speak your truth child, let yourself be seen, blocked by lies of the false self, truth must be redeemed. You cannot hide your truth or lie about yourself. Own who you are, warts and all, own your nature, for this is the path the way for rebirth.

Acceptance is how we pay, for the nature of who we are.

He entered the Light – at the centre at the top. Now insight is blocked by illusions she made of worldly sight. The illusion of separation, the disconnection of goodbye. You and I are one, we connect to all that is, don’t weep and cry.

The snake cannot move, he cannot go any farther than this you must take this step alone, and learn all that is.

Atop the mountain, there is ALL to be seen.

There is the Cosmic energy – Blocked by attachments of this earth, let go, its an illusion. Let go, it’s all a dream. Let go and let god, if you are to be united in the cosmic dream. Gain all the worldly treasures, all the worldly insights.

You now have complete control in full awareness of actions and thoughts. United in oneness with… All That IS….

Oh how sweet is the surrender. To the rapids of life’s stream. Oh how breath-taking is this beauty and splendour in the magical stream. Like a vibrant explosion, a gentle caress, the dark and the light, unite into a rainbow of the creators true breath.

Surrender yourself from attachments, let them go, let it be.

Let go of attachment and let in the cosmic energy stream!

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