Zeus, Poseidon and Hades – Three around one!

Pythagoras stated in his writings that everything manifests in three’s. The father, the son and the holy spirit is a triple construct, and is the singularity of ‘the one’, 13 is considered an unlucky number yet when we look at this number objectively, it adds up to a four and, it reflects the trinity, ‘three around one’.

This isn’t literal, its an analogy. Lets take the three Greek Gods and the God inside! Zeus being the God above, Hades being the God below and Poseidon the God of water. Co-incidentally, we as human beings, are made of 70% water.

Texts say – We are all made in gods image, but what is that image when God is all powerful, all knowing and of perfection. We as human’s are far from perfect! Universal Consciousness – this consciousness could this be the soul, or the spirit of God expressing itself through us.

Humans are imperfect, so how can we be in gods image?

Just as breathe is the life force, so could the breathe be the channel to accessing GOD? Is consciousness outside of ourselves?

  • Zeus, is the god of the Sky, the heavens. Consciousness
  • Poseidon is the God of the water. Emotions
  • Hades is the God of the underworld. Shadow repressions, our dark side?
  • Earth  – Gaia, the goddess. The mother – the feminine. (We are the Earth… Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!)

Hades represent the shadow of the psyche, and everything we hold unconscious! All the bad, rejected, abandoned and disgusting aspects of who we are. Everything we detest about ourselves. Repressed into the recess of the mind, at the back, in a cave. Just as the shadow creeps up on us, to scare the living daylights out of us, so too can our mind, play tricks on us, like the shadow in the cave.

Zeus represents the higher mind of the psyche. Intelligence, the mental body of the mind, where we strive to learn more, without the mind, we cannot connect to the higher, that which brings us up to connects to the higher self, or the soul of god. but does everyone have this level of consciousness!!

Poseidon represents the blood and water of the body. A reflection of our emotions and how they flow through us. They can erupt like a volcanic geyser, bursting forth uncontrollably, or they can remain still and calm, untouched almost. The water in our body comprises of cellular structures and these structures are affected in everything we do. Everything vibrates, it is the vibration that creates with the mother, or Gaia!

Three Gods revolve around Gaia?

And then we have Earth! The mother. This is who we are, we are made up from four basic elements and mother earth represents the feminine quality. The body, the solid foundation. The receptacle or receiver of all that is to be.

Therefore, the soul is the representation of a higher being, which interconnects us to a greater power and force. The water is the emotions that we must learn to master and Hades, the darker side of duality, where all our repression for everything we detest and despise, and hide.

How do we connect to higher consciousness! Prana… Chi… breath.

Just as our breathe is a vapour we can see in the cold, and breath can also create shadows in the horizon ahead.


And Breathe…



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