Adam & Eve – Two halves of the same

Who is she
She called Eve
The one who ate
The fruit off the tree
Mother of all living
Giver of life
Who is she
She called Eve
The right hemisphere
She who feels
She who thinks
Intuition she knows
Where there is love
There she goes
And then there is He
Who is He
The lover, the mate
Adam, he sits left side
To logically connect
He made his choice
He ate from the tree
He chose to disconnect
He felt powerful inside
He chose to walk alone
He left Eve behind
He took flight and roamed
In his glory and might
He stood tall with pride
To be individual and unique
Without eve at his side
He created and destroyed
He looked away and he lost
Eve was left standing
Adam chose to be gone
As He walked alone

After millennia had passed
And the stars bore his dreams
He wept neath a tree
For his counterpart Eve
Alone with misery
Bereft of completion
He mourned, and he wailed
He took a blade to his veins
In desperation and pain
To find Eve again
Eve returned home
Adam my love
Why do you choose death?
Yes, YOU have the power
To live or to die
Why do you choose death?
When together WE can choose life


4 Thoughts

  1. this we. it’s inside. but so many look outside for the other half. the missing half. that elusive half. and so death seems only option. those are miserable times. sad times. weeping. wailing. i get that. i was there. death was watching. waiting. i wish everyone had a loving person to show them where to look when looking for the other half. i had that. she was kind to me


    1. I agree, the other half of who we are is inside. And it’s by choice of partner we take that we manifest the inner to the outer, the childhood image we hold of our ideal comes into our life to either teach us about this inner perception or to bless us x Love hurts but ironically. Love heals too

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