Woman in Chains

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Part one of a series of short stage plays, focusing on woman, sex, friendship and family. This first edition is focused on the sexual world, exploring the relationships, sex and desire!

Woman in Chains

A short story about the two different sides of relationships and how two different women experiences reflect a dualistic contrast to each other’s life. One woman, Sara is the honest, subservient type, who devotes her life to one man. A woman who is selfless in her attempts to keep her man happy. The other woman, Tracy is the selfish mistress who has more than one man.

WIC coverThe two women are attending therapy, where they both share their side of their passionate love story to a therapist, and the therapist is the one who reveals the two women to each other!!!

It has erotic undertones, and not advised for under 18!!

Enjoy reading into the fantasy and reality world of tow women’s sexual identities and their respective realities.

Here’s a snapshot of Sara

‘Me, the sweet quiet one, a passive image of a nice girl, that I had tried so hard to maintain was broken that first night we had sex….. it was incredible, and so erotic, the passion was so sensual and insatiable, he was insatiable, for me… My lower back had a few bruises afterwards, the intensity of his thrusting had made its mark not only on my body, but also on my heart. I was spellbound by this man’s unquenchable wanting and needing of me….Of my body…… I felt so sexy…. So adored and admired…… the way he ripped open my blouse, his lips descended on my breasts and his tongue, it was hot…I could feel the steam off his breathe as it glided over my nipples, and he sucked and bit them….. Then he ripped of my knickers and entered me with a ferocity of an animal……. I loved it….I was bewitched by him…..he captivated my heart, mind, penetrated my soul and body as he thrust to a fast rhythmic beat….. I went to heaven and hell in the space of minutes…… but it was so liberating too…. So very delivering, the danger of being caught in the moonlight shade, all I could hear were the panting and grunting of our breathe and the squeaking of the metal, bouncing beneath us!


Meet Tracy –

‘I knew I could rely on him. I knew he thought highly of me…. And rightly too. I knew he would be a good man, because that’s exactly what he is. A good man, one that respects women and doesn’t see them as an object or a play toy….. I knew my heart would be safe with him….. I knew I would be safe with him…. He wasn’t into gambling or drinking or even going to the football matches, he was a really nice gentleman. Our first sexual encounter was quite awkward….. embarrassing almost….. He took is clothes off and I took my own clothes off. Then we both crept under the duvet covers and started kissing, then his hands roamed along my body, gently caressing my skin. I was starting to feel the sexual desire and he was getting aroused too. Then he asked me if we should…. Well you know, he asked if he could enter inside me… I said yes, I was ready, so that was our first night of passion…. simple, awkward…. It was a bit like being a virgin all over again…. After we married, things were the same….. boring! Nothing was exciting, it was actually a chore…. Having sex was like hanging out the washing…… We did it once a week, mainly on a Saturday evening, after spending time at either his parent’s house, or at mine….. Our life together was quite predictable…. We did the same things every weekend.’

WIC cover

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